EDIT: Thank you so much for making my first-ever AMA such a fun experience!!! I'll try to get back and read the rest of your comments/questions, but for now, I have to log off!! So sorry I couldn't answer all of you precious souls today, but I've been typing as fast as I can!!! Keep watching for me as "Cochise" on FALLING SKIES, this Sunday at 10pm on TNT!!! There's Love!!!

Hi Reddit!!! This is my first AMA, so be gentle! I'm a new series regular alien "Cochise" on TNT's FALLING SKIES (Sundays 10pm). You may know me as Abe Sapien from HELLBOY, the Silver Surfer from FANTASTIC 4, Pan the Faun and the Pale Man in PAN'S LABYRINTH, and Billy the Zombie in HOCUS POCUS ... Ask Me Anything!!! -- https://twitter.com/actordougjones/status/348133582172200960

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FatTonyWilliam1110 karma

Dear film legend,
Though I'm sure it happens often, which make-up job really made you stop and check yourself out in the mirror before filming?

DougieJones2255 karma

The Silver Surfer ... best ass I've ever had!!

Salvation_Run878 karma

Hey Dougie!

I don't know if you remember me but I interviewed you for the Ball State Theatre Department's magazine through email wayyy back my sophomore year of college (2008). You were very gracious and kind and I just want to say that it was affecting to interact with a celebrity like that. We emailed back and forth for awhile, and it was amazing that you took time to talk to some kid in the middle of Indiana. Just wanted to say thanks.

Oh, and when you came back the next year to speak to the entire department, I was walking up to you after we took the departmental photo, you saw me across the stage and yelled "Hold me!" and ran up and wrapped your legs around me. Then you yelled "Spin me!" and I did. I remember the department chair not being happy I was taking up your time. You are hilarious and probably one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. No question here, besides if I ever go out to L.A. to visit friends (or if you ever come to Chicago!) I'd love to get dinner or a drink with you.

Thanks for making Ball State cool, and take care.


DougieJones1128 karma

Precious Alex!! Let's make that happen!! Find me on Twitter -- @actordougjones and thank you for the happy memories!!! There's Love!!

Frajer679 karma

Is Guillermo Del Toro as fun to work with as he seems he would be?

DougieJones987 karma

YES!!! He's a genius, but also like a college buddy you would just hang out with! Best sense of humor ever!!

Aiyhlo595 karma

First off big fan!

A couple of questions

  • How did it make you feel when David Hyde Pierce refused a credit in "Hellboy" because he did not want to take away anything from your creation of Abe Sapien? (We at work have come to call this David Hyde Pierce's subtle nobility)

  • Whatever happened to Pencil Head?

  • Who would win in a fight, you or Doug Bradley?

Thank you Mr. Jones!

Edit: typo

DougieJones685 karma

I love David, and he was a fine gentleman to do me that sweet favor!! It helped cement my voice for the animated films and HELLBOY 2!!

Sketchy_Meister551 karma

Hey Doug! Just want to say I'm glad to see you doing an AMA. Also, wanted to share this glorious picture of you and me.

For anyone that wants some shorts featuring Doug, check these out:

Sudden Death! - Finally, a musical where everyone dies

The Candy Shop - a dark story about sex trafficking

DougieJones499 karma


dnovi406 karma

How often do you get recognized in public and do you have a favorite fan interaction you could share?

DougieJones907 karma

Not often, and that's okay ... makes the ones who DO recognize me so much more special!

wardogsq454 karma

I have to confess I had never heard about you until a thread a couple weeks back where someone posted you in all your movies and holy crap! you're in everything! I really appreciate an actor who isn't afraid to change everything about his appearance and personality. Thanks for being a huge asset to the film industry :)

DougieJones427 karma


AMA_requester388 karma

Would you play Slenderman if asked?

DougieJones712 karma

This is a reeeeeeeeally good question. Wouldn't that fit me well? (I'm winking right now)

Deleon0311263 karma

If you could be any food, what would it be and why?

DougieJones717 karma

A pretzel ... I'm a contortionist, you know ;-)

JordanM85263 karma

I loved your episode of Fear Itself. That performance made me realize you would make a perfect Joker. Is that a part you could see yourself playing?

DougieJones649 karma

I would love to play Joker, but also have a love for the Riddler!! But my more realistic love of a comic character I haven't played yet would be DEAD MAN ... let's hope one day!

random__douche250 karma

Hi Doug, just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your work.

Is there something about using heavy prosthetics in movies which appeals to you?

What is your dream role?

How difficult was filming Pan's Labyrinth surrounded by Spanish speakers? Is it difficult to act in another language?

DougieJones434 karma

Wearing rubber on your entire body isn't easy, but when I get to play such amazing, artistic characters, it's so worth it!

basildreams236 karma

I absolutely love Pan's Labyrinth! I must say, you were definitely one of the creepiest "movie monsters" that I've ever seen. I frequently pretend to see out of my hands. Not going to lie, I was rooting for you to eat Ofelia.

Anyway, now that we've covered that, my question: What was the most difficult think about your roles as El Fauno and the Pale Man?

DougieJones291 karma

Fauno -- REAMS of Spanish dialogue while on stilts ... I don't speak Spanish!! Pale Man -- Just plain, couldn't see!!

booksandcorsets231 karma

Hi Doug!! I’m the one who messaged you about a week ago about the Fauno costume I’m making. I can’t wait to meet you at Dragoncon this year!

A lot of your costumes are full body suits (the Faun, Pale Man, and Abe). Can you tell me exactly how long, on average, you are in costume? What’s the longest you’ve gone? Any exhaustion stories you can share? The photos of you eating lunch as Fauno are hilarious.

DougieJones377 karma

Make-up costumes can take 5 hours to apply, then I'm on set filming for 10-12 hours, then 2 hours of tear-down/ clean up! But there's Love!!

BeeElleZebub187 karma


DougieJones384 karma

LOVED working on HoPo!!! It was when Bette Midler told me I was very funny that I thought would be a good time to just die, that way I could leave this world happy!!

MrCinemaXbox183 karma

Mr. Jones, I had the pleasure of being "pinched" by you a few weeks ago on facebook (http://i.imgur.com/6o68wfn.jpg), and I just wanted to say thanks again, that was the coolest experience I've ever had with a celebrity. You've had a tremendous influence on my life growing up and in my love of film as you've been there weaving your way through it as well. You've made me laugh in Hocus Pocus, terrified in Buffy, and given nightmares from Pan's Labyrinth. I'm finally beginning to fulfill my dreams as well for cinema and will be having my first film premiere in Fort Wayne next week. You are simply an amazing actor and I just wanted to say thank you!

DougieJones217 karma

So happy and proud of you, precious puppy Alex!!

Shai-HuIud173 karma

No questions, just a request:

Keep that shit up.

Actors are a dime a dozen but you, sir, are unbefuckinglievable.

DougieJones265 karma

Thank you!! My grandmother always told me the same thing ;-)

Poor-Yorick171 karma

Good afternoon Mr Jones! I have a question regarding your interaction with fans. You always seem to be extremely humble and down to earth. How do you stay so genuine? And I've noticed you're very open about your faith, have you ever encountered any issues because of that?

Thank you so much for doing this AMA!

DougieJones271 karma

Thank you so much for these sweet comments!!! The only issues about my faith in the show-biz has been that people are so very respectful of it ... as I try to be of them!!

logically157 karma

Can actors be type cast as a creature? Was that a niche that was open or how did you start to take on roles like that consecutively?

DougieJones332 karma

I never set out to do this, but with my mime background, and being tall and skinny, the creature bits just flock onto me!!

GlamourGhoul136 karma

Hello there Mr. Jones! BIG FAN since Hocus Pocus!

A lot of people consider you the Lon Chaney of our generation and I definitely agree with that. Do you have a favorite Lon Chaney film?

Thanks Mr. Jones <3

DougieJones235 karma

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA still haunts me, and I'm always so very humbled when I hear anyone equate me with the legendary Mr. Chaney!!!

KatyBacon127 karma

Dougie, how many more things are you going to get me to sign up for? First twitter, now this?! <3 you

DougieJones212 karma

<3 you too, sweet Katy Bacon!!

Dumster-E84 karma

I love all your work! It takes serious some serious talent and dedication to do all the work you did with movies like Pan's Labyrinth (favorite movie). Just a small question --> Is there any chance for a Hellboy III? Or even Abe's own movie?

DougieJones146 karma

Well, I never say never! I would LOVE to reprise Abe, but no official word other than rumors on HB3 yet :-(

Kevin_Rubio81 karma


There's love! When you gonna come down to the new VFX shop? Drinks on me!


DougieJones126 karma

Let's share the love soon, precious Kev!!!

geoffgrindd74 karma

Are you and Kevin Bacon brothers?

DougieJones139 karma

I get that all the time!!

Malebaum72 karma

Hello Doug, Thank you for doing this AMA. It was great to see you in the Fallout: Nuka Break series. How did you get involved with this project? It seems like such a smaller production than you are normally associated with. Can't wait for season two to start. Thanks again

DougieJones102 karma

They came to me, and I'm so happy they did!!! I'm still hoping for our schedules to coincide for an appearance in season 2!!

pikpikcarrotmon71 karma

Who would win in a wrestling match, you or Andy Serkis?

DougieJones162 karma

Oh, Andy hands down!! He's built as solid as a rock!!!

Carpe_Omnia71 karma

If you could choose which fantasy character to be in your next upcoming film, who would you choose? Been a huge fan since HOCUS POCUS, keel up the great work for the next generation to see :)

DougieJones253 karma

Either a Vampire (the classic black & white kind, not the sparkly kind), or a benevolent angel!!

angienuthead66 karma

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party and why? :)

Big fan, i think the roles you have chosen to undertake are really well portrayed. Hope you have a great AMA!! :)

Oh!! Quickly, i loved Billy in Hocus Pocus!!!!!!!

DougieJones190 karma

I would invite Jesus, Whitney Houston, and YOU of course!!

molrobocop57 karma

Say it's saturday afternoon. You're starving. No food in the house. Where do you go and or what do you order?

DougieJones219 karma

No hoity toity here ... I love me some McDonald's dollar menu!!!

stripedsockcat52 karma

Hello, Mr. Jones! I'd like to ask about your characters. Who are you most afraid of? Who are the most horrible? Thank you for AMA! hugs

DougieJones153 karma

I'm most afraid of the most horrible thing I've ever played .... the Pale Man from PAN'S LABYRINTH ... OK, the Gentleman from BUFFY was horrible, too!!

Spytap47 karma


DougieJones105 karma

Always wanted to be an actor, but if that ever failed me, I've always had a love for the healing arts ... like nursing.

SanityDzn45 karma

Hey, Doug! Thank's for doing this AMA :) I've been a big fan ever since you appeared on David Blue's podcast.

What was it about Falling Skies that caught your interest? Also, How did you and David Blue first meet?

DougieJones82 karma

David and I meet at Comic Con a few years ago, and have been friends ever since! I love my character on FALLING SKIES because he's so smart, yet rather charming ... a couple of things I'm not , hehehe.

SineadO-Rebellion43 karma

What is your favorite movie? Book?

DougieJones85 karma


adamhall1241 karma

Why won't those jerks behind Sudden Death! and Research. ever let you sing?

DougieJones78 karma

I know, right!!! They promise it will happen soon!!

jetthead39 karma

So great that you are doing this! What has been your favorite creature to play? Have you had any reactions to the makeup?

DougieJones100 karma

Favorite costumed character ever is my beloved Abe Sapien!! And thankfully no bad reactions to make-up chemicals ... could you imagine!?!?!

DarkBeforeDawnBand39 karma

Of all the acting roles you've had, which do you wish you could relive again because of how great an experience it was for you?

DougieJones86 karma

Ooh -- Jerry from MY NAME IS JERRY or Dominique Wilkins on THE NEIGHBORS, but always room in my heart to reprise Abe Sapien from HELLBOY!!

Tastes_Of_Burning36 karma

How does it feel knowing that your name is synonymous with not only quality acting, but masterful storytelling?

Also, the Pale Man was creepy as shit...I loved it!

DougieJones43 karma

I'm so honored and feel very blessed!

my_left_foot36 karma


DougieJones69 karma

Thank you!! That was all Joss Whedon's brain child with amazing make-ups created by Optic Nerve!! I just brought the creepy smile and flowing body movements ... and a love for tearing out hearts, of course.

Citizen_KK35 karma

Dougie, you may not remember me, but I was your stand-in for when My Name is Jerry was shooting in Muncie. I just wanted to stop in and thank you again for the incredibly positive influence you had in my life. I wrote a list of ways that you literally made my way better, and it has helped in not only my marriage, but my life in general. I am a much more positive and forgiving person now, and, while I don't have a question, I just wanted to give you the big thanks you deserve for just being one of the nicest people on the planet!

DougieJones49 karma

OMG ... So much love for you, and thank you for the happy memories!!! Hug on the wife and the brother for me!!

ShadowHawkX30 karma

Doug, seeing you as a Wendigo in Fear Itself seriously gave me the shivers! Just two questions:

  • What do you feel was the most terrifying creature you have portrayed (maybe the one that scared you)?

  • When you have to portray those types of characters, what do you do to separate yourself from them at the end of the day?

Thanks so much!

DougieJones71 karma

Thank you! The Pale Man from PAN'S LABYRINTH terrified me, along with the Gentleman from BUFFY! .... easy to separate from these when the make-up is removed!

LexMex30 karma

What is the makeup process like? You've played a lot of characters which render you entirely unrecognizable, so how long are you in the makeup chair before you start shooting? Is it uncomfortable or tedious?

DougieJones49 karma

Everything you'd think ... hot, heavy, and sticky! Longest -- 7 hours a day for Abe in the 1st HELLBOY!

jcoffman1529 karma

Hi Doug This is Jason From Oregon Chatting it up here on my bday hope all is well with you

DougieJones66 karma

Happy Birthday, Puppy Jason!!!

Trout_Tickler29 karma

  • What was it like working with Guillermo Del Toro?

  • Is he really as nice as everyone says?

  • Do you think you could kick Ron Perlman's ass?

Big fan of your work, keep on being great.

DougieJones70 karma

Guillermo is absolutely all the delight he's cracked up to be! And Ron would absolutely pulverize my ass!!! Have you seen the guns on that man!! (but he'd never ... he's like a big brother to me!)

McPick28 karma

Hi Doug! Thanks for doing this AMA. As a huge fan of the movie Hocus Pocus, any great stories/funny stories from the set you can share? You can't go wrong with Bette and SJP, can you?

Looking forward to Falling Skies!!

DougieJones51 karma

I think singing a Michael Jackson song on set with the kids between takes, and it ended up being filmed and broadcast on E.T. as behind the scenes footage!

azb0724 karma

Do you have a ritual to get in character before you begin your performances?

DougieJones47 karma

Pray I can survive the day, mostly!!! (And get enough sleep, water, exercise, and such!)

privateDB24 karma

Hello sir! As a former Ball State student and a current Muncie resident, it makes me happy to see an alum from our university make it so far! I actually started college JUST after you finished filming My Name is Jerry and I was super bummed I didn't get to meet you!

Just a few questions for you today:

  1. What is your fondest memory of your time at BSU?

  2. Any cool new characters we can expect to see you play in the near future?

  3. Any plans to make an appearance in Muncie soon? I would LOVE to get a picture with you!

Anyway, thanks for doing this AMA and I wish you all the best!!

DougieJones40 karma

So sweet of you! BSU memory -- Our fist MAC conference basketball win when I was on the court as 'Charlie Cardinal!!' And look for me in FALLING SKIES Sundays on TNT at 10pm ... as in THIS Sunday -- great episode where you'll get to know my character "Cochise" way better!!

benfoust23 karma

Thanks for dropping in!

You're such a good physical actor. From the weird and detached nobility of the Silver Surfer to the manic scrabbling of Pale Man, the thing I notice across the board is how well you portray the body language of the inhuman.

How did you practice that? And do your talents as a contortionist inform how much control over the moods you can generate with just your posture and motion?

DougieJones45 karma

More from the mime background! That woke up my body to know that communication is a full body experience!!

Jediaaronb122 karma

Hello Doug, I hope to see you in Orlando soon. I hope Season 2 of The Neighbors come back. What do you like playing better. Is there ever a time where the costume just didn't work?

Aaron B. St. Cloud, FL

DougieJones33 karma

THE NEIGHBORS is indeed renewed for Season 2!! Let's hope I can juggle it with FALLING SKIES again!! The creature costume that was a nightmare (along with the crappy movie) was BUG BUSTER, with me as the Mother Bug!

GlamourGhoul21 karma

I see you're attached to two different films with Tony Todd and one with Kane Hodder. It must be awesome to work with such icons of the horror genre. Have they taught you anything special when you're behind a mask? Also, are you a fan of the genre and if so what type of horror films do you enjoy? 70's Exploitation? Zombies? Vampires? Blood and guts or a suspense thriller?

Thanks again <3

DougieJones38 karma

Love more of the suspenseful thrillers that don't show so much blood splatters! Classic old black & whites! Also love both Tony and Kane!!

ipunchedhitler18 karma

Hey Dougie, big fan of yours hope to see ya at Crypticon this year :) A couple of ??s So with all the crazy positions and contortion'al things you do with your body do you ever go to a chiropractor? lol You'd probably be able to get adjusted easily :) Also...what is your favorite thing to do when your home with the family away from filming? Thanks much Dougie! Lords Blessings! -Josh

DougieJones46 karma

I love cracking my own back ... and it's much cheaper!!!!

Tempestcomics18 karma

DOUGIE!! Hey its Rick from Xcon and Port City Pop Con.!! I have a question in regards to Short Films and what makes a short something you will be a part of? I ask because of the one you did called Candyshop. With Whitestone Entertainment. I Really enjoyed the message and your character was Awesome! Sorry I got off track. So the question is...What does a short film have to possess that will make it a project you will want to be a part of?

DougieJones35 karma

Just like any project, I love a good story, good character, and a great director with some vision!! That comes in all formats, including shorts & web series!!

mittyew15 karma

Hello Doug! Welcome to the strange world of the internet. My questions are:

  • Which of your movies do you enjoy watching the most?

  • What movies do you hope to do in the future? and

  • If... just IF you could be any animal in the whole world, what would you be?

DougieJones42 karma

I'd like to be a Golden Retriever ... they're so happy! My favorite movie of mine to watch again and again is MY NAME IS JERRY or PAN'S LABYRINTH ... obviously for different reasons! Also looking forward to the upcoming release of DUST OF WAR.

kath-15 karma

Well, this is really awesome! Just have to say that you've been one of my favorite actors since Fear Itself. That episode still scares the crap out of me. But now I have to pull it together and tone down the fangirl inside. Question time!

  1. What was it like working with Fear Itself? TV and film are obviously different but (at least from my standpoint) each episode seemed to be a "mini movie." Do you think this hindered/helped the artistic process at all?

  2. I hate myself for asking because I'm sure there hasn't been much progress since you last mentioned it (at least not on your end?), but is there any more news about Frankenstein? I believe you said you had your casts done for make up, but do you know anything about the plot?

  3. How's Guillermo Del Toro? From what you see, does he approach each movie differently, or does he use the same directing style with each piece?

DougieJones42 karma

FRANKENSTEIN is still in development at Universal, and Guillermo asked me to tell you all that he's a "lazy f**k" for not finishing the script yet!!

jimrussell473415 karma

Hi Doug! It's Jim Russell from little ole' North Manchester, Indiana. It's so fun to see you so busy and creative in so many media forms. My question is: When was the last time you returned to Ball State University? Any plans on surprising them as the "honorary mascot for the day"? Do you miss your old mime and mascot days?

DougieJones25 karma

Jimbo!!! Love remembering my Ball State years for sure!! Was back a couple of years ago to speak at the huge freshmen convocation! LOVE!!

mtx14 karma

Hi Doug! Any chance you'll be cast in the new Star Wars film? I think you'd make a great translator droid like C3P0 but with lightsabres.

DougieJones14 karma

I would LOVE to be in this, but no offers yet.

TheNoobScoperz13 karma

Has the heavy amount of make-up you use on set ever resulted in any serious health concerns?

DougieJones39 karma

Thankfully no!! Just uncomfortable or hot at times.

k_paxian13 karma

Hello Mr. Jones! Just wanted to tell you how much i love your work. i watched ' My name is Jerry ' a few days ago and it was brilliant! i wondered what music do you like yourself? And if you could play any character of ' The Rocky Horror Picture Show' which one would you choose? hugs from germany :3

DougieJones31 karma

Thank you for the JERRY love!! And I WISH I was in good enough shape to play Rocky, but I think I'm more suited to play Brad (Incidentally, I"m currently in a web series, RESEARCH, with Barry Bostwick, who played Brad!)

BassMaster6913 karma

Hello Doug, Some actors worked with Andre The Giant. Others with Shaq and some with Kareem. I know size is irrelevant, but who is the biggest actor / human that you've ever worked with?

DougieJones26 karma

I forget his name, but it was a USC basketball player who was in an episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT with me!

ubomw12 karma

Hi Doug, is this AMA related to the 2-week old post on Reddit, I have to admit it was the first time someone pointed to all the good work you've done and I didn't know a thing about you.

Some insight as a Gentleman?

DougieJones28 karma

Thank you!! This AMA was scheduled first, and that other thread was simply a happy accident!!

plowerd10 karma

Doug, Last time i saw you was in Fargo, ND at the film fest there. I just wanted to say that i miss your hugs and head pats. Signed, your little puppy Rob

DougieJones21 karma

Robby Puppy!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyyric9 karma

Love You & Your Work! Very Very Impressed With All You Bring To The Entertainment Factor In My Life! <3 <3 <3

DougieJones25 karma


Tonda069 karma

Really Big fan Doug! Love your work in Pan's Labyrinth, and my father and I are HUGE fans of HellBoy series. Do you have any input with the director/costume creator, etc when signing onto a role? I've read in the past some of the prosthetic and costumes that you wear prohibit vision, speech among other things, so I was curious if you ever to get any input to make your job any easier.

DougieJones24 karma

I do have comfort input, but the design input I leave to the world renowned artists who create them!!

ArchDucky9 karma

The scenes in Hellboy where Abe is in the tank, are you really under water with all that makeup on?

DougieJones24 karma

A lot of CGI, but the close-ups are me hanging on wires with a water effect added in later!

lolkips6 karma

Hi Doug, thanks for inspiring me to go into makeup effects. You helped get me to move out of my rural town of 800 people to Vancouver, BC. What a lovely city it is, am I right? :) i have two questions:

What is your favorite makeup removal product to have used on you to remove adhesives?

How is it different playing a human like Jerry in My Name is Jerry, as opposed to playing a creature?


DougieJones17 karma

Love playing both humans and non ... all depends on the story, character relationships, and director!! And I love Isopropyl Myristate (sp?) for removals!!!

LovededYouPiggy6 karma

Hey Doug, thank you for doing this AMA!

Are you a big fantasy/sci-fi fan in general or do you just seem to be typecast into those sort of roles?

DougieJones18 karma

I've become more of a fan because of the roles I've been cast in. I still love comedies like AIRPLANE, though!!

Slothmoss6 karma

Hi Doug! Big fan of your work. What has been your most challenging character to play?

DougieJones16 karma

Always the heavily made-up characters in foreign films ... like the Faun from PAN'S LABYRINTH or La Gueule from GAINSBOURG: A Heroic Life!!

-onionknight-5 karma

I don't have a question. After reading your replies here, I wanted to comment on your impressive skills as a polite and well cultured gentleman. Have a nice day.

DougieJones6 karma

So sweet of you!!!

masteractor5 karma

What is your favourite role so far that you have played?

Favourite movie that you haven't been in?

DougieJones15 karma

Abe Sapien from HELLBOY or Jerry from MY NAME IS JERRY! Favorite movie -- SOMEWHERE IN TIME!

susiego4 karma

Hi Doug--Its Susie and my furry friend Munch from Burbank..This has probably been asked but how are things looking for Hellboy 3. BTW I love your book and am delighted that I got a chance to have you sign it. Any chance you're coming to the Hollywood Autograph show in July.

DougieJones3 karma

Won't be at the Hollywood show in July, but thank you for loving MIME VERY OWN BOOK!!! And give that Munch a munch for me!! (no word on HB3, sadly)

Nzynz4 karma

Hey Doug! I don't really have a question for you on account I already asked you personally when you came to Puerto Rico. I just wanted to tell you that I was extremely happy to meet you even if I was so nervous I could barely say hi to you hahaha (and this never happens to me ever) and that because you are by far my favorite actor! I hope all is well, have an amazing day! - Vanessa Foster

DougieJones13 karma


music_nymph3 karma

Hi Mr jones :) ive spoke to you before, in @music_nymph on twitter and i was the one that was dropped from acting and made you that video. basicaly, i would LOVE an autograph from you, however i never leave the uk, ive no passport and with work i couldn't anyway :( so its impossible, so im going to be really cheeky/rude and say please please PLEASE can you send me one? It would mean sooooo much to me if you did heres my address: Cogries Cottage, Beattock, Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, United kingdom, DG10 9PP

and give zekey dog a big hug and kiss from me. thanks so much, your an idol to me! Love, kerry-ann

DougieJones6 karma

Yes! Hi puppy love!! Best to send that request to my fan email ... [email protected]

order653 karma

What costume/make up took you the longest to get into? Are they very uncomfortable?

DougieJones9 karma

Abe Sapien for the first HELLBOY! 7 hours a day. Comfort comes second when I get to play such an amazing creation!!

Phenum3 karma

No question but dude YOU ROCK!

DougieJones3 karma


queen-xenomorph2 karma

DOUG! What advice would you give a young woman in LA wanting to specialize in prosthetic/creature performance? Do you recommend any classes or special teachers? -Elle

DougieJones3 karma

No idea on classes or teachers ... I started as a mime, great physical training!

The_Oryx1 karma

Hey Doug!

  • What character of yours took the longest time to get dressed up into / makeup applied, and was any of it uncomfortable or heavy?

And also,

  • Your Pale Man character in Pan's Labyrinth scared the bezeesus out of me! What helps you when acting as a scary being, or gets you into the mindset of some of your more far-out characters?

DougieJones2 karma

We all have a dark side to tap into!! Always uncomfortable, but so worth it!!

DoppleFlopper1 karma

So you're constantly acting in these dramatic full body costumes, do you find that this helps enable your acting ability, as compared to not wearing a costume at all? Have these roles effected you in any way? (Career wise, socially, etc.) You're great by the way, you really get some awesome roles to play and you're very entertaining to watch.

DougieJones3 karma

A full body costume/ make-up can help me create characters I could never do with my own ugly face!!

moviescriptlife1 karma

Hey Doug! Huge fan and fellow Ball State graduate here.

Just wanted to know how your experience of doing something like Hellboy differences itself from doing something like My Name Is Jerry?

Also wanted to know if you feel as underrated as an actor like many of your fans do?

Thanks and peace be with you.

DougieJones2 karma

Big budget films in heavy make-ups are what bought my house, but the little indies feed my creative beast within! Never felt underrated, just happy anyone knows who I am!!

M_Ignis1 karma

Hello dear Dougie! Do you have any special acting techniques or methods that you use to help get in to a characters mind and body before shooting?

DougieJones2 karma

Get enough sleep, enough exercise, and hydrate ... oh, and be a little bit crazy, hehehe!!!

bellibones1 karma

Favorite part about your job?

DougieJones5 karma

Getting to do things like this AMA ... seriously!!

triassic_avenger1 karma

Just wanted to say I LOVE Falling Skies.

DougieJones2 karma

and we love YOU!!!

Boriskiller1 karma

Wow! Thanks alot for doing this AMA! You are able to capture the subtleties of movement and really add to characters. I got two questions. How did you get into your style of acting? and since many of your roles use practical FX and makeup, did you yourself get into the creation of such techniques?

DougieJones2 karma

Thank you!! The mime background and being a tall skinny freak made me a shoe-in for this wacky career I have now!

vectormessiah1 karma

Hi Doug! Do you have to psych yourself up every time you have to sit in the chair for hours on end to get the latex/paint applied? If not, what do you do to get in the right frame of mind for it?

DougieJones2 karma

I do find my happy place ... quiet. Also laugh a lot and watch YouTube videos with my make-up artists .... don't get me started on the talking cat videos!!

aylina1 karma

Hello Mr. jones! I was wondering, What's the most uncomfortable suit/makeup/costume you had to wear for a film?

DougieJones3 karma

The Mother Bug in the hideous BUG BUSTER ... ugh.