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I have to confess I had never heard about you until a thread a couple weeks back where someone posted you in all your movies and holy crap! you're in everything! I really appreciate an actor who isn't afraid to change everything about his appearance and personality. Thanks for being a huge asset to the film industry :)

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Hi :) What made you decide to do an IAMA?

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Do you fly with a xbox controller or do you prefer keyboard and mouse?

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Maybe your weiner just needs protection :D http://i.imgur.com/yY1aMPZ.jpg

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Not sure if you are still answering questions but if so. How do you think the internet is going to effect teaching in the future? If I want to learn something its very easy for me to just go to youtube or google and type it in and theres usually an instructional video showing me how to do it.

Do you think it will one day replace teachers almost entirely?