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So I have heard on the set of Usual Suspects that the opening scene where everyone is being interviewed and asked to say the same line, everyone kept cracking up and Bryan Singer kept yelling at all you to cut it out...what exactly is the story behind that? Why was everyone having a hard time keeping composure during that scene ?

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Tom, great to have you on here, I've been watching your movies since I've been growing up in the 90's. One movie that I vividly remember you in is Carpool, I must of watched that movie countless times renting the VHS from the local video store. One movie that you were in that I wasn't expecting was Austin Powers, how did you land such a small roll that went uncredited ?

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Really Big fan Doug! Love your work in Pan's Labyrinth, and my father and I are HUGE fans of HellBoy series. Do you have any input with the director/costume creator, etc when signing onto a role? I've read in the past some of the prosthetic and costumes that you wear prohibit vision, speech among other things, so I was curious if you ever to get any input to make your job any easier.

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After watching the latest episode where the crew does flashbacks, I really want to see this western episode..what's the back story on that?

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Thanks for the response Kevin, I'll be sure to check the book out, I really do enjoy stories like those