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Have you heard about moon truthers and australia deniers? Could be two more documentaries there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Credit goes to me ty)

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  • What was it like working with Guillermo Del Toro?

  • Is he really as nice as everyone says?

  • Do you think you could kick Ron Perlman's ass?

Big fan of your work, keep on being great.

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I'm currently in university, and our course next year we get an optional work placement. Although this is a long way off, I've not even started this year yet, how likely am I going to be accepted? How much do grades come into it?

My final grade hasn't come out yet for this year, but it's likely to be a first (70%).

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Yeah we've had a few employment fairs and IBM always sticks out. Like I said, it's a long way off but I'd rather have peace of mind now.

I mean I'm going to certainly try to get the best grade I can, a first is definately in my grasp. Thanks for the feedback :)