I teach the class that is required to get a CFP in the state of Utah. I'm also a certified Handgun Instructor and teach private shooting lessons. I've shot lots of exotic caliber handguns as well as the standard ones. Here is my proof. http://imgur.com/9C296fd http://imgur.com/cAU2Wma http://imgur.com/gWCjikH Edit: I have to go into a meeting now. I'll come back and keep answering later. Thanks for the questions! Final Edit: Thanks for all the questions. I hope this was helpful! If you have questions that you didn't get to ask send me a message. Later

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gqsmooth25 karma

It seems most people are starting to pick up CC permits in order to protect themselves in case an active shooter situation happens when they are around; presumably, they wish to be in a position to "protect themselves" and "take the shooter out" because "a good guy with a gun is the only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun". But consider the following:

You are at a grocery store, picking up a gigantic T-bone that you plan on grilling up to watch football and drink your sixer, a comfortable weight under your jacket on your hip. There's another guy in the cereal aisle picking up some Lucky Charms because that cereal is the shit, the only thing that is even more the shit is his sweet pistol under his shirt. Another in the feminine products because he's being a good husband/boyfriend, yes tampons but he's packing too and it evens it out. Another in the ice cream, the only thing sweeter is his sidearm. There are awesome, well prepared, licensed, and packing dudes all over the store.

You all hear shots (sounded like 3 from a 9mm) and screams from the vicinity of the front of the store. They all un-holster their weapons an assume a tactical posture because "bad guy". Now you and all of the other law abiding fellows (and women) are running around the store, how does the guy in ice cream that when he creeps around to the cereal aisle that Lucky Charms dude isn't the shooter? He's holding a gun. All Ice Cream dude knows is he heard shots, women screaming and here comes a dude with a pistol out of feminine products, which seems a likely place for a shooter with a vendetta against the fairer gender to find some targets.

How does everyone know who the real shooter is if they never saw the shooter and only heard the shots and all they see is there are a dozen handgun wielding people running around the store? What keeps you from getting shot from another well intentioned, well prepared individual?

Really not trolling or anything but curious. I dig guns, I just don't carry.

badassbaldbastard59 karma

Perfect question and scenario. My answer, when I hear shots I haul ass. I let the cops decide who's good and who's bad. If the guys comes after me he gets shot and I drop my gun so I don't get shot. I always teach my students to get the hell out if it is at all possible. I'm not the police, I protect my family and myself--sorry everyone else is on their own. You fuck around trying to be the hero and you are likely to get Mozambiqued.

gqsmooth5 karma

Hey thanks for the answer! I didn't know what was taught for those scenarios. Seems pretty logical. One more (ok two)

Why concealed carry? I can see it for women or people who often carry bags but other than that, why?

And two, any opinion on the Glock 27?

badassbaldbastard14 karma

I carry concealed for my protection and as a last resort. I look for every alternative first before I draw. Also women shouldn't carry in purses--criminals love to steal purses.
I've shot the 27 before and liked it. Great gun but you need to practice a lot because a .40 does have some recoil to it and needs to be controlled.

gqsmooth3 karma

I meant why concealed carry vs open carry.

badassbaldbastard16 karma

Oh sorry. Open carry is inviting trouble in my opinion. It scares people, they call the cops, the cops hassle you. Not to mention if some criminal decides he wants your gun you better be ready to defend it. Most people don;t do any weapon retention training. I've been fortunate enough to have been trained and I still practice, much to the chagrin of my teenage sons.

abigpurplemonkey7 karma

Let's say you are in your local gas station standing in line with your Cherry Coke you have been wanting since you got off of work 10 mins ago. I mean you really have been craving this Cherry Coke. So now you are standing in line with your pistol on your hip in the holster(open carrying) You have two people in front and a guy behind you that just came in and kinda walked around the store before getting in line he didn't grab anything to buy.

But guess what he notices, a pistol on your side. Now your still dreaming of how awesome this Cherry Coke is going to be and are getting impatient because the guy at the counter doesn't know which Lotto tickets he wants to buy. Well another customer walks and notices your gun and gets a little uneasy but hey open carry is legal so whatever. Then you sort of feel a tug on your side and you look down and now there is YOUR gun pointed at YOUR face while the guy who "cased the joint" has decided to rob the place/or bolts out the door with a free gun.

This doesn't happen concealed, nobody is uneasy about a firearm they happen to see, a criminal doesn't use or steal your firearm while you are thinking about/not paying attention whats around you. You have the jump on someone who's intent is to do harm by not making yourself a target from the get go.

TL;DR Concealed Carry is Concealed. No one knows you have sidearm and you have a better chance of not being targeted for it.

badassbaldbastard16 karma

Good thing you didn't say Pepsi or I would say that you deserve to get shot.

wat_waterson2 karma

A lot of states don't have open carry and people look at you weird even if you're in a state that allows it.

ArchangelleShitspoon3 karma

i'm in louisiana, an open carry state. nobody here, and i mean NO BODY ever open carries. just cause we can doesn't mean we want to.

that being said, i'm glad we can.

badassbaldbastard4 karma

That is exactly right--just because you can doesn't mean you should!!

mochan424216 karma

What are your thoughts on 'gun free zones'?

badassbaldbastard30 karma

I'm OK with them. In Utah we really don't have many gun free zones including schools. If it is private property that is their right and I respect that.

DismayedNarwhal7 karma

If it is private property that is their right and I respect that.

Absolutely agree here. Do you think gun-free zones are effective in preventing violence?

badassbaldbastard51 karma

No, criminals don't give a shit about gun free zones. These are there to make people "feel" safe.

DramaticPeriods13 karma

Hi there!

I come from a responsible shooting family (hunting/targets). My wife and I are both thinking about getting conceal and carry permits (she works late in her salon and is often the last one out). The only thing we don't agree on is the type of handgun she should buy. I'm partial to revolvers, but she's nervous about accidental discharges (no safety), so she's more interested in a small 9mm "bodyguard" type of gun.

However, this means that there are more chances of failure to fire/failure to feed. In the heat of the moment, if there is a threat, she'll have to be trained to handle a jam.

In your experience, are my fears grounded in reality? Do good C&C pistols jam enough to warrant my nervousness?

edit: she would carry this in her purse or diaper bag.

badassbaldbastard17 karma

You are correct. Even though the revolver doesn't have any external safeties, the trigger pull is generally very heavy so Negligent Discharge is usually not an issue. Revolvers are also much easier to use and less can go wrong. I never carry a gun that has an external safety, to much of a chance that the safety will be engaged when I don't want it to be. I would look at a .38 special for her.

DramaticPeriods4 karma

thanks for the reply (and not just because you agreed with me!)

Also, am I crazy for wanting to carry a .22 pistol loaded with HPs for home defense (alongside my shotgun)? They say "shoot what you're comfortable with" and I'm really good with my .22 pistols.

badassbaldbastard2 karma

Be careful with the .22. I say this simply because they do travel at a high velocity and you don't want them going outside of your home.

ThatOldBlackHole10 karma

It's her gun, let her get whatever she's more comfortable with. Rent one of each and let her try them.

badassbaldbastard15 karma

Great advice. Don't let a gun store commando dictate what she should get. I've had a woman shoot .45 at class and she was really really good.

iiiiandwings12 karma

I want to learn to shoot defensively inside my home, what kind of training should I look for? How can know I'm not being bullshitted by some trainer who doesn't really know what they are doing?

badassbaldbastard13 karma

This is a great question. Defensive shooting inside your home is really more about common sense than anything else. Look for someone who you feel comfortable with and you can relate to. If he wants to talk about using rifles and stun grenades run the other way. Again there are a lot of idiots out there teaching some retarded stuff. Try looking for books, especially by a guy named Massad Ayoob, this guy has been around forever and knows his stuff.

UnbentUnbowed5 karma

Do you feel shotguns are good for home defense? I surely do.

badassbaldbastard3 karma


rawrr692 karma

Stun grenades? In your own home???

badassbaldbastard2 karma

You would be surprised what gets taught.

overgrownmoose2 karma

Is it your opinion that rifles are not optimal for a home defense situation, or is that only a generalization of a certain type of instructor? In my experience, it would be nigh impossible to find any skilled home defense instructor that wouldn't agree a shorter barrel ar-15 in .223/5.56 is almost a perfect HD gun. It has almost all the properties you could want in an HD gun:

  • Overpenetration is not an issue, it will stop a man in his tracks with minimal hits (people can argue all they want, but in my military experience it is an effective round for killing men quickly even after only 1 hit to the torso)
  • Low recoil so it's easy to control under high stress
  • High magazine capacity in the case of multiple assailants or misses due to stress
  • Easy to mount night capable sights, flashlights, and lasers
  • Ergonomics adjustment in under a second for smaller family members

On an unrelated note, your username is awesome.

badassbaldbastard3 karma

I'm not a fan of rifles for home defense but this is just a personal preference. As far as over penetration, it really depends on what the bullet hits. I'm sure lots of people are using some variation of the AR for home defense.

DougShoe8 karma

I'd google reviews of local courses.

Also, this is gonna sound stupid but alot of people swear by airsoft guns for training. Specifically indoors. It's alot of cheap, safe, quiet trigger time. They make airsoft guns replicas of most of the common handguns so practice manipulating the controls (safety, slide release, mag release, etc) transfers much better.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

This is true. Many police departments are using airsoft for training now.

DrG3n311 karma

My sister and I are thinking of getting conceal and carry permits. I've only ever shot a few handguns and a couple of rifles. Her fiance has a permit and has trained her a bit on his weapons as well. I'm a little scared of guns still, sometimes I'm afraid when I set one down it'll just spontaneously shoot.

Are the classes detailed enough that I'd be able to get rid of some of this fear and learn more about the weapons or do they really just cover what to do/what not to do with them?

Also, I'd like something smaller and easy for a female of moderate strength to use and handle, any recommendations?

badassbaldbastard14 karma

I promise a gun will not ever ever just go off--EVER. The only time they go off is when you pull the trigger. I would recommend taking a NRA class because they will take you shooting as part of the class. Getting over the fear will require time shooting. For a female I would look at a .38 revolver that has a lighter than normal trigger pull. Smith and Wesson makes a line for women.

triit3 karma

I can't speak specifically to the training as every class differs, but don't necessarily think that smaller gun = better for females. A little bit of weight and size often helps reduce felt recoil and makes manipulating the slide and such easier. Go to a store and pick a gun that fits you. Some have interchangeable grips if you do truly have small hands.

My wife shoots and loves a Sig 226 which is a big manly gun, but carries a tiny Kahr MK9 that he hates.

p.s. A loaded gun won't just shoot, even if dropped. Holsters cover the trigger, which is the only thing that can make it go bang.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

The only thing that I would say is amke sure that she can pull the slide back if she is going with a pistol. Some women have a hard time manipulating the slide.

SparkBunny1 karma

I'm a chick, and first time i went to a gun range, i went with a few friends and tried out all their guns. While i didn't care for the bigger stuff (Glock 9mm, Kimber .45, Sig 226, and Springfield 1911 kept jamming on me; i was told it was how i was holding it), i found i freaking love revolvers. My boss's .357 Magnum was by far my favorite. I could shoot that thing all day long, it's so smooth, and it has the benefit of looking really intimidating, with a big boom that i think would scare most people off. I also agree with Oranges, the Ruger SR22 felt really comfortable and easy to shoot. Didn't take long for me to get good grouping with it.

Editted because my phone derped some stuff.

badassbaldbastard4 karma

This is what I'm talking about. Try out a bunch of guns and find the one for you. That is the gun you should be shooting and if you decide to--carrying. I also love revolvers. I'm kind of old school and the more I shoot them the more I love them. The .357 is also very versatile as it can shoot .38 special--.38 special +p and +p+ as well as .357 rounds.

superspas10 karma

Personal carry preference?

Ever had to draw/fire?

Ever had a student ND on the range?

Cheers, from a UK gun owner.

badassbaldbastard21 karma

I carry either my .38 special or my Glock 19. I have never had to draw or shoot thank God. I was at a range--not my student--when some guys rented an Uzi and didn't understand that it shot from an open bolt position. They couldn't figure out why it wouldn't load and then proceeded to shoot it into the floor at my feet thinking it wasn't loaded. I left the range fairly quickly after that. Glad to hear someone in the UK has a gun. It seems knives are getting dangerous over there.

bacchusbrewing8 karma

What's the most common mistake that newbies make when learning to shoot?

badassbaldbastard12 karma

The most common mistake has to be improper grip and anticipating the recoil. Remember once you feel the recoil the bullet is gone and flinching won't help.

piiing7 karma

have you ever felt threatened by, or fearful of, a 'student?'

badassbaldbastard16 karma

Yes, I had a guy that wanted to sign up for my class but he seemed mentally unstable. I simply told him that I didn't have room for him in my class.

ThatsMrAsshole2You5 karma

I had a CCW and was involved in a shooting in AZ. This was 19 years ago.

I won't go into the background because it doesn't matter. A person pulled a gun on me, not knowing that I had a concealed weapon (Sig P226). I stepped in front of his vehicle and fired 1 Glazer round through the windshield. The bb's scattered and wounded him. I then told him to throw his weapon out of the vehicle. The cops arrived and I was initially arrested. Another long story later, and the charges are dropped as the prosecutor, at the behest of the lead detective, believed it was self-defense.

At my meeting with the lead detective he told me, "I hope you are never involved in another shooting, but if you are, empty your magazine."

My question is, do you agree with that? By leaving him alive, it caused me a fucking metric butt ton of money and headaches. Had I killed him and the cops showed up and see his gun in his dead hand, it would have been a different story. Or, that's what the detective told me anyway.

badassbaldbastard4 karma

Here's the problem. In Utah the law states that you can use deadly force until there is no longer a threat. If your first shot ended the threat then that is where you have to stop shooting. But on the other hand--Dead men tell no lies.

starsintheskies5 karma

What has been your most interesting experience with being an instructor?

badassbaldbastard15 karma

I would say the time I taught a lady that had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and she was scared to death of him and was looking for a way to protect herself. I was worried because it takes 60 days to get a license after the paperwork is turned in and I was hoping that nothing would happen to her.

WilliamSI3 karma

Couldn't she at least buy a (long)gun for protection at home?

IIRC Utah has pretty easy gun laws and it should be possible to get at least a shotgun or bolt action rifle over 21 (correct me please if i am wrong -> European)

badassbaldbastard7 karma

Sure she could buy a shotgun and leave with it in minutes as long as she passed the BC.

proletariatron5 karma

I took the CFP class in Utah a few years ago, and felt it wasn't in depth enough. Would you support the classes requiring range time?

badassbaldbastard8 karma

Yes, I do support range time requirement. The class is very, very basic.

ezera794 karma

Any tips for Marylanders trying to get a CC Permit? So HARD, almost impossible here.

badassbaldbastard9 karma

Move? Back east getting a permit is next to impossible. Usually you have to prove a need. Come out west we still believe in the Constitution!!!

iiiiandwings4 karma

What is a good online source to learn as much as possible about shooting handguns before getting training?

badassbaldbastard5 karma

That is a great question, and I'm not really sure. Find an NRA class and go to it. Most people I teach have never held a gun before and it is best to do this stuff hand on. Maybe I'll start a youtube channel for this.

adeft4 karma

Weaver stance or Isosceles ?

badassbaldbastard9 karma

Modified Isosceles. Weaver went out long ago. Really any stance that you feel comfortable with and helps you hit the target.

TheAmorphous4 karma

Weaver went out long ago.

It seems no one's told Hollywood. :(

badassbaldbastard5 karma

I've always thought I could make good money being a technical advisor on movie sets.

SauceOfAwesome573 karma

What is the stupidest thing you've seen someone do?

badassbaldbastard16 karma

Well, I've seen someone look down the barrel of his Sig when it misfired. And then the guys who shot the Uzi into the floor next to my feet.

bearfucker773 karma

What holster do you use or would you recommend for concealed carry of G17/G19? Why not a G26, G27? What firearm is the most enjoyable to shoot at the range?

badassbaldbastard7 karma

I swear by Cardon Holsters. they are all handmade one at a time by Joe Cardon. These are the most comfortable holsters I have every used. I didn't mean to leave the 26 off of my list. I had a 26 and loved it.
Funnest gun at the range--.460 magnum, that shit is fun!! http://www.cardonholsters.com/ ----Holster link.

TheAmorphous3 karma

You must not live in the South, friendo. Leather holster + Houston weather = super discomfort.

It's a shame too, because I loves me a nice leather holster.

badassbaldbastard5 karma

I did grow up in Florida, while not the south it is still hot and humid. the problem it is hard to find good holsters that aren't leather. Those in the south know what I mean by my Florida comment.

TheAmorphous3 karma

We do indeed. I'm partial to Raven Concealment. And when their lead times are too high, Crown.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

I'll have to check those out.

edu_gon953 karma

What is your favorite/prefered weapon?

badassbaldbastard5 karma

I am very partial to Glocks. I've owned the 26,19,26,22,23,21. I guess I'm very set in my ways. But I must say that I love my Taurus .38

iiiiandwings3 karma

Can you explain why the Glock 19 is so popular?

badassbaldbastard11 karma

Glock 19 IMO is popular because it is the perfect size for carry and holds 15+1. Glock has also designed their gun to lessen the perceived recoli so you can get the gun back on target quickly for the second + shot.

DougShoe6 karma

same basic design for 20+ years while tastefully refining it through 4 generations. Super durable, and reliable. Massive aftermarket and spare parts market. Will accept glock 17 magazines and the 33rd glock 18 mag. (I get funny looks at the range with the 33 rounder haha). Handles +P ammo just fine. Super low maintenance. etc etc.

Source: I tried XDs, sigs, H&Ks, CZs, etc and decided on the glock 19 for my everyday carry gun. Don't regret it one bit. And oh yea, it will fire a whole mag under water no problem ;)

badassbaldbastard4 karma

Well said.

kittyburritto3 karma

are those dual modified S&W 500's?! jesus those would break my wrist if i tried to fire them

badassbaldbastard6 karma

The pic where I'm holding both--.460 Magnum and a .45-70. the other picture is a .500 Magnum. The .45-70 is really unpleasant to shoot.

AnalyticLunatic3 karma

Living in a biggish city out in MO, interested in getting a Pistol & Conceal Carry for personal protection. Any recommendations for good handgun that is excellent for concealment priced under $400?

badassbaldbastard3 karma

Right now you'll need to look at Taurus revolvers or even some of their semi-autos. Guns are really expensive right now so I would wait until the freak out is over.

Sergeant_America3 karma

Two questions here. First, what would you say are the most common mistakes that new carriers make? Second, in your opinion, at what point in a confrontation is it "okay" to draw your weapon?

badassbaldbastard8 karma

Biggest mistake is not getting a good holster for your gun. If it is uncomfortable then you won;t carry it. Imminent danger is the only time that it is ok to draw your gun. that is in the state of Utah. I don't know about else where. If you can't get out of the situation peacefully then it is time to consider drawing the gun.

Sergeant_America3 karma

Thank you for the response. As a follow-up question, what are the laws in Utah for use of a weapon to defend others? I've always been curious about how most states handle that situation. For instance, if you were at a public park with family and someone threatens them with a knife, how could you react with a firearm? I realize that there are unlimited what-ifs, just curious about scenarios like this.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

In Utah you are allowed to defend yourself and others. So if someone comes at your wife/family with a knife time to start shooting.

pike1012 karma

Let me add to this: If you or someones life is in danger of possible death, rape, kidnap, or extreme bodily harm, then you can pull your weapon as a defense. To say, "If you can't get out of the situation peacefully then it is time to consider drawing the gun," is incorrect! If a guy smacks your wife's ass and in the following argument, the guy punches you in the nose, you DO NOT have a right to pull your gun! I will leave it at that and not put too much of my thoughts into this discussion.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

Depends on the state you live in. In Utah if a reasonable person believes that they are in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death you can use deadly force.

pike1014 karma

Yes, I understand: I live in Utah and have my CCW. "Serious bodily harm" is not a pushing match between you and another guy that gives you the right to pull a weapon. If you teach the course, you should be more specific in what you say and how you say it. I was clarifying for those that don't know the true purpose of a Concealed Weapon: It is not a deterrent and should never be used as one. It is an instrument with a sole purpose to kill and should only be used when you MUST kill. Anything else, and the weapon stays holstered and concealed.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

Totally agree. And a fight can be construed as mutual combat at which point the use of a deadly force is excluded as an option.

pike1012 karma

Indeed! That is the point I was making. FYI: I carry a Stoeger Cougar 9mm w/ 147 grain HP (Former Air Force guy that loves Beretta 92 action) and my wife carries a hammerless ruger SP101, snub-nose 357. Of course, I keep 38 special +P in her revolver b/c there is no point of having a 357 round that will never reach maximum velocity due to the shortened barrel of the revolver. I carry her revolver more than my 9mm because of its smaller size and almost zero concern with a misfire.

badassbaldbastard2 karma

Were you Security Police/Forces in the AF?

pike1014 karma

No. I was a radio technician in an Air Control Squadron. Our units purpose was to go into an area that has been cleared by combat controllers (Guys that call in air strikes from the front lines); set-up a mobile radar site; and defend that site with the personnel there. Because I was in that Unit, I was trained on the M-60, M-203, M-16A2, and of course, the M-9. I had lots of other field training and experience as well, but this was my direct weapons training. Also, when we were trained with the M-9, a round was in the chamber and the safety was off while holstered, at all times; so, it was in DA, ready to fire with a long trigger pull. We trained to shoot, two in the chest, one in the head. Every clip we carried on the range could only have 3 shots in it to get us used to shooting like this, as well as, committing to memory the changing of the magazines. It was good training and even though I don't train for head shots anymore, I still use the technique and speed I acquired from the military.

badassbaldbastard3 karma

Cool. thanks for your service. I grew up in the AF. I enlisted in the Army and spent 6 years in the Field Artillery.

badassbaldbastard2 karma

I also love the Ruger SP101. Seriously that is a great gun!

runningscaredtoo213 karma

What are your thoughts on 3D printed guns? I hear the media freaking out about it, but I had the understanding that with a clean record and enough money a citizen can get a permit to own just about whatever they want.

badassbaldbastard9 karma

I watched the video of the printed gun, it looked like a lego gun.
With a clean record and LOTS of money you can own just about anything that you can find.

triit3 karma

Best tips for shooting an LCP or similar sized gun where your grip is compromised?

badassbaldbastard3 karma

Practice--Practice---Practice. That is really the only way to get used to a non-ideal situation.

Rangermedic773 karma

I have a question that you may be able to answer. I live in Texas. I'm 18 and I would like a means of protection but I can get a concealed license until 21. Can I legally keep a pistol in my truck? I was told if its out of reach, the mag isn't in it, and its in a case or out of site, I can have it in my vehicle at 18 in Texas. I know you're from Utah but I thought I'd at least ask.

badassbaldbastard7 karma

I did some checking and Texas does not take the Maine permit. Sorry looks like you have a few years to wait. Good luck.

badassbaldbastard7 karma

OK, you will need to check Texas law. Find out if they accept the permit from the state of Maine. Maine will issue a permit when you are 18 even if you are not a resident. As far as the specific laws, look them up. In Utah you can have your gun in the car, concealed with a magazine in it just not a round in the chamber.

Spagster3 karma

Do you ever see anyone bring in crazy guns for range time? When I was getting my Concealed permit, some lady brought in a broom handled WWI gun and the instructors freaked out.

badassbaldbastard7 karma

I've never seen any old guns but I have seen people bring .500 Magnums to an indoor range. Those fuckers will rattle the teeth out of your head when shot indoors.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

The craziest is when people bring large caliber handguns to the indoor range--.500 magnum/.460 magnum. those fuckers will shake your teeth loose.

TheAmorphous2 karma

That would be awesome. I wanted to qualify with a Webley, but if you don't qualify with an automatic you can only carry revolvers.

badassbaldbastard3 karma

Move to Utah--there is no shooting requirement to get your CFP. I love Wembley handguns. I've shot the .45 using half moon clips to make the ACP rounds work. Very cool guns.

TheAmorphous3 karma

But then I'd be living in Utah. :(

badassbaldbastard8 karma

What you don't want more than one wife?

buttery_shame_cave4 karma

what kind of man would subject himself to that?

badassbaldbastard3 karma

Not me!!

vitaminsforyou2 karma

I have commented a bit already, but it may be because I'm a bad shot, the other day me and my friend were shooting guns, .22 mainly, and my grouping was pretty good, but I was just aiming too high, I'd hit the top of the can or the target just above it. Anyways, my dad, a cop, was telling me to bend my knees because of my height, which is what I normally do when shooting pistols, and then when I brought that up, people were saying it does nothing for you, other than looking stupid, they said standing basically straight up and aiming down is better. I called bull shit, because that's exactly what I was doing and I hit above the can each time. So, what stance is better for when shooting a target lower than my shoulder, standing up and aiming down or bending my knees (not much) and barely aiming down?

badassbaldbastard2 karma

You should always have your knees bent; think of the stance a fighter takes. If you are hitting above the target my first guess would be a sight picture issue.

filmsanddreams2 karma

Have you ever had a student who you wanted to fail because you doubted his motives, but couldn't/didn't?

badassbaldbastard3 karma

No, in the state of Utah I'm allowed to fail any student I don't feel comfortable with. I am also very selective about who I teach and where I advertise. That being said, there are some scary people that have guns and permits.

gk4472 karma

How do you feel about people with no actual gunfighting experience teaching people how to do so?

The firearms world is saturated with people teaching with no experience other than courses and shooting paper targets. This would be unheard of in most fields...say medicine. Yet there are loads of "experts" who have never been in combat or in a life threatening situation as many veterans and police officers have.

badassbaldbastard14 karma

I totally agree with you. This is a unique situation for sure. I don't teach gun fighting; I teach shooting techniques and the laws that pertain to carrying a gun and using it.
FYI--Most police officers haven't been in shootouts either and are trained by people who haven't been either. I served in the Army in the 80's and was taught by people who had never been to war. So it happens and there isn;t much that can be done about it.

ajhimmler2 karma

According to you what is the best caliber for home defense?

I personally have a 12 capacity 22LR semi-auto hand gun and feel for someone who isn't professionally trained, its the best way to go.

Your thoughts?

I'm looking into conceal carrying myself, do you have a favorite gun/holster combo for ease and convenience?

badassbaldbastard2 karma

Best for home defense--shotgun with a short barrel. Hard to miss with a shotgun and the blast acts a deterrent. My favorite combo is my Cardon IWB holster and my .38 special.
http://www.cardonholsters.com/ Holster link

saratonin842 karma

Do you ever teach modified classes, for people with physical disabilities?

badassbaldbastard6 karma

Yes, actually i do. Shooting is a sport that can be easily adapted to those with physical disabilities.

ckypop2 karma

Could you hit me with a Desert Eagle .50 cal from 20 or 30 meters out with me running away from you (possibly zig-zagging) with you being still?

badassbaldbastard51 karma

No, I don't think I could throw it that far.

ckypop2 karma

What if you pulled the trigger and fired bullets from a Desert Eagle .50 cal from 20 or 30 meters out at me?

badassbaldbastard7 karma

Yes, eventually I would hit you. Or scare you to death with the muzzle blast!

lead_burger2 karma

I've shot lots of exotic caliber handguns

Have you been shooting from something like an IMI Desert Eagle (the one chambered for .50 Cal)?

badassbaldbastard7 karma

Yes I have shot the Desert Eagle .50 AE. It had to be the least fun gun that I have ever shot. The grip is huge and the recoil is crazy. I've also shot the Desert Eagle .44 Mag, that was a little more fun.

ArchangelleShitspoon6 karma

desert eagles are for hollywood morons and over compensators. get a glock like a real man.

badassbaldbastard6 karma

Amen. Don't forget pimps--they like desert eagles too!

lead_burger2 karma

I like Glock. But I was genuinely interested what is it like to shoot from that thing.

badassbaldbastard3 karma

It is fun to shoot once, but more than that it really losses its intrigue. I think if you get the chance to shoot any kind of gun do it, you may never get that chance again.

Georgy_K_Zhukov2 karma

I saw below you prefer Modified Isosceles over Weaver, but what is you opinion on the Chapman (ie Modified Weaver)?

Also, I don't have a CCL, but have been considering it. All I have for a handgun currently is a Beretta 92FS, which I feel is too big for a carry gun, but I really like it, so would probably consider a Beretta 84 or 85. Do you have any thoughts on the Cheetah as a carry gun?

Edit: Also, do you teach point shooting as part of your CCL classes?

badassbaldbastard5 karma

I like any stance that is comfortable. If it gives you a stable platform then it works. Stances all go to hell when the shit hits the fan; you just are putting lead down range at that point. I like berettas and I like the Cheetah, get a good holster and that will work perfectly. In my advanced classes I teach point shooting with both eyes open. In the basic class I teach traditional sight picture and techniques.

am-i-ginger2 karma

As a pretty small female, what gun would you recommend to me? I would think it would most likely stay at home, but I may carry it out, as well. I've shot a few, not sure what models, but I know that I can't handle a lot of kick back. I shot a small ruger and I hated it. I put it down after one shot because it made me so uncomfortable. Any advice?

badassbaldbastard2 karma

This is tough because every gun is so different. I have taught an all women's class and most of them loved the Glock 26 that I had. It is small and easy to shoot. Best thing to do is go to a range and talk to other shooters. They tend to be a friendly group and will probably let you shoot what they have with them. Being a girl will also help!!

citizenkane862 karma

This may be answered already but do you agree with the notion that the best gun for home defense is a shotgun rather then a handgun? I see the advantages and disadvantages of both but there's something about the sound of the shotgun when it isn't being fired that "puckers the butthole" and would cause the invader to flee which a hand gun does not have

badassbaldbastard3 karma

Yes, shotguns are really the best home defense weapon. Easy to shoot and very deadly.

BeachBum092 karma

I live in PA. It isn't exactly easy to find the rules and regulations on what you can cannot do with a CC. Obviously I know that there are specific places you cannot carry in like educational buildings/property and government buildings. But like any other law in this country there are loopholes, gotchas, and other intricacies that I am not aware of. I also have heard many different "facts" from people, even some who work in gun stores. Like you don't have to tell a police officer you have are carrying if he pulls you over. Just not sure. I'm also curious on when it is deemed legal to use deadly force. Obviously if someone is attacking you or robbing you then it is legal, but where is the line?

I plan on taking a personal cc course not only for more info but to practice. Just trying to stay informed and be a responsible gun owner and CC holder.

badassbaldbastard2 karma

I can only answer for the laws in Utah. You do not have to inform a police officer that you are carrying. You don;'t even have to carry your license with you while carrying, it is noted in your DL record.
Deadly force can be used when your are faced with what a reasonable person would call imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death. We have a stand your ground rule in Utah, but those can be tricky. Follow the Zimmerman trial in Florida to see how this type of law plays out.

Gravy-Leg__1 karma

A friend of mine took a CHL course in Texas this weekend. His favorite quote from the course was, "Every bullet comes with a lawyer attached." How much of your CFP course deals with the legal implications of carrying a concealed weapon?

badassbaldbastard3 karma

About 2.5 hours of the class is dedicated to the law and the implications.

miles19891 karma

How do you feel about areas of high population not being able to acquire a license. I live in California in one of the most deadliest areas. I have a perfect record but am not able to apply, there for only criminals have guns.

badassbaldbastard2 karma

States like California have given their citizens a false sense of security with strict gun laws. I truly believe if you are a law abiding citizen you should be able to carry.

GodOfAtheism1 karma

How big is your home collection? Just one or two or do you have a whole arsenal?

What are your thoughts on the 'kid' rifles like the Crickett?

badassbaldbastard4 karma

I have a very small collection. I struggle with really small kids having guns. It just makes me nervous because more likely than not they aren't getting any training at all.

mikeium1 karma

What's your opinion on Taurus Judge Public Defenders? or other hybrid .410/45LC pistols?

Are they worth picking up for home defense?

badassbaldbastard2 karma

I love the Taurus Judge. They now make ammo for the .410 that are these 3 discs that shoot out and are very deadly and badass. I would say that if you can get one for a decent price do it. super fun to shoot as well!!!

kittyburritto1 karma

also what is your opinion on class 3 licences? (ie. fully automatic weapons, suppressors, etc.)

badassbaldbastard5 karma

I think that if you can afford it, go for it. The "stamps" are expensive but the guns themselves are crazy expensive!

Darkwonder801 karma

Hello! Thanks for doing this AMA! Once I turn 21, I was looking at getting a handgun for recreational shooting and for self protection. I'm a male with small hands if that means anything so I was wondering what would be a good starter pistol that wouldn't cost a lot to feed. Also what is the most dependable/reliable start pistol? Thanks a lot!

badassbaldbastard3 karma

Well it used to be that 9mm was the cheapest to shoot. The problem is that you can't find ammo right now and probably won't for the next 6 months or so. Reliability wise I always steer people to the Glock or the Sig. Cost wise, don't buy right now. Prices are way too high. Glock will be cheaper than the Sig when you do go and buy one.

oceanlab471 karma

Although it probably won't ever happen, do you think that granting citizens permits to carry firearms could lessen gun violence? Specifically in urban areas such as Chicago that have the strictest gun laws yet the worst gun violence.

badassbaldbastard5 karma

I'm sure you've heard the old saying--Statistics never lie and only liars use statistics. I've seen many stats thrown around saying that since CFP have increased crime has gone down. I don't know if I believe that or not. This is what I do know; people feel safer knowing that they have the ability to defend themselves whether inside or outside of their home. That peace of mind goes a long way. Enforcing our current laws and making sentencing harsher will help with the gun violence.

WilliamSI1 karma

What do you think about the Glock C models? I have a Glock 19C and i get much better accuracy with it than with a normal 19 (duh, expected of course but it really compensates more than i thought)

badassbaldbastard2 karma

C models are cool for competition and some SWAT teams use them now. The only issue I have is that the flash comes straight up and if it is dark you will get blinded. Other than that--you can't go wrong with a Glock!!

284601 karma


I'd like to say I appreciate reading through your answers.

My girlfriend & I are moving to a neighborhood with a higher crime rate than our current neighborhood for my new job. I plan on buying either a remington 870 or a 9mm handgun, primarily for home defense. I could also hunt with the 870, we're in Illinois so a shotgun is basically the only hunting gun that is allowed.

I have prior experience of handling shotguns and rifles, but not pistols.

The thing is she feels very unsafe about having a gun in the house. She acts as if her mind is made up, but she is gradually (slowly) warming up to the idea of going together to a shooting range.

What would you recommend to help convince a significant other that having a gun in your home is not a bad thing, when it seems their mind is made up?

Our safety and well-being is my top priority.

Thank you very much.

badassbaldbastard2 karma

Take it slow and have her take a class, maybe one for women only. She may feel more comfortable asking questions if all the gun "studs" aren't there. I would also take her shooting, but go to an outside range--less noise not as scary. 870 is a great gun!

hairy_cock0 karma

Have you ever stopped a crime or had to shoot anyone with your CCW?

badassbaldbastard3 karma

No, thank God. I hope I never have to.