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Nothing much to tell, he was just a prick in general, waltzed in, demanded anything and everything via his manager, almost never spoke to anyone, kept scoffing at everything, demanded a whole section of the restaurant to be sealed off for his breakfast and acted like a prick, in general.

This is opposed to Lenny Kravitz who came back from his concert and asked if he could use the piano in the lobby to put up a mini-show for the guests and staff of the hotel and bought everyone drinks afterwards.

Rod Stewart's just an entitled snob, not pleasant to be around at all.

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Out of real curiosity, have you ever had to take an IQ test? If yes, what was the result if you don't mind saying?

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I worked alongside a bunch of chefs at a hotel once, they all said they go home and eat ramen or meat dumplings, since they've been cooking their asses off all day and they're tired of it, so they just don't give a fuck at home. Besides, the chefs most likely eat a lot of what they make at work, as well, so they're well-fed at work, so why bother cooking something spectacular at home?

Would you like to go home after work at some tedious job and do the same things you've been doing for 8 hours already?

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Thanks for answering, good luck!

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A guy passed out on his doorstep with blood, bottles and syringes all over him. The room was completely trashed, the windows were hanging from the hinges and he had thrown up everywhere.

He was completely pale and I thought he was dead at first, but nope, just a minor overdose, the paramedics got him back up on his feet.

EDIT: Also Rod Stewart, he was an absolute prick.

EDIT 2: I forgot about one case where a woman checked into her room went absolutely insane in her room, banging on the door, screaming and not letting anyone in even after we called the police. We never learned what was wrong with her, but we eventually just opened the door with our keycards, but she had barricaded the door, so the cops had to use quite a bit of force to get through the barricades and force her down. We never learned what was wrong with her, but she didn't look the type to go mental on drugs, so I'm guessing she was just mentally ill and probably forgot her meds or something.