I just circumnavigated the globe. I went from DC over into Europe, then a little bit in the Middle East, over to Nepal and then SE Asia, to Australia and then Tokyo and finished back up in America. I ate tiger meat, stole a chicks innocence, had a threesome, bought a suit, flipped tables, took too many pictures and drank enough alcohol to drown a pygmy hippo. AMA

ok, let us see if this works. Travel

BOOM! a little bit of pictures are up.

Edit: I need to head out to work real quick and fill out more paperwork. I'll probably check back in later if you guys want.

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Capt_Pwnz0r837 karma

No way you bought a suit. Crazy.

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Did you buy it in SE Asia? Alot of my Aussie buddies buy at least one custom suit everytime they go through Singapore as the prices are cheap as.

wanderingme239 karma

yea, Bespoke suits in SE asia are freakishly cheap.

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M/M/M ? Lol

wanderingme411 karma

HAHAHA, It was MFF. I have to admit that it was mostly the alcohol that got me the threesome. I doubt that I could have done it without the help of Suntory Whiskey. And to be honest, I've had better sex with a single girl than the threesome. It was amazing, don't get me wrong, just not as great as I was led to believe.

tattarrattattat63 karma

Where did you have it?

wanderingme184 karma

It was in Tokyo in a hostel. Tokyo has been good to me.

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wanderingme157 karma

mostly I use the fake name method.

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wanderingme210 karma

they were Aussies that were traveling together so they knew each other. And again...alcohol man. Plus traveling is very much like college in the fact that people are a little more amorous. I think it has to do with the fact that you aren't going to be seeing these people ever again.

extreme999228 karma

Can we get the story about stealing a chicks innocence?

wanderingme372 karma

Well, I was in Budapest and I was hanging out with a whole bunch of Peruvians, it was one of the Peruvians birthday. So we're at the bar and drinking and talking with this Hungarian who had worked as a clown for Ringling Bros, when a girl came up to the bar to get a new drink. When you're traveling it is incredibly easy to just strike up conversations with people. I pretty much was just like "hey where are you from?" So I found out that she is a bartender too and we started talking for about an hour or so. The Peruvians were leaving for another bar and they asked if I wanted to join them or if I wanted to stay and talk with this chick. So I decide to stay and 30 minutes after they leave we are still talking and she mentions the fact that she's a virgin. And this isn't the first time that a virgin has dropped this bomb on me. So I excused myself and was like "I'm incredibly tired, been traveling since 9 in the morning. So I'm gonna head back to my room."

So she offered to walk me to my room to make sure I got up there ok, and it's a testament to how intoxicated I was where I thought that this was a nice thing for her to do. We get back up to my room, we start making out and she decides to take me up to her room insead where we start playing a game I like to call just the tip. Just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels. So, morning comes, it's around 90 degrees in this room. I'm naked and sweating and I sit on the edge of the bed while she heads into the bathroom to splash some water on her face. She's in there for about 10 seconds or so and I set a landspeed record for how fast I got dressed. So she comes back in and sits on the bed and I say "I need to brush my teeth......so I'm gonna go back to my room now."

Needless to say I felt incredibly bad and I spent the rest of my time in Hungary trying to avoid her.

EuchridEucrow228 karma

You ate tiger meat? That's not cool, man. Bad on you.

wanderingme298 karma

In Nepal it is illegal to kill tigers. BUT, if it dies you can you use the meat. It wasn't that special, it didn't taste like chicken, more of a sharp beef type taste. And I washed it down with the worst rum ever made. Don't drink Khukri Rum. It's atrocious.

BarbarianKing184 karma

How long did it take? Primary means of travel?

wanderingme223 karma

Took me around 3 months or so. Mostly plane with a bit of rail and buses thrown in.

BarbarianKing79 karma

Was curious to see if you made it in under 80 days. Heard an NPR program recently about the effort to break that record. I suppose you weren't racing them though. What was the scariest thing to happen to you on this journey?

wanderingme153 karma

nothing too scary. I was in Inglewood in California, but I didn't fear for my life, everyone was actually incredibly nice. A lot of times, a hostel I'd stay in would be in a little bit of a dodgy neighborhood, but nobody really messed with me. Yea....nothing really frightening, but maybe I'm just a moron when it comes to my own personal safety. My first trip to NYC by myself I was 18 and I stayed in flatbush. I went out to the opera one day and to get there I had to walk through flatbush at around 7 at night in a three piece suit. So, a 18 year old white boy walking through the ghetto in a 3 piece suit.

rozas118 karma

What lead you to do this trip? The money was yours or you got a loan for this?

wanderingme351 karma

I'm a bartender and I worked 5 months of 60hr work weeks to be able to afford this. And I've always wanted to travel the world. I've been traveling by myself since I was 18, and a world trip was just the next logical step.

GenericJeans91 karma

Best place? Worse place? Weirdest thing you saw?

wanderingme196 karma

Best place has to be Tokyo. People say that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and Tokyo hops over it easily. I went into a shop that sold action figures and they had an entire floor devoted to wedding action figures. You could buy a dress for the bride and a tux for the groom. Worst has to be either London (was stuck there for 4 hours due to passport control) or Kathmandu. That city is just dirty. Saw a nekkid boy pooping on the side of the street. They butcher chickens, and then just have them sitting out on a table on the street where flies start collection on them. They only have about 4 hours of power a day because their electricity is hydroelectric. It's just a dirty city. And weirdest thing...possibly the floor devoted to wedding action figures. Or used panties vending machines.

LiveJournal75 karma

Head back to London and actually spend time there. Its a fantastic place to visit.

wanderingme83 karma

everytime I go to London something bad happens to me. I really just wanted to see one thing there. The glass of edenhall in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

GenericJeans39 karma

Awesome...thanks! Did you make it to either of the poles?

wanderingme84 karma

sadly no. I have my bucket list of 10 things to do before I die, and one of them is to visit 6 of the 7 continents. And it is only 6 because Antarctica is way too cold. I think I might like to head down there, but when I checked it's something like 25 grand for a flight.

herndo26 karma

I agree, I've been to most major cities around the world and Tokyo was one of my favorites. I don't speak Japanese which makes ordering food really interesting and always an adventure.

wanderingme51 karma

oh I feel like a moron because they get out a little menu with pictures on it and make you point to it.

100ananas54 karma

How much did it take you to make this trip? Do you want to do this again?

wanderingme93 karma

I was able to travel around for about 10k. If I were to do this again, which I really want to, I would try to save a little more money. If you are thinking about travel I'd say at least 12k, it would be safer to do it with 15k.

theinternetaddict54 karma

How many girls did you fuck in total on this trip?

wanderingme145 karma


Potatoe29249 karma

Visit us at /r/travel to post some of your pictures! Also, what was your favorite country to visit? Any you'd skip?

wanderingme120 karma

Japan was my favorite. Right behind that was France which shocked me as I didn't think I was going to like it that much. Paris is filled with museums and pastry shops and gorgeous women. The French military museum though isn't that great. They kind of gloss over the whole fact that they were the Rihanna to Germany's Chris Brown. I'd probably skip Australia if I had to do it again. It was a pain to get over there, incredibly expensive and that money could have gone towards other countries. $22 for cigarettes is too much. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the best country either.

Piratcykel38 karma

I've always wanted to do something like this, but never quite understood how people can afford to be away for so long.

  • How much did all this cost?
  • How did you get all the money?
  • Was there any problem getting the visas?
  • Is there something else I should know before trying something like this?

wanderingme101 karma

I already answered the first two of your questions, so I'll just focus on the next two. I'm an American citizen so I'm incredibly lucky in that regard as far as visas go. I was able to visit most countries without a visa and for the ones that I needed a visa, I was able to get it at the airport. Turkey required I think $20 for a visa. Nepal required $30 or so. The only places that really take a lot for a visa for American citizens are Russia and China. I know that China, if you head to Hong Kong there are people that help out with getting your visa and it will cost you around $200 or so.

And as far as anything else you should know, honestly, you should just head out and travel. You're always going to have excuses not to go, but if you really want to travel then you should just do it. It got to the point during my trip that I just had to keep saying "whatever happens happens." You're going to have good experiences and bad experiences. I got my boots stolen in Kuala Lumpur and I got cheated by a shop owner in Sydney, but I also had a threesome and met a lot of people and saw a lot of sights that I've always wanted to see. I know what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel now. I know how chaotic the Grand Bazaar is and how incredibly humid Thailand can get. So traveling is definitely worth it, and if you think it's something you'd like to do then just hop in with both feet and don't look back.

GrdnGekko27 karma

You said that you did it in about 3 months. Do you think that is optimal length of this kind of trip?

wanderingme61 karma

You could stretch it out a little bit. I met some people who had been traveling for 6 months or so. I burnt myself out a little bit because I had been wanting to do this since I was in 6th grade, so I would wake up at around 9am and wander a city until around 2am. When you do that constantly and don't give yourself time to rest from plane flights and the rest, you hit the wall. If I were to do it again I would take it a little slower perhaps.

papabignasty27 karma

how much did it cost? How old are you?

wanderingme43 karma

I'm 26 and it cost me around 10k.

N3rdyJam3sBond21 karma

If you had a job did you have to quit or did you know when you were leaving and when you would return?

wanderingme41 karma

I told my bosses that I was going to be on vacation for about 3-4 months. They said that my job was safe and I'd have it when I came back. Yesterday I actually had to fill out a whole rack of paperwork to come back though.

meideus17 karma

I'm going to Italy for a month this summer ( plan is travel by train no fixed ideas ) any must see places in your opinion?

wanderingme38 karma

obviously Rome is a must. Venice you can actually do it in a day or so. Be prepared to get lost. It took me about 5 hours to get from the train station to San Marco in Venice. There are no cars because every street is just tiny alleyways.

Gladiatress15 karma

Did you see mosaic art, especially the ornate ones in the ME? If so, please say where and what you thought.

wanderingme26 karma

I was in Istanbul, and they had some mosaic art in various places. The best had to be inside the Blue Mosque. You walk in and look up at the ceiling and are a little stunned. When I was inside, it was slightly dark but it still looked amazing. Then I took a picture with a flash and everything burst into color. All the reds and blues in the tiles are beautiful. If you have the chance to go inside, no matter what your religion, you should definitely do it.

samvsworld13 karma

What was in your pack and what type of camera did you take?

wanderingme28 karma

4 pairs of pants, i think 7 shirts (but i bought a bunch more at different countries) 12 pairs of socks because you can never have enough socks, Nexus 7, Nook, two pairs of shoes, hoodie, sweatshirt, jacket, ipod.

packos13013 karma

took too many pictures

Would you show us some of your pictures from the trip? Also, what was/were you method(s) of transportation?

wanderingme19 karma

Plane over to Europe, then mostly buses and high speed rail. It is incredibly easy to get around Europe via bus. From Vienna to Budapest it is I think 4 hours. Very few boats, mostly planes from Istanbul until I got back home. And I would love to if I wasn't a complete moron and didn't know how to link pictures into reddit.

packos13027 karma

didn't know how to link pictures to reddit

Put the pictures onto you computer, then upload them to www.imgur.com. You can make an album with captions. Afterwards, copy the link and go like this:

[Album!](your link here)

and it will show up like Album!, but will link to whatever link you put in the parentheses.

wanderingme20 karma

Thanks, gonna add some pictures now.

Simonzi12 karma

How much planning did you do? Did you have an itinerary to follow? Or was it just "I have some cash, I'll go somewhere and when bored, go somewhere else".

wanderingme21 karma

I actually did plan this trip more than any of my other travels. BUT, once I got there I kinda just wandered around. I was in Berlin and asked people what was a good place to see and they all said Prague so I went down to the bus station to get a bus ticket to Prague but the last train had left 30 minutes ago so instead I just headed to Vienna. I think it was more fun doing that then sticking completely to a schedule. You kind of have to have some elasticity when you travel.

BATMAN31311 karma

Did you ever get lonely? or did you make some short term friends? if so, do you still keep in contact with them?

wanderingme28 karma

yea there were a lot of times I'd be a little lonely, especially when I saw couples or large groups traveling together. The thing is though, I travel alone and I can't imagine traveling with a group. It just seems easier to travel by myself. I made a couple of friends. When you're in hostels and you're all around the same age and everyone is drinking, it's easy to make friends. As far as keeping in contact, not as much.

JappersMcJappers11 karma

Who has the best alcohol?

wanderingme30 karma

The Scottish and Irish. Really, you just have to look for the cultures that have the stereotype of getting really drunk. I had plum wine and Sochi in Japan.

TheLonelySwede11 karma

What was the best/worst food you tasted ?

wanderingme33 karma

I was in Munich and they have this place that sells all sorts of bratwurst. I absolutely love bratwurst so this was heaven to me. They had fried bratwurst, curry wurst, spicy bratwurst, bratwurst patties. It was amazing. The worst has to be the chicken sandwich I had in Katmandu. You have to understand that you can walk down the street and see a chicken that has been butchered and is just sitting out gathering fries. I was in Pokhara and had to come back to Kathmandu to catch a flight to Thailand and I ordered a chicken sandwich at Hostel I was staying in. They had 3 stale french fries and this Chicken Patty that.....no chicken should be that color of brown. The only time during my trip that I got a little worried.

sbrelvi9 karma

Who was the coolest person you met? Besides those two girls from the threesome lol.

wanderingme25 karma

I met this guy who was, I think 20, in Singapore. It was the day before I was leaving and I was already hanging out with this British guy. So this 20 year old came over and we're talking and I find out that he's got his pilots license and he's in Singapore so that he can fly a jet for a private company. I thought it was amazing that the man is 20 and he already knows what he wants to do with his life, and more importantly, is actually doing it. I know people twice his age that are just going through the motions of life.

Et3979 karma

What was the most interesting thing you saw?

wanderingme18 karma

When I was in Tokyo I would just wander into stores because I can't read Kanji so I wouldn't know what they were selling. I went into one store that was selling action figures and I headed up a couple of floors and they had an entire floor devoted to wedding action figures. I remember walking through it and thinking "someone who is a doctoral candidate in sociology needs to write a thesis paper on the wedding action figure market of japan." Also, Singapore had a water show in the marina where they transposed videos and images on water spray. It was pretty interesting.

jamessargeant3 karma

What was the sketchiest experience throughout the whole trip? (I.e. almost being robbed, misleading directions ending up in the wrong side of town. That sort of thing)

wanderingme3 karma

well, wasn't robbed but I did get my shoes stolen outside of a hostel in Kuala Lumpur, lost my journels when I was in Hong Kong. Actually, Kowloon in Hong Kong would probably be sketchy-ish. I was staying in this place called the Chung King Mansion and it was crazy. The entire bottom two floors were just restaurants and people selling phones and pornography and books and they had probably 10 elevators. The problem with the elevators is that they only go to certain parts of the building. The building is divided up A-F, and each area has two elevators that go to every other floor. So you pretty much take the stairs if you're trying to get up or down a couple of floors. The problem with the stairs are that they are horrifically nasty. I saw dried semen, trash everywhere, and a really dark red liquid splashed on the wall that I like to this was just some kind of taco sauce or something. That was probably the sketchiest.

flippoint3 karma

Can't believe no one's asked this yet... where and howd the threesome go down?

wanderingme5 karma

to be honest, the threesome wasn't the best. I was in Tokyo and there weren't a whole lot of people at the hostel we were staying in. We were all just talking and drinking and, alcohol really helped me out. It was great because it was a threesome and everything, but being the man I was put under a lot of pressure. Have you ever tried to rub your belly and pat your head at the same time? That's what it feels like being a man during a MFF threesome. I felt like I was ignoring one girl while banging the other. I've had better sex with one girl than I did with the other two. But, it was still great because I can brag about it for the rest of my life.

MeowMo152 karma

is that Pattaya? How'd you like that ? :)

wanderingme3 karma

oh holy hell Pattaya was crazy. I was trying to head up to Chang Rai and Chang Mai in northern Thailand but this guy was like "yea it's a waste of time unless you spend an entire week up there." So I was trying to find somewhere else to go and someone mentioned Pattaya and said that it cost around $3 to get down there. I didn't know what it was until I saw all the 60 year old dudes in speedos walking around with 20 year old Thai's.

Karma-Crusader2 karma

Did you sail? If so, would you do it again? I've been thinking about sailing around the globe for a while now, but don't know how it would go.

wanderingme2 karma

no sadly, I've always wanted to sail but I am absolutely terrified of sharks to the point where I won't even go into a swimming pool alone. I was one a couple of boats during my trip, but nothing that I had to pilot myself. While I was in Australia and Hong Kong I saw these massive cruise ships that were doing a sail around the globe type of thing but I don't know if I would go on one. You can always hop on a freighter to sail around, but it is way more expensive then a plane ticket. You're looking at spending around $100 a day and you'll be on the water for maybe twenty days if you were going from San Fran to Tokyo.

ifmanisfive29 karma

OP, I've got some news that's going to flip your brains; sharks are not native to swimming pools. Swear.

wanderingme14 karma

HAHA. It only takes one.

Karma-Crusader6 karma

Aww. Then may I ask how expensive it was for you to do this? As in $/day or so?

wanderingme8 karma

I tried to budget around $50 a day. Some places were a lot cheaper (Nepal) some were a lot more expensive (Australia) But mostly it was $50 a day and then travel expense. That is the most expensive part because it was a lot of planes.