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This is the first time in the history of humans, the earth and the universe that that sentence has been typed. Assuming you proof-read it aloud, it's also the first time it's ever been said.

Congratulations. You may take the rest of the day off.

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How careful do you need to be? Is there an overarching feeling that you could screw something up and doom yourself or the ISS? Can you describe any of the aspects of your journey?...lift off?...the speed?..being in space?...climbing aboard the ISS for the first time?...you first view of space or earth?...blazing through the stratosphere on your way home?...etc?

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Best place? Worse place? Weirdest thing you saw?

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Clearly you have a much different perspective of death than most of us...so what are some things you can share that might make death a bit less awful for those of us either about to experience it, or have to deal with this in our life?

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Good for you. Not the noblest of jobs, but if you are a good manager, you probably have made a significant positive contribution to countless peoples' work history.

Worked at a McDs all through high school (back in the McDLT day), and it really taught me a lot about having a job, responsibility, and a lot of other stuff.