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Did you buy it in SE Asia? Alot of my Aussie buddies buy at least one custom suit everytime they go through Singapore as the prices are cheap as.

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Head back to London and actually spend time there. Its a fantastic place to visit.

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Currywurst is one of God's greatest inventions

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Martial Law was my families favorite show to watch in primetime during my teenage years. The comedic chemistry between you and Sammo was great. Any chance of it ever being released on DVD?

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"That said, I went out to the dirtiest, most local bars I could find, had wonderful times and never had any serious problems."

Really that statement alone makes me feel that you deserve my respect as a traveler (let alone a insane trip around the continent). Taking risks and going to non-touristed spots are where all of your great traveling stories will come from. Nothing really exciting occurs at a hotel bar