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You ate tiger meat? That's not cool, man. Bad on you.

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Whatever happened to Frankie Bastille? Also, Boomer lives!

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Thanks for doing this, Graham! Along with Pete Townshend and Rowland S. Howard, you’re one of my biggest guitar heroes. I’ve played along to “Chemical World” and “This is a Low” more times than I can count.

I have two questions:

First, you were quoted in the mid-90s saying that you thought “Young and Lovely” was the best guitar work you had ever done with Blur. Do you still feel that way, or does something on Blur or 13 stand out more to you now?

Second, Blur recently started playing “Caravan” live, a song from Think Thank, which you weren’t involved in the recording of (except for “Battery in Your Leg”). What are the band politics of resurrecting something like that? Do you come up with a guitar part that fits the song and then approach Damon?

I loved The Magic Whip and I really hope you and Damon do more work together in the future.

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Let's be honest, finding a job at a newspaper in 2013 is nothing short of a miracle.

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That's great, Graham!