I am Jon Schnepp, Director of "Metalocalypse", "The ABCs of Death", "The Venture Bros.", "Upright Citizens Brigade", and most currently,"The Death of Superman Lives:What Happened?" Documentary, of which I'm raising money on kickstarter right now. Here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1270411036/the-death-of-superman-lives-what-happened . Ask me anything!!!!

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proJARsniper36 karma

A big fan of metalocalypse!! My question is, who has been your favorite person to work with? Not necessarily an actor or actress, just your favorite person to work with in the industry?

jonschnepp23 karma

Honestly, my favorite person to work with has been Tommy Blacha. I've know him for since I was a kid in college, we've been roommates, worked on different show, and he always makes me laugh, and he's a great person, surrounded by sharp witted hatred and contagious laughter!

proJARsniper5 karma

Doesn't he write for Conan?

jonschnepp17 karma

He did in the 90's. That guy has an incredible career, Conan, the WWF, then Andy Richter tv series, then Zach Galafanakis late night, then Orlando Jones sketch show, then Metalocalypse. What a jerk!

kylewinsbig3 karma

will there be a chance of him writing in any upcoming seasons of Metalocalypse?

jonschnepp12 karma

He officially creatively left the show as of season 3, but came in to supply the voices of Murderface, Toki, and Rockzo..ie, everyone's favorite characters. He did the same for season 4, so who knows? Probably.

Titmouse124 karma

Hey! I thought I was your favorite! -Chris P

jonschnepp6 karma

You are, BigfootMountainMan!

AsskickMcGee16 karma

Are you mad for that this thread ams totally dildos?

jonschnepp3 karma

Ams glad is not totally sausage fest.

Andme_Zoidberg16 karma

No questions. Just wanted to say my friends and I are all big fans of Metalocalypse. Keep up the great work.

jonschnepp24 karma

Thanks, I'll always have the the fact that I created the band Dethklok, and made the first 2 seasons what they were. I am always happy to see a Murderface t-shirt, no matter that I make not even 1 cent off any sales, it's awesome that these characters live on. Metalocalypse is one of the coolest things I've brought to our media world, so truly, thank you, to all the Metalocalypse fans.

jonschnepp15 karma

I'm here, slow like a space near pawing at plastic vortex.


SupermanV23 karma

Hey Jon!

That superman lives documentary looks fantastic! Now that you've exceeded your goal amount, when do you think you'll get started on the movie?

jonschnepp7 karma

I begin writing the script out next week, after the kickstarter ends, then I begin actual pre-production in April, storyboarding the scenes, recording Voiceover, scheduling all the interviews, doing a paper-cut of the documentary. So very excited!

jonschnepp3 karma

Say supermanV2, when does this AMA end?

Gaaaaaary11 karma


jonschnepp19 karma

Star Wars inspired Metal? Sounds AWESOME!

"Dagobah! Dirt in my nose! Thumbnail chipped off, worms in my toes!!!"

my Tauntaun ate your Tauntaun!!!

jonschnepp16 karma

LOBOT, Destroyer of Clouds!!!!

Hurry up and write it!!

Do it now!!!

Gaaaaaary7 karma


jonschnepp9 karma

YES!!! and the Space Asteroid worm puppet!!!

Gaaaaaary5 karma


jonschnepp6 karma


iq_324 karma

i just want to let you know that out of the many many band logos i've seen, this is honestly up with the best

OblitusSumMori2 karma


jonschnepp2 karma

It is a fantastic logo!!!

baginajuice11 karma

What is your favorite song by dethklok?

jonschnepp21 karma

Thunderhorse. I think the first album is the best, then a few songs off the 2nd album, like Bloodlines and The Gears. Then it starts to repeat itself by mimicing its own chord and reprises, and trying to sound like other bands. What do I know, I'm not a musicuculianian.

baginajuice5 karma

I like murmaider and the fan song. How is it working with them?

jonschnepp9 karma

Aghh, forgot "Murmaider", that is also one of my favorites. That is also one of my favorite music videos I directed. I just did all the storyboards in rough drawings, rough color, and made it. Very satisfying to be left alone to create. I did the same with coming up with the concepts and directing and editing "The Gears" "Bloodlines" "Thunderhorse" and about 20 more. I'ver done basically 90% of every Dethklok music video you've seen in the live concert show since 2007.

handbanaynay2 karma

but you are on mescaline.

jonschnepp2 karma

You are on drenxodrimp.

cobaltcollapse8 karma

Have you gotten famous metal musicians wanting to do cameos on Metalocalypse?

jonschnepp10 karma

Yes, lots of them. They are all great. I'm personally done working on the show, but last season seemed to shift over to more "stars" the "rockstars", so there may be a mix in whatever future episodes or 45 minute rock operas end up happening.

cobaltcollapse9 karma

Was Devin Townsend one of them?

jonschnepp11 karma

Devin "Mr.Pickles" Townsend actually did do a voice in the 2nd season, and he was really good.

jonschnepp8 karma

All right, well thank you all for the varied and exciting questions, many of them made me really have to formulate a semi real answer and do some actual brain work!!! This was really fun, and I'll do it again in a few months when i have some more releases and projects to talk about and share with you.

Jon Schnepp

immiD8 karma

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing series of Metalocalypse, it's a shows with unique sense of humor, and it's absolutely fantastic! What inspired you, and what did you envision when you made the characters features? Just wanted to let you know that there are a group of people in Norway that now uses "food library" instead of grocery store. Thank you again!

jonschnepp8 karma

Haha, thats great!!! I was inspired by my love of drawing normal, even ugly people. Tommy had sent me a bunch of photos of death metal bands for reference, but I knew what I wanted to create. Five characters, each one recognizable from just their shadowy outline, also distinct in their appearance from each other, from hair color to clothes, but close enough so you'd believe they were a band. All of them I literally drew in the about 30 minutes, and the faces stayed exactly the same from my pencil drawings to all 4 seasons. I'm proud of their now adopted universal design.

immiD4 karma

You have every reason to be proud! They are brilliant. I consider Toki and Skwisgaar distant family members. Can't wait for the next season!

jonschnepp4 karma

Right on, thank you so much!!!

jonschnepp7 karma

Well, crimpees, i don't know how long these AMA's usually last, i did one for three hours a few weeks ago for ABCs of death, but I'm going to wrap it up in 15.

jonschnepp7 karma

Fiber Clowns absorb the red nutrients under their flappy feet, as the granite woodpecker cluck under the coiled cloud snakes. Clowns have heavy gas, as explosions come bubbling up to the people inside the Metal Moon.

[deleted]2 karma

I love your (seemingly, probably not actually) random comments.

jonschnepp2 karma

Orbit the real sand bug, as reaming metal folds pour down the jagged throat of altered reality, blinking like a sour baby filled with expanding dust.

MaxwellRSwart7 karma

Hey! a big thank you!

Also excited for Grimm Fairy tales. which is still happening right?


jonschnepp8 karma

"Grimm Fairy Tales Animated" is done!! We are going to be shipping it out in the next few months to the kickstarter backers, and it will be available to the public to PPV, VOD, or itunes it as well. I'm very proud of it, literally the first adult animation since "HeavyMetal(1980). I hope the public response wakes up the producers who are afraid no one wants anything animated unless its a comedy.

MaxwellRSwart5 karma

I'll be spreading the word, expectations high!

jonschnepp6 karma

Right on, I'm putting the first 4 minutes up for the public tonight!!!! Watch it!!!!

I_am_Spoon6 karma

For the love of everything, can you PLEASE get us a link!!!

kylewinsbig6 karma

Hi Jon, I am a big Metalocalypse fan. I am completely oblivious as to how episodes are made. Can you walk me through what goes into an episode of Metalocalypse, and what your role as director entails?

jonschnepp13 karma

Episodes are written, then broken down into: A) voice recording then edited into a radio play B) storyboarded then cut into radio play to become Animatic C) All elements (Backgrounds, Characters, Props, Vehicles) are then assigned to various artists once the animatic is locked D) All that work begins, and is checked on by all the creatives E) Animation dailies in flash are done, Music & SFX are added to edit F) Everything is combined in compositing in after effects G) Show is Audio mixed and sent off. H) Tiny children begin rolling around in radioactive dirt I) Each Episode takes about 18 weeks, and the following is begun 2 weeks afterwards, creating an insane grid of hellraiser type scheduling J) Pinhead appears and starts crying about the loose gravy! K) Bigfoot peels of his first layer of skin to reveal that he is indeed a grasshopper.

kylewinsbig2 karma

hahhahahahaha. thank you, i feel enlightened. i got worried you were going to run out of alphabet and was wondering what you were gunna do.

also, i dont want to brag or anything but i have a few talents of my own. I can totally make my voice sound like a trumpet.

jonschnepp5 karma

I've heard that certain girls can make their throats bend backwards.

pegasEYE-nEYEn6 karma

Dude, Metalocalypse is amazing and so are you. Dethklok was the band that bridged the gap between hard rock and metal in my life. Thank you.

jonschnepp6 karma

You are welcome. Happy to be the bridge builder.

asdlkjas6 karma

Who is your favourite character on Metalocalypse?

Who is your favourite character on Venture Bros?

jonschnepp16 karma


The Monarch!!!

Quinnett11 karma

NO ONE likes William Murderface.

mrjaksauce6 karma


Scaryfedoraman4 karma


jonschnepp2 karma


exceptionalmind5 karma

When can we expect the metaloperalypse?

jonschnepp7 karma

The Memplpopalips is over for me, i've moved on to do what I want, direct feature films, work on live action tv shows with actors and actresses, and make my own cartoons that I writtuete myslegf and maybeee diremptt. the megoctopuss will always be aoriung, and I'll always be a part of it forever. Meevnntaodpaslyse. Meglsoosclsye. Medbfghtopflopais.

handbanaynay2 karma

i love you.

jonschnepp2 karma


charrcoalie5 karma


jonschnepp8 karma

Don't give up. Interns are wanted by everyone, that's why the slots fill up so quickly. Being an intern is so incredibly important, it could make or break your future career. Everyone wants people around them that they can trust and rely on. Become that person, and you will move up, out of interning and into the career that you are working for. Become the brace of the people who need it, and they will take you with them as they move up and into their own careers.

FDPD374 karma

Im just here to thank you bro. I love metalocalypse

jonschnepp4 karma

Right on, you are very welcome!!! Metalocalypse helped make my career!!!

RustyEight4 karma

First off, thank you for directing one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Having played in several metal bands, watching the show is like looking in the mirror at times... and it fucking hurts.

So my question relates to that. Are there any parts of Metalocalypse that stand out to you as particularly relatable? Extra points for juicy stories.

jonschnepp3 karma

Hmmm...getting fat and having clothes not fit so right anymore...truly not wanting to be around the people you are stuck working with...Nope, don't get what you're saying?

Mirrors are truly meant to be broken. Extra points if you do it with your fist.

dazedconfuseddude4 karma

What's the best story from your time directing Upright Citizens Brigade?

What's your part of ABC's of Death about?

jonschnepp4 karma


1) I loved spraying Andy Richter and his Wife, Sarah, in the face with blood, and then holding the hose and washing them off. Also, making the opening title sequence, where I ran around New York with the UCB, in the middle of Manhattan, repelling off buildings, and booting cop cars!

B) My segment "W is for WTF", is really about the meltdown of the minds of mass media, where all ideas have been melded, and fear is universal.

Balbylone3 karma

Is Brenden Small as cool as I think he is?

jonschnepp2 karma

Hahahahhaa, man, you really got me. Hilarious question.

Balbylone2 karma

I don't see the answer to my question.

jonschnepp2 karma

Totally answered it.

JohannesEngels3 karma

What inspired the accents of skwisgaar and toki

jonschnepp3 karma

Tommy and Brendon pretending to be swedish.

trollsagan3 karma

Do you listen to any metal yourself? If so, what are some bands you like?

jonschnepp6 karma

Slyboxx, Filth Wagon, TimeScorge, Trillobite, the Council of Cocks, Five Easy Sauces, BeatBabyBeat, Scramble Kids, HealthyTeamDickFace, The Maggles, Swindle Party, Pounce, Lockit, GutterCheats

Houselurver113 karma

Holy Crap, my little brother and I are huge Metalocalypse fans! I've watched the show from the beginning and have always enjoyed the humor. Thanks so much for making such an awesome show!

Anyways, quick question, I was just wondering if Metalocalypse will continue with new season and if so for how much longer? Thank you for your time! :) Oh! oh! One last thing, is like to say that I'm honored to be able to (internet tell you) my thanks! :3

jonschnepp2 karma

There is a 5th season, but I won't be working on it. I believe it's a special 45 minute musical one off. My best guess is that it will be like Bohemian Rhapsody, due to BS Queen fetishism. I don't know. I'll watch it with you guys.

Houselurver112 karma

Oh noooo! Well, at least I have the past seasons to watch, I'm sad that you won't be working on the next one. :( And well, that is somewhat strange, yeah? I'll still watch it, of course, because its still Metalocalypse! And Hell yeah buddy! :D I'll drop you some Reddit mail on what I think about it! :D Oh and thanks for taking the time to respond when you totally didn't have to! You're pretty awesome!

jonschnepp2 karma

There might very well be 3 more full seasons after the musical.

designerdad3 karma

not a expession but I laughed everytime my grandma called the couch the davenport.

jonschnepp2 karma

Is she a G-MILF?

designerdad2 karma

She's dead?

jonschnepp2 karma


Frajer3 karma

I see you also edited Space Ghost, anything interesting wind up on the cutting room floor?

jonschnepp8 karma

My favorite bit is the one I edited together of Mike Judge, talking to himself back and forth as Beavis, then Butthead, then Beavis.

There is also a ton of extra Moby getting his head scrapped by a possessed Space Ghost. I love making incredibly extra long scenes if possible.

hollaback_girl2 karma

Fire Ant is a work of genius. Did you work on that? If so, did the producers lobby for a half hour episode specifically so they could do that episode? Or was it happenstance that the first half hour SGCTC episode purposely wasted its extra ~10 minute run time?

jonschnepp3 karma

No, i did not work on that one, i believe it was a Cahill episode. They did not have to lobby back then, they just made it.

jonschnepp3 karma

Latex Space folding in on itself, baby tiger claws spread out across the galaxy, infinite growls are heard by even the plants and flowers that have not grown up yet, from deep underneath.

notrobpierce2 karma

Is there a sequel to this? What happened to the plants? The flowers? What about the Gaax who tends them?

jonschnepp6 karma

The fiber trolls were all liquified in the "AJAX WARS", so only the colorful Biscuit People remain to tend the Latex Space.

mutilato3 karma

I just wanted to say that i am looking forward to 'The Death of Superman Lives:What Happened" in a big way. What made you want to do this film?

jonschnepp5 karma

This Superman Lives movie has been an interest of mine for many years, but I never thought about actually making a documentary about it until recently. I had just finished a very successful kickstarter a few months beforehand, raising 188,000 for me to write, produce and direct an animated adaptation of the Grimm Fairy Tales based on comics published by Zenescope Ent.

I had finished making this animated film in November 2012, and I was at a dinner party with friends, and was talking about my collection of Superman Lives images and information, and one person said I should make a documentary, and then another person suggested Kickstarter. It steamed in my brain for a few weeks, as I had another project I was completely ready to roll out on Kickstarter, and this documentary would not leave me alone! So I decided to do this first, and then do my other project, also on Kickstarter, afterwards.

jonschnepp2 karma

I totally just grabbed this from a Q&A answer I just did, but man, its a pain to keep resaying it , and it is my writing so #$$#@%

jonschnepp2 karma

But seriously, thanks to everyone who pledged, donated, and spread the word, we are funded, I'm going to be making my first feature length documentary film, and I owe all to the public!!!! The way it should be!!!!

Kamarandi3 karma

When can we expect more UCB videos on Netflix?

jonschnepp5 karma

Right!!! What's up with that third season!!!! I say we build a metal moon next our regular moon and the live inside of it!!!!!!

Oakenhorse3 karma

Is there really going to be a Metalocalypse movies? I remember reading Smalls saying that season 4 was the last season, but their will be a movie. If this was already answered I'm sorry, when I saw it was you I got super excited.

jonschnepp5 karma

Bremblimp Sshalls has said that he is making a rock opera to end the series. If I had to guess, its probably going to be a 45 minute bohemian rhapsody singalong with a lot of guitar solos. and someone dies but comes back as a ghost, and there might be a bunch of stuff happening that seems important. Just a guess, I'm not working on it.

Oakenhorse2 karma

A rock opera with dethklok would be epic!

One more question! I know I'm a greedy Son of a bitch

What was the correlation between CFO and Salacia at the end of season 3?

Thank you so much for doing this!!!!

jonschnepp3 karma

I made that entire ending up, its up to Brendon to make it make sense.

McClave3 karma

if you're sleeping, and you have a dream (but it actually happened and every detail was exact) is it still considered a dream or would it be a memory?

jonschnepp4 karma

That is directly related to whether we are living inside someone else's covered universe. If we are all a self sufficient program, then does it really matter? Enjoy the dream, make the nightmares your friends, escape into the real word.

Rob_Saget3 karma

First and foremost, thank you for doing this AMA! Huge fan of your work!

  • What has been the best part of working with Brendon Small?
  • What is the process like to create an episode of Metalocalypse?
  • How hard is it to make it in the entertainment industry?
  • Not a question, but I can't wait to watch "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?!"
  • Also, we're having the man behind Murderface, Bryan Beller come on our podcast soon! Could you spare an hour to come on my podcast? It'd be great to have someone who directs the show come on and nerd out!

Thanks again!

jonschnepp3 karma

I will answer each and everyone of your bullet points, and if i forget one, it is totally intentional.

*Episodes are written, then broken down into: A) voice recording then edited into a radio play B) storyboarded then cut into radio play to become Animatic C) All elements (Backgrounds, Characters, Props, Vehicles) are then assigned to various artists once the animatic is locked D) All that work begins, and is checked on by all the creatives E) Animation dailies in flash are done, Music & SFX are added to edit F) Everything is combined in compositing in after effects G) Show is Audio mixed and sent off. H) Tiny children begin rolling around in radioactive dirt I) Each Episode takes about 18 weeks, and the following is begun 2 weeks afterwards, creating an insane grid of hellraiser type scheduling J) Pinhead appears and starts crying about the loose gravy! K) Bigfoot peels of his first layer of skin to reveal that he is indeed a grasshopper.

*It is very hard to make it in the business, and it takes a long time to find the right people who are cool to work with. Its a challenge but worth it!!

*Awesome, I'm excited to make "The Death of SupermanLives: What Happened?"!!!!

*of course, just tell me your podcast, email me at [email protected] and let's do it.

The_R4ke3 karma

How did you go about getting Malcolm McDowell to play Vater Orlagg? I think you have one of the most underrated voice acting casts on TV, people are always surprised when I mention that both Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell do voices for your show.

jonschnepp6 karma

The truth is Brendon wanted Michael York, but he was too expensive, then Malcolm's name came up, I totally demanded they hire him (Small didn't even know what "Clockwork Orange" was), and they totally had to listen to me. I'll take all the credit for that one, Gus. Seriously, McDowell is another one of those mega talents that you just hand them the script, they give you a few different takes on the character line intonations, and they are out!!! Honestly, you are not directing them, don't ever listen to anyone else who tries to tell you different. You simply gently steer them in one way or the other, and it's done in ten minutes. Professionals, son!

Mark Hamill, the first episode where we recorded him back in 2006, i could not think of anything other than" you are talking to Luke Skywalker, don't screw it up!" and "Don't mention Star wars, you giant nerd!!". Eventually, Mark became our friend, and he would openly talk about various Jedi and Joker stories. Really great guy.

k6richar3 karma

When are we going to see a new season of The Venture Bros?

jonschnepp5 karma

May 2019, or this coming May.

EatSleepRAGE3 karma

Fuck man, I love your show but nobody gets my Doctor Roxo voice.. Is this brutal enough, or do I just need new friends??

jonschnepp5 karma

Brutale with Cheese.

EatSleepRAGE3 karma

Thanks for the reply! Will definitely be looking for new friends

jonschnepp2 karma

Throw Bleu cheese at your old dumb stupid lame friends.

cuddlebadger2 karma

Do you feel that Dr. Rockzo's character arc has been fully resolved? Will we be seeing him again in the future?

jonschnepp6 karma

Everyone loves a clown that does cocaine. Will that ever go away. NEVER!

Dellane2 karma

Just watched "The ABC's Of Death" With my girlfriend the other day, Effing loved that movie ! Your scene "WTF" was one of my favorites ! did you just come up with it on the fly or did you plan on trying to make something specifically different ?

& whats your favorite letter from the movie ?

Aswell deathklok and aqua teen are probably my 2 favorite shows, you should be proud to know you have really influenced my sense of humor as well of brought me many hours of laughter.

Thanks mate :)

jonschnepp2 karma

I wrote two other treatments, but this third one seemed the most fun, and the producer really responded to it, so i then just went off!!! Thank you, it was lots of fun to make!!!

My favorite is X is for XXL, since I'm a fatty and I have thought about just carving my fat rolls off instead of exercising. I also though D, L, U, Q, Y and Z were really great!!!

Very glad to have helped warp and jello-mold your growing brain-sponge!!!!

jonschnepp2 karma

Don't forget to rent "The ABC's of Death" on VOD, Itunes, xbox, or try to see it in the theater, it opens today in a few cinemas!!! I'm very proud to be part of such an amazingly daring and experimental horror film!!!

stdnsm112 karma

Hi Jon, after this many years in show business what is some advice you would give to young folks trying to break their way in? If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be? Last but not least, what would you say your biggest regret (in relation to your work) and accomplishment is? Thanks for doing an AMA.

jonschnepp2 karma

This week on 57 questions wrapped inside a bagel grenade made of ant dust...this will take a few...

jonschnepp2 karma

A) Work with cool people, they will grow up to be older cool people. Self absorbed young idiots who think they know everything just become older more intolerable really big idiots. There's nothing worse than having a boss who is dumber than you, but you have to listen to them.

jonschnepp3 karma

TaterTots...taters...insidejoke...grilled cheese sandwiches prepared by Norman Bates...MOTHER!!!!......shes a ccccccchhhhhooooooooorrreee, norman!!!!!

jonschnepp5 karma

Ahhhhhhhh....regrets...I have a few... But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption

I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this I did it my way

IndianaLetItGo2 karma

I know there are a handful of pictures of concept art, two costume test photos of Nick Cage, and a video of the light-up costume out there. Were you able to acquire and put in the film any unseen material from the costume tests, concept art, etc? And if so, how did you go about acquiring them?

jonschnepp2 karma

I'll be finding out next month.

RJStephenson2 karma

Glad that The Death of Superman Lives got funded. First Kickstarter I've ever donated to, and am greatly looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I know that Kevin Smith is down for it, and I know that Tim Burton has shown some interest. Have you heard any reaction from Nicolas Cage? Also any other big names you may have lined up?

jonschnepp4 karma

I was just focused on making the kickstarter funding a reality, before I started asking major talent if they wanted to get involved in something that wasn't even real yet. I understand all the questions about getting people to say they will be in it, but I got the few people that I wanted to confirm, and then let the rest run its course until it was actually real. Any of you who want to help me, please go to this link and chuck in $40 bucks for the BluRay now, its in its last two days of fund raising:


EdTheThird2 karma

What are your top five non-metal, non-fictional bands?

jonschnepp6 karma


hollaback_girl2 karma

I like to let Howard Shore's David Cronenberg's film scores help me drift off to sleep at night.

jonschnepp3 karma

I aboslutely LOVE them!!! You must get Existenz and Videodrome, they are the best!

sabeth702 karma

hows brendon small?

jonschnepp2 karma

He's doing great, learning to sleep with Llamas currently. He really enjoys learning.

jonschnepp2 karma

I'll be back again this friday, March 22 around 2pm to check in and answer some more questions. thanks!!

cuddlebadger2 karma

Who was your favourite guest voice? Do you typically just get them to voice or do you hang out and jam as well - I would love to watch a show where two amazing musicians just jam with each other, Rock Fujiyama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6-SMMEU4xE) style. And will you ever get Goatwhore to guest-voice anyone?

jonschnepp3 karma

My favorite Non Metal Guest Voiceover was Werner Herzog, my favorite Metal Voiceover is Michael Amott. I got to hang out with Werner and talk about Troll names, and then discussed Tarkofsky and the "idea" of narrative for about an hour. I got to hang with Amott and see him flay guitars in "Arch Enemy". I also liked ICS Vortex from Dimmu Borgir, he had a great squeeky voice, and of course comic book nerd George Corpsegrinder is always fun to talk to.

PepperBun282 karma

Have you contemplated using the new holographic technology utilized to "bring back tupac" for a Deathklok show? my roomates and I discussed how it could revolutionize "fictional" bands such as DeathKlok, and Gorillaz.

jonschnepp2 karma

Dethklok on Ice!!! SEE: a skating clown doing cocaine ON ICE!!! SEE: a group of old councilmen yammering about nothing ON ICE!!! SEE: a blood sacrifice ON ICE!!!

j1zzfist2 karma

Hi Jon! I loved how in the most recent season of Metalocalpyse a lot of long-running questions were answered, and there were allusions to others. It was so satisfying; sort of like the opposite of how I felt regarding the end of LOST, which wrapped up character stories but did nothing with the universe's mysteries. Thanks for helping make some great shows!

jonschnepp2 karma

My pleasure to help!!

jmchale342 karma

Congrats on raising the funds for the Death of Superman. Thought it might not hit the $98k needed but thankfully there was a big push in the last week. Can't wait to see it.

jonschnepp2 karma

Thank you, most of the time, when its not a videogame, there is a big push at the end, and this one is no different. Very happy to get started on this documentary in the next few weeks.

NinjaDiscoJesus2 karma

I wrote a horror script (fairly low budget) and would love to see it made - is it almost impossible to get done?

jonschnepp4 karma

No, make it yourself!!! Seriously, whatever you mean by low-budget (25 thousand?), just cut that part out, and cast your actor friends to be in it. You should direct it! or at the very least get a trusted friend who wants to direct it, then you get to simple WATCH THEM MAKE IT!!! The true art of the successful writer! If its sucks, blame the director, if its a success, take the credit! Seriously though, try to make it yourself, or get a pal to make it with you.

NinjaDiscoJesus3 karma

Thanks mate! I have no choice now!

jonschnepp3 karma


JasonSereno2 karma

Jon, was working with Jason Sereno at the Anaheim Comic Con the greatest professional moment of your career?

jonschnepp8 karma

That guy is some kind of olympian fig-creature, pulsating with cosmic juice, a sapphotic drench chuggernaut of flavor biscuits, a jumping tictactoe of multiple squares of regressed chimp sauce, a forceful hammer-smack in the ass of all squatters who beg to be different!!!

The_ABCs_Of_Death2 karma

Jon,what can we expect from your Q & A tonight at cinefamily after your segment in ABCs?

jonschnepp4 karma

Expect a lot of loud screaming, soft whisper jokes, comments an upgrades to first class for people in the back rows, keeping Marcel on his toes, making wind sounds on the mic.

The_ABCs_Of_Death1 karma

I think you should make soft wind sounds in marcel's ears

jonschnepp5 karma

He'd like that, turn red, giggle like a little girl, and then explode into a bunch of dogs that would start punching me.

hankmurphy2 karma

Damn, I'm bummed I missed this. Upright Citizens Brigade is my all-time favorite show. Just in case you pop back in...

During the filming of the Pro Thunderball episode, did the crew play a full game? Was anybody seriously injured during that episode?

How much super-cool was consumed during the three seasons that UCB was on the air?

jonschnepp2 karma

UCB was a great series, and I was lucky enough to be there at the ground floor. I lived in Chicago for 12 years and new many comedians. Matt Besser acted in a pilot scifi comedy show I made with Del Close in 1993, and when he sold his UCB show to HBO, I did some set design work for him, and then when they resold it to Comedy Central, I designed their "UCB outfits", and then flew to NY and co-directed the pilot episode. I moved to Hollywood CA, and then did the animated bits "TicTics" and "Throwing Star Squad" for the first and second season.

notrobpierce1 karma

Hi, I'm here for the gan... oh. So, what's your take on Superheroes or Supervillains dying permanently? I guess Superman has definitely died at the hands of Doomsday, and potentially to a room of golden Kryptonite, but the character persists. I love the idea of creating an awesome character and then killing it in grand fashion. Wasshu think man?

jonschnepp3 karma

Does anything really die permanently, except us. A fictional character could die, then you really do die, then that fictional character is brought back like nothing ever happened for a whole new group of blinking sparkly ones. Nothing ever dies but us.

notrobpierce1 karma

My body is slowly being replaced with 500 million year half-life isotopical metallexcrose, my brain will be downloaded onto the new Kurzweil Z-brain metacloud, and I will continue to live. I will never die.

jonschnepp3 karma

Kurzweil better get on it!!! He's got to get serious!!!!

notrobpierce2 karma

He's one of the greats! I hope to collaborate with him one day. If he did a kickstarter, I'd support it!

jonschnepp2 karma

He is so rich, he really doesn't need a kickstarter. We will be lucky to even know when he finally does becomes a truly digital creature.

hollaback_girl1 karma

So...what happened to Superman Lives?

But seriously, I wish I could make it to your Cinefamily event tonight. It's a great venue with a great audience.

What was working on UCB like? Was it fun and fancy free? Or was it corporate controlled synergy branding opportunity? What were the UCBers like back then?

jonschnepp1 karma

Cinefamily is one of the highlights of living in Hollywood, CA. I went and saw "Upstream Color" last week, with a Q&A with writer director Shane Curruth moderated by Looper director Rian Johnson. I'm proud that my first feature film release (with 25 other directors) is debuting at my own arts cinema.

notrobpierce1 karma

Who wins in a fight between Boba Fett and Aeon Flux? Not shitty movie Aoen Flux, liquid TV Aeon Flux. Also, did you ever see that episode of Liquidtelevision with the spoof of Speed Racer called Fast Driver?

jonschnepp2 karma

uh....Boba Fett is the worlds most dangerous bounty hunter, and Aoen Flux is a cartoon. She's not REAL!!!! (someone slap this kid, he's gone all spinkly in the wazooka).

I saw the short film called "Slow Walker". I could not get into it, though some of the claymation parts looked neat. Just not a big "Nostril" fan if you know what I mean.

notrobpierce2 karma

Oh yeah, sure, next thing you'll try and convince me of is that Aquaman isn't actually looking over the ocean's safety and Captain Planet actually owns Exxon Mobil

jonschnepp1 karma

Aquaman isn't real, NAMOR IS THE KING OF THE OCEAN!!!!!!!