Hey IAmA!

I am a Swedish Train Driver that just finished his first year driving freight trains in southern and mid Sweden. Hear my riveting tales from the swedish railroad! I am currently on a train home after driving most of yesterday and have some hours to kill. Will be answering questions on my phone and will try to answer all your questions!

Ask Me Anything!

Hopefully the following pictures from my phone are sufficient proof that I am a Train Driver.

The cabin:

http://imgur.com/mkFzBKk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/fhg1d0Z.jpg

Some views of swedish train yards:

http://i.imgur.com/vOBFIHI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TKjQRpl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/M4tEfNE.jpg http://i.imgur.com/iGpTpYV.jpg

Edit Thank you all for the time this has been amazing but now its time for me to get some sleep! Thank you all for your questions!

Edit 2 Back again to answer the questions that have sprung up over night!

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Khamero22 karma

  • 1: Are you a train-nut?
  • 2: Whats the best part of your job?
  • 3: Whats the worst part?
  • 4: Is there a big difference between driving a freight train as compared to a passengertrain that you know of?
  • 5: Have you ever hit something, or nearly hit something?
  • 6: How did you figure out that you wanted to be a traindriver?
  • 7: Are all traindrivers train-nuts?

pikefreak37 karma

  1. I would say yes to some extent I am a train-nut. Not as extreme as some can be, but definatly more than most :). I can talk endlessly about it but I dont foam over "omg a locomotive i havent seen before".
  2. The best part of my job is the freedom I have. When Im driving it's just me and me doing my thing. Dont have to think of others.
  3. The worst part is all the waiting. When something goes wrong there is usually a lot of waiting. Talking several hours. When a passenger train is late its usually 3-4 times as bad for a freight train.
  4. Driving freight trains are a lot heavier and longer than passenger trains. And therefor also drive slower. The freight trains I drive are usually between 630-650meters long and 1500-1800 tons. Most passenger trains are between 80-300 meters and usually not more than 400-500 tons.
  5. Ive hit several deer, moose, foxes, birds, hares... Thats the most common things you hit. The more uncommon Ive hit are wild boars (was between 7-10 in 1 hit) and a bird of prey. Have been very close to hitting a car that had stopped between the barriers at a crossing. Wasnt much than maybe a meter between.
  6. My grandfather was a train driver and always spoke very highly of the profession so I applied for an education after reading up about it and felt it was for me. And after my first work practice I was hooked.
  7. I think most, if not all train drivers are train nuts in one shape or another :)

foreveraloneirl13 karma

How was a cleaning lady able to steal a train some weeks ago? Are trains easy to get rolling without any prior training?

pikefreak16 karma

As it turned out she didnt steal it. It was an accident. The media and railroad companies were too fast to say she stole it before the investigation had even gotten started. The train in question I cant speak for. But the trains I drive, if theyve been parked correctly Id say its close to impossible to get rolling without prior training$

foreveraloneirl8 karma

So was it something like she accidentally bumped into something and the train took off? Thanks for your reply :)

pikefreak17 karma

If I understood it right she bumped into the drivers chair that bumped into something and off it went... So yeh you got it right :p

Airazz13 karma

So how does one become a train driver?

Also, what do you do on really long trips? Are you allowed to just sit there and read a book (glancing forward with one eye) or must you watch everything at all times?

pikefreak20 karma

In Sweden you become a train driver by applying to an (what we call it here) Profession Highschool. You go through several tests before getting accepted, testing your logical thinking, multitasking and psychological tests. After getting in, which is hard only 1 in 10 pass the tests, you have about 1 year and 3 months of education where half is actually out driving trains with a tutor at one of the train companies in Sweden.

On really long trips I usually listen to music or talk on the phone with one of my coworkers also out working. It keeps you alert during the long shifts, especially during the night. Youll need to find small things to keep yourself busy with, like keeping track of the kilometers. We must look forward at all times reading a book is a big NO-NO

foreveraloneirl9 karma

What's the longest trip you've done? How do you handle bathroom breaks when you're on your own?

pikefreak14 karma

Longest trip... Depends if you mean by time or distance. The longest Ive done distance wise is from Trelleborg to Folkesta, over Gothenburg. Around 700 km. Took around 10 hours to drive.

My longest time wise was over 24 hours after a 17 hour delay due to loading problems.

You go when you can, when you have a stop you go out and do your business even if you dont have to cause you dont know when next stop is. In emergencies you have plastic bags.

Matt_protagonist2 karma

When you're delayed, do you get some kind of compensation for it?

pikefreak3 karma

Yeh. We have set hours we work and anything over that we get overtime. We also get extra for working nights and weekends.

Khamero1 karma

Is the money a factor with you working nights (I think it was mentioned elsewhere), or was it a scheduling thing that just happened and you went with it? How much control do you have over your own schedule?

pikefreak6 karma

With freight it is mostly working nights. The rails in sweden are so full of passenger trains during the day there isnt much room for freight. So most of the freight runs during the night, hence why working a lot of nights. But yeah, money is a bit of a factor. We do earn a bit more than the passenger train drivers due to us working more nights then them.

I dont have that much control over my schedule, I can tell my boss Im not happy with my schedule but we are 5 people running on a 5 week rolling schedule. So it would have to be more than just me unhappy with the schedule for them to change it. But we also have set routes that run on specific times, so I would still work the same hours, it would just change in what order we would do them.

SpasticSpoon6 karma

You go through several tests before getting accepted, testing your logical thinking, multitasking and psychological tests.

What are some examples of what you have to do in the test?

pikefreak6 karma

Twist shapes inside your head. See patterns in a series of numbers. The multitasking is just doign some simple task, adding numbers and then get tasks to look up something in a calendar now and then and at certain times add 2 big numbers together, going faster and faster.

kwykwy3 karma

In the US, phones are banned for train drivers after a crash that occurred while the driver was texting. Do you text while driving?

pikefreak6 karma

I dont text, but I talk on the phone. Handsfree allows me to still have both hands free to do what I need to and can keep my eyes forward

Chinesewarpanda11 karma

So you said you still control the train fully, the speed, braking, in theory is it possible to get get 'lost' on the rails if you took a few wrong turns.

I also saw that you wrote in a previous post about ending up wrong, has that ever happened to you or anybody that you know that drives trains?

pikefreak14 karma

If you dont know the way youre supposed to go and the traffic controll are sleeping / not paying attention yeah theoretically you can end up "lost". But youll discover it when you come to a station thats not in your driving plan :). Which hopefully isnt too far away.

Ive ended up wrong yes. But I discovered the misstake cause I went through a switch where I wasnt supposed to go so I stopped and called traffic control. He was not pleased, morning traffic was just starting and there I was very much in the way.

KnavishSprite11 karma

Hej! Which is your favourite station/route?

pikefreak21 karma

Id say my favorite station would be Hallsberg. Its the biggest trainyard in northern Europe, and there is always something new to see every time youre there. The sheer size of it and number of tracks makes you almost dizzy sometimes :p.

My favorite route, when it comes to beauty so far nothing has beaten the 1 rail track that runs from Flen up to Eskilstuna. During the early summer mornings driving through the forest, coming out to a scenery where the sun has just come up over the horizon and shines its first yellow shine over a lake so still it's like a mirror. Its just so beautiful you want to stop and just stay there.

Sevenix210 karma

As someone who grew up close to Hallsberg, I can confirm that part.

One of my teachers once said that if there is just 1 good thing about Hallsberg, it would be that you can get away from it very very fast.

pikefreak12 karma

My teachers while I studied in Hallsberg said it was the best place to live. Cause anywhere you moved would be better.

flekkzo5 karma

Just don't get off at Flen.

pikefreak4 karma

Nah dont worry I drive right on through ;)

irishdave110 karma

Its not a question but we all know you fap on long journeys!

pikefreak18 karma

:o such blasphemy! I know you fap at your job! I have cameras I know what you do!

gbgftw8 karma

How many moose and/or reindeers have you hit?

pikefreak18 karma

So far only 2 moose. I dont drive far enough north to be in the danger zone to hit reindeer. http://i.imgur.com/LuHmCAK.jpg What was left of the moose after my first hit.

SublaciniateCarboloy9 karma

Did they explode real good on impact?

pikefreak10 karma

Kinda :p its quite gooey. Not much left after impact. Easiest to spray off with a hose.

Airazz3 karma

Do you have to stop after you hit it? Are there any official rules on how big of an animal you have to hit before you must stop? Like, a cat probably doesn't matter, but a boar? Or a small deer?

pikefreak9 karma

We dont have to stop after hitting an animal. But bigger animals we have to call in to traffic controll what we have hit and where. Generally boars/deers and bigger animals we have to call in and endangered species. Sometimes after hitting a deer/moose parts of them goes under the locomotive and back towards the cars and knock apart the compressed air brake tube. Then the train emergency brakes, and we have to fix it.


I just wanted to chime in and say hi! I'm a traindriver-to-be, and I will graduate later this year, through TCC.

pikefreak9 karma

Hello Traindriver-to-be! I also did my education at TCC, Hallsberg! Good Luck with your final praktik and finals ;)

Chinesewarpanda7 karma

Are you on another train home, or currently driving because wouldn't that be dangerous to be texting and driving a train?

pikefreak16 karma

I am on another train home, a normal passenger train where im just another passenger. Yes it would be very dangerous to drive and not look forward.

skybike6 karma


pikefreak21 karma

Oh yes! The big rushing penis train going into the tunnel. Oh yes its something special.

Reubenwilson6 karma

Hej! Whats the scenery like on your route? get bored of it?

pikefreak11 karma

Due to me driving night i rarely see much. Atleast during the winter half of the year. Dark always. But I dont get tired of the forests, lakes and fields. Always some animal somewhere you can see. Its the city scenery that gets boring. Nothing ever changes there.

IThinkImDumb6 karma

Thank you so much for doin this AMA!! I'm obsessed with trains and its my dream to become a train engineer in the southwestern US.

A question I have that I've been wanting to know for a while:

If a person lies in between the rails, can the train go over him without hurting him? Like, lies parallel to the rails and puts his head down. I'm asking this because some friends of mine (and me) liked this huge bridge out in Indiana that was a half mile long, 50 meters high, and wondered what we would do if a train came.

They reasoned they would be able to lie down, but aren't there things hanging from cars that would clip you?

pikefreak7 karma

Its usually not the cars you should be worried about its the locomotive at the front. The big plow at the front of the locomotive is there to protect against foreign objects big enough to damage the locomotive and to push things from the rail. Most of the locomotives Ive seen dont leave a big enough hole in between the rails and the plow for anything higher than 10-15cm (4-6inches).

matttrim16 karma

I take it you like trains then :3

pikefreak9 karma

Of course. You kinda have to in the business :)

skiingxmoose3 karma

You got something against train hating train drivers?

pikefreak6 karma

I dont I have yet to meet a train driver that hates trains.

notatheism6 karma

How much do you control the train vs traffic controllers?

pikefreak11 karma

I control the train fully, the speed, braking. Our safety system limits our speed though, telling us how fast we are allowed to go and if we drive faster than 9km/h faster than the set speed limit the safety system breaks. The traffic controllers controls the signals and switches and decide where we are supposed to go. Of course we need to know the way as well since there has been occasions where youve ended up wrong.

Kapten-N6 karma

Swedish student looking for a job here. What kind of education/training is required to get a job a train driver in Sweden?

pikefreak9 karma

First look up YH-utbildning lokförare and apply. Get through the tests required to start the education and finish the 1+ year education. Jobs everywhere.

spock_block5 karma

  1. What kind of engine do you usually drive?
  2. Have you played Train Simulator?

2b. And if you have, is it a good simulation of what it takes to operate a train?

pikefreak8 karma

Usually I drive a Traxx 185.2. Pic I have yes, but imo it doesnt give justice to the real deal. You cant see the signals as well as you can irl, and especially the passenger trains break a lot worse than the RL ones.

thegreatmisdirector5 karma

Did someone jump in front of your train?

pikefreak9 karma

So far Ive been fortunate and not had that happen yet.

GrdnGekko5 karma

How good is the pay? Also - how realistic is Train Simulator?

pikefreak7 karma

Pay is great. Its ok realistic, not as much as Id like but its a solid 6/10.

tookourjerb4 karma

What is the most interesting cargo you've ever hauled? And what is your favorite place to go on your trips?

pikefreak8 karma

I rarely know whats in my containers. Usually just know whats in when its dangerous stuff. Car batteries some acids. Well I had a polish freight train hopper on once for like 5 hours in midwinter... Thats probs my most interesting cargo :p

My favorite place would probs be Linköping cause the hotell we stay at is awesome. Best breakfast buffe Ive ever had

ima10x4 karma


pikefreak3 karma

I drive through Lund C yes. But I wont give you the color of my train since itll show what company I work for :p

fuckincommunists4 karma

I'm a locomotive engineer driving freight trains in Canada. That cab looks very VERY different from the ones we use. What's your average track speed? Ours is 45-55 mph. Also our trains get up to 15000 feet long, on occasion and our largest weighing ones are up to 18000 tons/36 million pounds. We also hit lots of wildlife. Do you guys go one direction then back on another train or back in a cab?/Do you get put up in hotels? We typically take trains only so far then come back on another one. We have what are called bunkhouses where we get put up in if waiting for another train to come home on. I see that delays are the the most annoying thing for you. Pretty much same for us. It's hurry up and wait. Here almost NO ONE that rides the rails enjoys their job even slightly. The main reason being we are on call 24/7 364 (they graciously give us x-mas day off, + vacation days). Do you guys feel that you are valued employees/treated with respect by your company?

Figured I'd throw in some info about my job with the questions to possibly spur more questions or answers and fill you in a bit about the job over here. Take care out there bud.

pikefreak3 karma

Hey fellow engineer! Max track speed is 100km/h (62.14 mph) for normal freight trains, but some are allowed to go as fast as 120km/h (74.56 mph). But the postal service is allowed to go 160 km/h (99.42 mph) due to special cars. The ones I drive are usually around 630-650m (2000-2150 feet) and 1500-1800 tons(3.3-3.9 million pounds). So our trains are a fair bit shorter and lighter than yours. Usually we go one direction go to bed in a hotel or an apartment our company rents for us to sleep in. And then after around 8 hours we take the same cars and locomotive but different loads back the way we came. We are not on call 24/7, we actually have schedules we follow. Atleast at my company, other work differently, we havea 5 week schedule that me and 4 more drivers rotate around so we always know how, where and when we are going to drive. We get 25 days a year off that we can plan how we want, or rather wish we want time off here and hope we get it. Yes I feel we are very valued as employees and treated with respect. The company always works to make it better for us if we feel something could be better and they actually listen.

arve934 karma

From what I've heard, much of the railway system is quite outdated (at least in the northern parts). Is this true, and if so, how does it affect your job?

pikefreak5 karma

Yeah a lot of it is outdated. Usually means lower speeds and longer work hours. But since i dont drive that far north i can only base it on what ive heard from coworkers :)

Gersthofen4 karma

What is the future of Inlandsbanan? Will it remain rustic?

pikefreak3 karma

Its not something I have heard much about unfortunatly. Afaik they have made atleast a part of it more up to date with tracks supporting 250km/h and ERTMS.

Ref1010103 karma



I think you're confusing it with some other line.

pikefreak3 karma

Wops youre right I confused it with Botniabanan :s

Gersthofen3 karma

Whoa! You scared me! 250 kph would destroy Inlandsbanan!

pikefreak3 karma

Or the train xD

Thallos4 karma

Do you get to spend much time at home or with family and friends? Or does your job keep you away most of the time? Also, have you had any scary moments (near crashes or anything like that)?

pikefreak5 karma

I do spend a lot of time away. But every 5 weeks I have a week off so it evens out :). During the other 4 weeks Im just home to sleep every 2nd or 3rd night or so. Ive had a few scary moments, people running over the rails, standing way too close to the edge of the platform when youre coming. Almost hitting a car is probably the most scary though. Took me 15 min before I felt fresh enough to continue. Just had 5 min left though :)

Thallos5 karma

Wow I imagine that would be pretty harrowing. Would you be held responsible if you couldn't stop in time or does that all depend?

pikefreak8 karma

If Im going my normal speed (100km/h) if I see something on the track, fx a person. I wont be able to stop in time, the stopping distance is too long. With full breaks at the best possible conditions, I can probably stop at 800ish meter.

To be held responsible they would have to show ive done smth wrong. Speeding, been negligent or otherwise done smth i shouldnt have or not done smth i should have.

Randomtask30004 karma

Have you ever operated a steam locomotive? Have you ever wanted to?

pikefreak9 karma

I have not. They arent currently in traffic in sweden except for the odd museum tour. If given the chance Id jump at it but its not something I actively try to get done.

Doomtastic3 karma

In the US, one of the biggest things transported is coal. However, in Sweden the generation of electricity is nearly totally covered by hydro and electric. What is the number one, or simply the most interesting thing you freight on a regular basis?

pikefreak8 karma

I mostly transport trailers from trucks. These. So theres a lot of different stuff inside the trailers i transport. But the most important things we transport in sweden is our iron that goes from the mines in Kiruna to Narvik in norway. And aswell as that Sweden has a lot of lumber transport on rail.

ActualGamerowned3 karma

Did you like trains as a kid? And What is the coolest train fact you know?

pikefreak2 karma

I was always fascinated by big machinery while little, not just trains. Coolest train fact, hmm... How much power can get transferred from such a small surface, the wheels of a locomotive are only as big as a large coin where they touch the rails. So its a very small surface that actually moves the entire train forward.

Spike526563 karma

How often do you visit Finland if at all?

pikefreak1 karma

I have never been in Finland sorry.

lightzors3 karma

Hey there, I am a huge train fan in the terms of being fascinated by the machinery.

Everyday I take the route from Malmö to Köpenhamn.

  1. Would you be interested in driving the Øresundståg? (for those who don't know, the local passenger train) or the SJ Snabbtåg (the high-speed tilting ones) or any passenger train in general?

  2. Do the jobs above pay more than the freight trains or is it about the same.(if you have an idea, ofc)

I like that you like your job, good luck in the future :]

pikefreak2 karma

  1. I did try driving the Øresundståg during my work practice while studying. Even though the train is nice its mostly the time chase all the time with passenger train and the stress that made me chose freight over passenger. I also tried the SJ Snabbtåg, its fun going fast but the driving schedule for it is so tight you have to do perfect breaks to not lose time.

  2. Freight usually pays more due to being away more and working more nights.

tailboys13 karma

what is the weirdest thing you have eaten on the go?

pikefreak6 karma

Probably a hot dog with some kind of dressing on it that I had no idea what was in it. But I wouldnt eat it again. Worst hot dog ever.

Schmackadoodle3 karma

Fikar du när du kör? Vad äter du i såfall?

pikefreak3 karma

Javisst. Ofta mackor, lite godis har man väl alltid med. Varma koppen och kaffe

GrazeTheSun3 karma

Do you listen to music while driving the trains? If so, what music?

pikefreak2 karma

Internet radio, usually a rock channel but sometimes I just take which ever one I can connect to.

canaban3 karma

Favorite computer game?

pikefreak5 karma

Played world of warcraft for ages but not so much now a days. Work interferes so cant raid or pvp at the lvl i used to. So now its just casual swtor, fifa13 and some LoL with friends.

Fruppelkungen3 karma

You might not approve of this question but I need answers! For many years I've been curious to what it would be like to hitch a ride on a slow moving freight train, what are the dangers with this that people might not know about? How often do freight trains stop in mid-Sweden? What do you think of people doing this? What would you do if you caught someone doing this?

pikefreak2 karma

In sweden it would be very cold since youd be sitting in the open, you usually cant get into the trailers. And our cars have a lot of holes in them and it is quite bouncy, so youd have a high risk of falling off and getting under the train and then you'd be no more. Freight trains stop fairly often in the bigger cities along the route to leave cars and get new cars. I dont like people jumping in freight trains at all, if you fall off and get hurt somehow, I wont see it. Its usually dark and even if its not dark Ill have trouble seeing someone sitting hundred of meters behind me. If I caught someone doing it I would stop and call the traffic controll that would call the police and then you would be arrested.

huckstah3 karma

Pikefreak, I'm a vagabond in the United States and I often illegally hop on freight-trains as a means of transportation. Is this popular among european vagabonds? As a driver, how do you feel about vagabonds that hop on one of your empty cars for a ride?

pikefreak2 karma

I have only had 1 vagabond on my trains, and its one of very few Ive heard of. Dont think its that popular, atleast not in sweden. Maybe further south in Europe its more polular. I dont like them at all, if you fall off and I run you over I wont know I have done it. Mostly cause I dont know youre there to start with and if I knew I would stop.

Survived20123 karma

  • Do you ever go "Fuck it, Imma wreck this bitch" and go really fast just because it's fun? If not, what is (hypothetically) the fastest you could go?
  • Have you ever killed something big, such as a cow, horse or person? If so, what did you do afterwards?
  • Have you ever had a near collision with another train?
  • Did you like Thomas the Tank Engine as a child?
  • I collect autographs, may I have yours?

pikefreak6 karma

  1. As other poster answered, nope safety system would stop me from going faster than 9km/h over the current speed limit.
  2. Not a cow or a horse, but moose, boars and deers. Never a person. We just call traffic controll to report in that we hit an animal and report what kind of animal and where.
  3. I havent no.
  4. Never watched Thomas the Tank Engine sorry.
  5. Sure here you go:
    Written with invisible ink so its more special

prolox12 karma

Är Herrljunga en kommun som du ofta åker igenom?

pikefreak4 karma

Nej tyvärr :(

derper22 karma

kanske nynäshamn då?

pikefreak5 karma

Kör mest södra stambanan. Malmö-hässleholm-alvesta-nässjö-mjölby-linköping-norrköping-katrineholm. Mot göteborg ibland, malmö-hässleholm-ängelholm-halmstad-falkenberg-varberg-göteborg.

Närmaste jag kommer nynäshamn är älvsjö :p

pinuten2 karma

kör du med greencargo?

pikefreak3 karma

Vill inte lämna ut vilka jag jobbar för.

derper22 karma

min mor bor skit nära hässleholm. kanske jag kan låna din tåg? Jag lova att jag är ingen städare, haha. Och, jag har en till fråga, var tycker du är vackraste ställe?

pikefreak3 karma

Nej inge lånande av tåg. vackraste stället har jag svarat på tidigare

My favorite route, when it comes to beauty so far nothing has beaten the 1 rail track that runs from Flen up to Eskilstuna. During the early summer mornings driving through the forest, coming out to a scenery where the sun has just come up over the horizon and shines its first yellow shine over a lake so still it's like a mirror. Its just so beautiful you want to stop and just stay there.

iamaredditer2 karma

Do people that drive trains listen to casey jones by the greatful deal. Driving that train High on cocaine.

pikefreak1 karma

Not someone Im familiar with. Maybe some traindrivers do but not me.

bmnathe2 karma

ar du duktigt?

pikefreak1 karma


whale_ate_my_ear2 karma


pikefreak7 karma

Stop being creepy, go away!

bharatgulati2 karma

Don't you get bored travelling same places all the time?

pikefreak3 karma

Nah not really. It becomes a job like all others. Plus no day is the same as the other always something happens.

diMario2 karma

Hey, man.

Just tossing up some thoughts.

I've been off and on having some sort of love affair with Sweden. I'm Dutch myself, politics leaning very Socialist, I'm an Atheist, etc etc. The works. I would fit right in, and learning to speak Swedish: either I do, or I get special dispensation. I'm not dumb, show me the rules and I'll find ways around them.

I'm currently employed as an IT worker, maintaining an ancient ass piece of badly written and often adapted web application. In your terms: think a steam locomotive engine originally built in the 1930's, then converted to Diesel after the war, then converted to electric in the 1970's. And still on the tracks.

I know, it's not possible. And that is what I have to work on.

Point is, I 'm a bit elderly. 52 53 to be exact. Male, single, no dependents. I have heard that Sweden is actively looking for immigrants, particularly in the country side, and particularly from other European countries.

Now for the questions:

(1) At my age, do you think I could get a job similar to yours? I have some affinity with tech intensive tasks. I can learn to drive a truck, or a train.

(2) At my age, do you think I would be susceptible for immigration? Or do you know of age limits?

As you can see, age is my main concern. Please tell me your thoughts.

pikefreak5 karma

  1. As I had a friend while i was studying that was 55, going from teacher to train driver I see no problem in you being able to score a job like mine if you are willing to put in the effort. I think the language is gonna be your biggest hurdle since atleast swedish train drivers are required to be almost fluent in swedish. But a truck driver arent as far as I know required to speak very well. Most Ive met barely speak english.

Unfortunatly I am not too familiar with the swedish immigration laws. So not sure if there are any age restrictions. But I have heard of many dutch moving to sweden, especially the more remote regions of sweden.

Sorry for not being able to provide a better answer. :(

8-bitrainbowz2 karma

hur går det med kampen mot snön? how it going with the snow? blir det jobbigt? does it get hard fighting it?

pikefreak5 karma

The fight against the snow isnt even a fight ;). We just drive over it and spray all the unsuspecting passengers on the platform with snow :D

Matt_protagonist3 karma

If the snow isn't really a problem, why is there often problems come winter? Early december a lot of train traffic was stopped in Sweden (I thought due to weather). Why is this?

pikefreak5 karma

For freight trains we dont have much problem, just a brake freezing now and then. But the most trouble is for switches. They freeze, snow get in between the rails so they dont connect. So they dont get in control, as we call it so we need to manually check every switch that isnt working. And thats where imo most of the problem comes from. Since I drive freight though I dont know all the problems that passenger trains have. They are the ones getting all the attention in the media, because those trains are the ones the public see and get in contact with.

Shaby1252 karma

Hi, I am a train driver in London..... Driving passenger trains around london from last five years...... We are on very good salary here as compared to other jobs...... I did my MSc from Sweden in 2007..... In 2008 I saw vacancy for train driver job, applied for it and after going through lots of assessments, interviews and final medical got it...... As I told u I already spent one n half year in Sweden, now have a great desire n again wanted to move there for living permanently, can u plz tell me is there anyway to get train driver job (as i love my job, driving trains) there due to my train driving experience...... Thnx

pikefreak1 karma

You can probably get a job, but I would advise talking to the companies directly since you would need to get educated on the Swedish signal system and security systems. So I think it would be up to the company whether they would think it would be worth educating you.


What would it take for sweden to get Real Highspeed passanger-trains?

pikefreak2 karma

More money to fix the rail system so it could handle "Real Highspeed" passenger trains.

bluesyasian2 karma

Are you involved in rail preservation at all? I know that the UK has excellent heritage railways, and the US to a lesser extent, so I'm sure Sweden has something like it.

pikefreak2 karma

I am not no, but there are a few volunteer organizations that keep old tracks alive and drive old steam engines and older diesel and electric.

kattmedtass2 karma

What is the overall attitude towards train hoppers among you drivers? Do you actually mind personally that people ride your trains for free? I mean it doesn't really cost you anything.

pikefreak2 karma

It doesnt cost me anything no, but I dont want to have some idiots life on my conscience cause they fell off. Most drivers attitudes are same as mine, its not appreciated at all among drivers.

broedrost2 karma

Hur kommer det sig att det så ofta blir elfel, störningar etc? Är verkligen banorna så utdaterade? (blev sittandes utanför mjällby i 3 timmar pga "ingen ström" för några år sedan. Är fortfarande lite sne pga det.)

pikefreak2 karma

Ofta när det blir elfel så har ett tåg rivit ner en kontaktledning och ibland så lägger en transformator av så det kommer ingen ström ut. Men detta händer inte så ofta egentligen om man ser på samma banavsnitt. Men sett till hela sverige så händer det ju ganska ofta. Men det är ju för att sverige är så stort.

CAMisTUFF2 karma

what is your stance on graffiti? most train yard employee's chase me out but some compliment me.

pikefreak3 karma

If you actually take your time and make it a nice, like a really nice piece of art I dont mind it. But the people that just puts their tag or some shitty little line here and there annoy me.

SpasticSpoon2 karma

Is there a lot of math involved, in regards to weight, speed and breaking distance?

pikefreak3 karma

Not really. The only math we do is calculating the break%. Which is the brakeweight/trainweight. So division is the only math we do. When it comes to braking it all comes down to knowing how well your train brakes and then feeling if its enough to stop. It comes with experiance

John-Smith-Jr2 karma

Have you ever seen anyone impregnate or be impregnated by a train?

pikefreak18 karma

What? Huh? I...I dont even... Yes sure. Ok. Yes I have.

pikefreak6 karma

irishdave12 karma

Whats the pay like, not your exact wage, only if you want obviously... but average for 5 years experience say?

pikefreak4 karma

For a freight train driver after 5 years youll most likely be looking at 35k SEK after taxes. Atleast at the company Im working at atm

indus_engineer1 karma

vet du LTU och deras arbete för svenska tåg?

pikefreak1 karma

Nej tyvärr inte. Arbetar nog lite för mycket söderut för att ha hört om det :(

djorny1 karma

Did you drive the train 20 dec 2012 from Malmö to Kalmar?

pikefreak7 karma

Nope I was on vacation. And since I drive freight I doubt youve been on my train :p

Khamero1 karma

Some more questions: * who is responsible for the cargo if it were to fall off or something like that, and has itever happened to you or someone you know? * do you have a favorite train or a train that you'd love to drive? * whats the biggest problem that has happened to you that you had to solve yourself, if any? * is there anything you are afraid of when you work, and what would your biggest work related fear be?

pikefreak2 karma

It would depend, if it fell off due to me speeding through a switch or other I would be responsible and take the repercussions of it. But if it fell off due to improper loading the people who loaded the cargo would be held responsible. It has never happened to anyone I know or me. Ive heard of lumber falling off, but usually its just one log that falls off in the middle of the woods.

I love the locomotive Im usually driving the 185.2, pic was posted somewhere else in the thread.

The biggest problem Ive had was when half my engines stopped working. But after lots of calls back and forward and fiddeling it turned out it wasnt anything I could fix myself. It had to go to the workshop to get fixed.

The only thing Im afraid of when working is to hit a person, or injure a person. Its not something Im sitting and thinking off all the time, but its something you know might happen.

PlasticMonday1 karma

What yard would you recommend in the Stockholm-area if one were to paint a freight train and wanted to minimize the risk of getting picked up by the cops/csg or getting the shit kicked out of them by pissed off rallare?

Thanks in advance from your friendly neighborhood klottrare.

pikefreak4 karma

I wouldnt recommend it at all. Theres usually people around the places all the time anyway.

tookourjerb1 karma

Did you talk to the trainhopper?

pikefreak2 karma

I did not, he ran away when I stopped after discovering him and started walking back towards him. I called the police which caught him. Went back a bit later with my locmotive only and saw that they had caught him.

shamansblues1 karma

Do you know a bald, funny guy from Norrland whose name is Nisse? He's a train driver as well of course, and also mostly drives around Götaland and Svealand.

pikefreak1 karma

Nope sorry :(

magicbullets1 karma

Do you like to sing Wichita Lineman while driving the train?

pikefreak1 karma

I dont, usually I just sing a long to what ever is on the internet radio if its a song Ive heard before :P

WRad-11 karma

Hergen fergen bjergen, kejergen BORK BORK BORK!

pikefreak9 karma

This aint the muppet show.