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I'm curious as to what establishes the distinction between Interstellar space and space considered to belong to our Solar system. In other words, what boundary was crossed that you can tell that V'Ger is now in Interstellar space, where previously it was not.

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Make sure you get a generous helping of that cake that has little blue candies for toppings.

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Ok, I understand. Thank you.

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If only she would...

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I can report form the Dutchlands.

Here, you don't need to register to vote. Your municipality has a list of all people within its borders that have the right to vote. This list is called the GBA and is used for many other purposes as well that benefit the citizen, so it is in your own interest to keep it accurate and up to date by informing the municipalities of change in address, etc etc.

Come election season, all voters receive by mail a voting voucher which shows name, address, date of birth, gender, but not a photo. This usually happens about two weeks before the election date. The voucher clearly states that you must identify with either passport, drivers license, or government-issued photo ID ate the polling station. All of these are costly documents which have a limited validity (passport 5 years, drivers license 10, government issued don't know), government-issued being the least expensive.

Nobody makes a big issue out of that. The argument is occasionally is brought up that this means that every citizen has to spend money in order to be able to vote, but the reality is that you need photo ID for so many other purposes that you are basically fucked without it, so everyone has it anyway, one way or the other.

Come election day, you go to the polling station, there are four people sitting at a table. The first person takes your voucher and reads you name out loud to the second. They verifies your ID and looks up your name on a list to see if you are on it. When so, they third person crosses your name off of their list (so you get looked up by two different persons) and keeps a tally on the number of ballots that are approved. The fourth person then hands you your ballot, and also keeps a tally on the number of ballots being handed out. Two separate tallies. You are not allowed to leave the polling station without placing your ballot in the bin.

Yes, a paper ballot. After some elections in the early 2000's using electronic voting machines, it was decided unanimously to go back to paper ballots and red pencils. Sometimes, keeping the old and ditching the new is actually a good thing. This way, you do have a paper trail and in the event of doubt, can do a reliable recount.

The "voting vouchers" can be changed to a "voter passe partout" if you will not be voting in your own municipality, and you can transfer your voucher to another person in case you are not in the country on voting day. However, on the receiving end, you may only receive other persons voting vouchers up to a maximum of two other persons. Needless to say, in order to change or transfer your voucher, all persons concerned need to go to City Hall and show photo ID.