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Question: Why do you downvote your own comments? Almost every single comment from you, you have zero upvotes.

EDIT: Well, obviously he doesn't have 0 upvotes anymore.

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Hi! Couple of questions:

  • How did you interact with the other people there? Make any friends? How about friends?
  • Did you ever go out of the building?
  • Whose/what computer did you use?
  • Did you still talk to/meet up with your outside friends?
  • Can you describe the person that found you out, and what was their reaction?
  • Can I have your autograph?

Thanks in advance!

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haha no I don't want my body autographed, a piece of scrunched up paper will do :) ty for answering btw

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One more question: If you had to describe Claco in 9 words or less, what would you say?