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Two days because I accidentally used someones meth pipe to smoke weed and i ended up burning enough of the meth residue that I got really fucked up and ran around in the Mojave desert for an entire night thinking that a large group of cops and townfolk were chasing me. That was in Barstow, California. Fuck Barstow.

Otherwise, I've never gone a day without a good meal. America is full of food, and we hobos have tons of tricks of getting it for free, without stealing at all.

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I am so glad someone asked this. If I had the money to give you reddit gold, I would.

There are several types of "houseless" people, but I'll stick to hobos and bums:

Hobos - We travel for the sake of work, usually escaping a poor/rural area of the nation to do so. We generally work on farms or in low-tier labor, usually temporary or seasonal jobs. Farming, fisheries, restaurants, construction, playing music, selling art, etc etc. We don't beg or panhandle for money, nor do we live or sleep on sidewalks. We dont sleep in homeless shelters or eat at churchs. We make our own camps, we clean up after ourselves, and we hitch-hike or hop trains to the next job or location. And thus, we have a sense of pride, dignity, and workmanship that transcends the likes of bums and tramps.

Bums - Bums don't work at all. They beg or panhandle money on the streets, often using the money for drugs or alcohol. They stay stagnant in one location as opposed to trying to escape and look for options down the road. They rely on churches and homeless shelters to eat and sleep. They are often veterans of war, mentally ill, drug addicted, or just plain lazy punkass kids.

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I have a gf from Argentina, and she visits me in the usa for 2-3 months every year. I stop travelling and we rent a small bedroom durting that time, in which we have lots of sex during that 3 months.

Before I had a girlfriend, it was quite easy getting laid on the road. There are LOTS of little hippie female travelers that share their love on the road. I've had some women in bars want to fuck me simply because they like the whole "road dawg/chris mccandless/jack kerouac" persona or what-the-fuck-ever they are imagining.

Sex in tents, hostel rooms, some chicks apartment, etc etc. You can always find a place to fuck if youre wanting to fuck.

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Yeah right? That is definitely the most fitting name for a response I've ever seen, and it's not even a throwaway account. Just wow.

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No, sorry...just media stereotypes from an era long ago.

I have stolen hotpockets from 711's before, if that counts.

Carrying your stuff on a stick is really impractical. I have a U.S. Marine Gen. 2 Assault pack that i use to carry my stuff.