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Hi! I'm from the US so I grew up knowing about shootings like The Virginia Tech massacre and the Columbine shootings (or, closer to you, the Jokela School shooting in Finland). What's weird is I come across a lot of forums where members express sympathy for the shooters, like they were outcasts that were tired of being bullied.

So my question-have you heard or read anything about Breivik sympathizers? Like people that have agreed with his views?

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And your other brother is Jason De Pue? He was a guest soloist at an orchestra I subbed for and I got to play in the same concert as him. I was a little star struck because I remember your brothers from a documentary about the Philadelphia Orchestra (I think?). I just remember your brother being really nice. He came up to me after the concert and said I played well which meant a lot to me because I was having a TERRIBLE day and I was hoping it wasn’t leaking into my playing.

Anyway, no question I guess but so many people in my family are musicians but I was the one learning from them :)

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That's what I thought! I always begged my friends to wait until a train came to then cross the bridge because trains only came every few hours. At that point I was way too scared to go across because they were telling me they could just outrun the train, hang off the side of the bridge, or lie down. As a weak girl, there was NO WAY I was going to do something like that!!!

I want to be a train engineer so I can ride through really cool parts of the country...you're so lucky!

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A tooth? That's really going to mess with some archeologists in the future

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Thank you so much for doin this AMA!! I'm obsessed with trains and its my dream to become a train engineer in the southwestern US.

A question I have that I've been wanting to know for a while:

If a person lies in between the rails, can the train go over him without hurting him? Like, lies parallel to the rails and puts his head down. I'm asking this because some friends of mine (and me) liked this huge bridge out in Indiana that was a half mile long, 50 meters high, and wondered what we would do if a train came.

They reasoned they would be able to lie down, but aren't there things hanging from cars that would clip you?