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Are there any beloved brands that have a terrible supply chain that has gotten pretty much no major bad press?

On the flip side, are there any brands portrayed as terrible in media (social or otherwise) when in reality they are among the most responsible?

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Please refrain from using words such as "hack", "gain access", etc as idiots/old people/etc gets very very afraid when they hear them. They don't understand, and voila you are a commie evil terrorist monster and needs to be put to death.

It's like Batman, the hero we need, not the hero we deserve.

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Follow up, how are unions viewed after this accident? Any change from before the accident?

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They should make a christmas special for each season which is trying to figure out which bloopers out of 6 were the funniest:)

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Have you met any US soldiers who has been to Afghanistan? Do their experience differ from yours?