Hello, Redditors. I am Tiki Barber. I now co-host the CBS Sports Radio morning drive show and co-founded Thuzio.com, an online platform on which the public can book over 350 current and former athletes for memorable experiences. Looking forward to your questions and thanks for having me.



Hey everyone. I have been on here almost an hour and a half and was overwhelmed by all the great questions. I tried to answer as many as I could without repeating answers, so if I didn't answer yours, I may have done so elsewhere (even the "controversial" ones). Thank you, redditors, for taking the time and interest to join me. Be sure to tune in every morning to hear me on CBS Sports Radio, and please give Thuzio.com a look - maybe we can do this next time in person.

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budchase666912 karma

Tiki Barber? Any relation to Super Bowl Champion and future Hall Of Famer Ronde Barber?

tikibarber1380 karma

You forgot "devastatingly handsome." ha!

colonelkorn12644 karma

Do you have tiki torches when you have barbecues in your backyard?

tikibarber870 karma


Brett_Favre_4521 karma

Who wins in an arm wretling match, you or Ronde? Also want a dick pic?

tikibarber1564 karma

Favre won both of those.

colonelkorn12439 karma

Is Michael Strahan's gap as wide in person as it is on TV?

tikibarber786 karma

He embraces it and wears it well.

pestilence46879437 karma

Hey tiki. Some jackasses broke into my house last week and jacked an autographed mini helmet that was signed by you. Help a lifelong fan out?

tikibarber956 karma

Message me your info on here. I'll see what I can do.

sua_sponte426 karma

As a RB, Who is the single defensive player you used to actively try to avoid out on the field?

tikibarber1390 karma

Jeremiah Trotter. We played each other so much and knew each other so well that when he hit me, he hit me hard. But he'd also help me up and sometimes tickle me under the pile.

josun45423 karma

Hey Tiki, were you aware that the pic used in Dee Brown's profile on Thuzio isn't actually Dee? They used a pic of Gerald Green from the dunk contest honoring Dee by wearing his jersey and replicating his dunk.

tikibarber531 karma

good spot, I'll let our product team know

jayjaywalker3134 karma

What is josun45's reward!?

tikibarber528 karma

pat on the back! digital thank you!

johnny_butt401 karma

Hi Tiki.

You came up in conversation last night around the dinner table and my mother - a 56 year old white woman - told us she would totally bang you. The Giants are and always have been her favourite team.

I just felt telling you was the right thing to do.. She'd shit if she knew I told you that.

tikibarber763 karma

Well it's a good thing that the internet is mostly anonymous. Unless your name is really Johnny Butt, then you have some explaining to do.

notmyuglyside367 karma

I apologize for the fellow Redditors on here who are taking cheapshots at your personal life. Thank you for doing this AMA, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

tikibarber476 karma

thank you, it's okay...it's expected being in the media and in the veil of the internet

chazgoul56330 karma

I went up to UAlbany one summer when my sister attended school there. I have an autographed football from you, Kurt Warner, and Eli. Never really got to thank you taking your time out to sign a 12 year old kids football, it really made my summer. I don't have much sports memorabilia so this is one of my most prized possessions. Thank You

tikibarber337 karma

No problem...appreciate the support!

bchandler10301 karma

Do you and Eli Manning have a positive relationship? You called him out after you retired and he won a Super Bowl the next year, something that you were never able to do.

tikibarber718 karma

Yes, actually Eli and I get along great. I expressed an opinion about Eli that I was wrong about. Get over it. He did!

greekguy16281 karma

You obviously had a problem holding onto the football early in your career and fixed that later on. who taught you to carry the football and what did you do to fix the fumbling problem?

tikibarber406 karma

It was more my running back coach Jerald Ingram, Coach Coughlin gets the credit as well

Lurkin_Dirty268 karma

I hear you put up some seriously impressive squat numbers in the weight room when you were with the Giants.

What was your max?

tikibarber527 karma


PorSiempre7258 karma

Hey Tiki! As a die hard Buccaneers fan, I grew up learning a ton about you and Ronde. Can you describe your relationship with him? He's a hero here in Tampa. What's something we may not know about him?

Hope all is well with you!

tikibarber348 karma

Ronde and I are as close as 2 people can be and since Ive been retired, I am able to spend a lot more time with him, which is fantastic. I am sure you know that h is a 5 handicap golfer, but another big hobby of his is traveling the world. Last year he went to Australia, New Zealand. I am sure this year he will be some place exotic.

whoopingchow254 karma

Personally, do you think you were properly prepared to retire from football? More broadly, do you think that the NFL needs to implement programs to help retired players re-adjust to a life away from football?

tikibarber419 karma

First of all, great question. Personally, yes, because I live in NYC and had influences outside of sport. More broadly, the NFL needs to find a way to restart the emotional and professional development of players so that when they go into the "real world" they are prepared for the challenges of not being a pro athlete. With that said, there's only so much the league and teams can do when players feel like they are invincible and will play forever.

musical_stampede230 karma

Hey Tiki, thanks a lot for doing this. How often do you think about what could have been if you retired a year later? You were obviously still effective on the field, making it to the Pro Bowl.

tikibarber824 karma

Not very often. I feel I was already moving forward in my professional life, and honestly, I'm not sure the Giants would have won the Super Bowl if I were still there.

People put so much emphasis on me not being there, rather than where it belongs - with Eli ascending to such a great player/leader late in the year. I'm not sure that would have happened if I were still there from a team dynamics standpoint.

stiffler1711194 karma

Tiki, what are your thoughts on homosexuals "coming out" in the sport? Also did you miss returning punts later on in your career?

tikibarber882 karma

We live in a post-racial, post suffrage, athletic era and it's about time the taboo of homosexuality is addressed and we stop judging people based on their sexual preference instead of athletic ability. One of my coaches said this, "I ain't prejudice against nobody, but a non-baller"

FormerlyChucks191 karma


Fellow Cavalier here. Wahoo wah! Many here might not know that during your time at the University of Virginia you managed to achieve an impeccable GPA in one of the most difficult programs offered at the school. Can you comment on what it took to be incredibly successful both on the field and in the classroom?

Also, do you believe in ghosts?

tikibarber277 karma

I chose UVA for the academics.

tikibarber214 karma

I was in the computer room all the time in the free time!

chalupas176 karma

Hey Tiki, I was wondering if you would consider adding Chris Kluwe to your line up on thuzio.com I think he'd be really popular

tikibarber218 karma

Yes, if he would join!

scotty8810176 karma

Do you like apples?

tikibarber242 karma


Lurkin_Dirty161 karma

You remember doing this prank pretending you were Ronde pretending to be Tiki?

It was hilarious and pretty well done. Sorry if this seems like a random question, but is Jamie Kennedy a huge douche-bag? That seems to be the general consensus on here, so I would appreciate a little insight.

Thanks for the AMA

tikibarber176 karma

Of course I remember that. C-Level entertainment at its finest. I'd be surprised if public access accepted that But he was actually a good guy.

pjkenk2160 karma

I really respected that you retired before you sustained any kind of long term injury. What has been the best part about retiring when you did?

tikibarber389 karma

Just that I left with my health and my sanity.

NotFoley143 karma

With Ahmad Bradshaw injured as often as he is, do you think David Wilson will eventually step into a starting role with the Giants?

tikibarber263 karma

Yes...the biggest concern for David is his ability to be a 3rd down protector/blocker (knowing blitz assignments). Other than that he's phenomenal and a threat to go the distance every time.

sghost132 karma

In your humble opinion, which is the best brother combination of the 90s/00s- you guys or the Sharpes?

tikibarber262 karma

That's a great question. I think that Ronde and I got more press because of longevity and Sterling's early retirement, but they (like us) were blessed to have familial success, which is unique.

kuhlmanb131 karma

Hey Tiki, big fan. What are your thoughts on the pistol offense that has been so popular this season? Do you think it's just another fad like the Wildcat package?

tikibarber242 karma

It's definitely not a fad because it's a typical NFL offense, just run out of a unique starting formation. If you have an athletic QB it's a great way to bring them into the league without having to be 3 yards from the most intense players on the field - like a Ray Lewis.

RJSSUFER124 karma

tiki I won you for 600 bucks do to karaoke night. Hows your voice?

tikibarber152 karma


stooge4ever119 karma

Did you ever draft yourself first in fantasy football leagues?

tikibarber295 karma

no I'm not available

bakdom146107 karma

Has anyone ever told you you look a lot like that Ronde guy from the Buccaneers? I'm sure you get it a lot.

tikibarber181 karma

Handsome guy.

sterlinghtsmi107 karma

What do you think of your interview with Howard Stern? Is anyone better at interviewing people than Howard?

tikibarber181 karma

Howard was the most honest, straight-forward interviewer I have ever encountered. He puts you at ease, so that you truly feel that you are just talking with one of your friends.

Milol104 karma

Do you still maintain any contact with Tom Coughlin at all, be it professional or personal?

tikibarber221 karma

Have not talked with Tom since my last game.

dubskool100 karma

Who was your favorite coach to play for? Any specific reasons why?

tikibarber269 karma

Coach George Welsch, got the best out of me...go Hoos!

DPancoast99 karma

What do you miss most about playing football with the Giants since you've retired?

tikibarber205 karma

There's something special about walking out into Giants Stadium on a Sunday afternoon that is irreplaceable. Doing my job really well. And hearing the crowd.

bigcitydandy99 karma

Hi! Has your platform become involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation? I know that lots of kids ask to meet up with their favorite athlete(s).

tikibarber139 karma

We are getting involved with multiple charities! Contact us directly.

isk112794 karma

When was the moment you realized you wanted to retire?

tikibarber188 karma

Almost did after Wellington Mara and Bob Tisch passed away in 2005. Then after Eagles game, second week in 2006, I realized physically I couldn't do it much longer. I didn't want to be broken down at 40.

dsmoove92 karma

how did you get your name?

tikibarber253 karma

My real name Atiim Kiambu it means "fiery tempered king" because I was in an incubator when I was an infant and wasn't happy to be there. "Tiki" comes from the ti" in Atiim and the "Ki" in Kiambu.

BradleyNowellLives92 karma

What's your guilty pleasure?

Credddd211 karma

I love that you think Tiki Barber has any capacity for guilt.

tikibarber486 karma

Touche. Jack Daniels.

Coldhandles90 karma

Heh Tiki, lifelong Giants fan, loved you when you were playing and got over the Eli comments after SB42. My question is what do you think you can do to repair the relationship between you and the Giants fans who are still upset over said Eli comments? Besides time of course.

tikibarber207 karma

What can I say? I admitted I was wrong, wasn't a personal attack, was doing my job giving commentary...I played for the Giants my entire career and will always root for the Giants.

Magus1011285 karma

Tiki, as a life-long Packers fan, I can still say you were an excellent player. Hope that means a lot to you because it wasn't easy to say.

tikibarber106 karma

Thanks, it was tough playing against Brett Favre

iBleeedorange80 karma

Hi Tiki, Which QB would you rather play with, Luck, Griffen, Keapernick or Wilson?

tikibarber161 karma

Pistol offense with Kaepernick, however my style is more suited for a traditional offense (stretch runs, pass catching out of the backfield), which is the Colts and Luck.

Tigarmus70 karma

What is the player perspective on performance enhancing drug use/testing/bans? Do players discuss the issue or is it something that everyone prefers not to talk about?

tikibarber108 karma

It mostly goes un-talked about unless and until a teammate gets caught and suspended.

mebeast22769 karma

You should do another AMA on /r/nfl.

tikibarber130 karma

This was fun, maybe I'll do it in the future or see if another Thuzio talent will want to.

TinkerBot66 karma

Hey Tiki, i wanted to know how tough it was mentaly to get back to the line of play after taking multiple hits each run play

tikibarber117 karma

I always found it important to know when a play was dead and know when the next one was more important. In that sense, I was able to avoid a bunch of hits. However, taking a big hit and staying on the field is the most important thing a RB can do.

thequestion665 karma

Who are some running backs who influenced you? Did you emulate anyone's running style or was it more instinctual?

tikibarber131 karma

Thurman Thomas, Ricky Watters and Marshall Faulk and obviously Walter Payton in that they did everything from a RB position - running catching, blocking, and didn't need to leave the field. That's who I wanted to be as a player.

Steelguy8664 karma

How did it feel to play in the Super Bowl back in 2000?

tikibarber132 karma

It was great to make it to the Super Bowl, but the game itself left a lot to be desired.

Jibbajaba57 karma

How did you come up with the name "Thuzio"? Does it have some relevance or was it basically random?

tikibarber107 karma

Random....short for Enthusiasts. No rights issues.

AverageGatsby9154 karma

When you were in college playing for UVA, what was your school life like? Did you ever get in trouble with the school?

tikibarber120 karma

I was a MIS major, spent most of my free time in the computer lab.

moco2946449 karma

Is there a team that you would play for now other than the giants?

tikibarber112 karma

I would never consider playing any more, but coaches I'd have like to play for: Mike Tomlin and Sean Payton.

boyerman48 karma

What does Jim Brown smell like? I've always guessed pop tarts.

tikibarber79 karma

I have no idea. If you find out let me know. That's an intriguing question.

ilikecommunitylots47 karma

Hey Tiki, I've been a die hard Giants fan since I can remember, we've even met a couple times.

What has been the best (take that as you will) thing you've done with your fame?

tikibarber93 karma

Used it to raise a lot of money for charity, particularly the Fresh Air Fund and influence a generation of young male readers with Ronde and my 9 children's books.

TheHoneyBadger2346 karma

Tiki, what do you find to be the most challenging part of running Thuzio.com? Likewise, funnest?

tikibarber65 karma

Most challenging part is creating a marketplace that didn't exist before in this capacity. Funnest is to start something from nothing, and see it grow and become reality.

HoneyBadger9346 karma

Hey Tiki, I have to say I read your book and thought it was awesome! I hope your new enterprise does well. I'm a Packer fan but I always liked to watch you play on Sundays.

tikibarber59 karma

Thanks for the support!

draperp40 karma

What is Thuzio.com?

tikibarber75 karma

It's an online platform in early-stage start-up phase that allows the public to get direct access to pro talent for business, charity and personal events and appearances. Athlete appearances and talent booking have been around for a long time, and we're looking to bring transparency to the industry.

Mr_Fantastic_Fox39 karma

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?

tikibarber48 karma

yes I did.

ct_nittany38 karma

Tiki, thank you so much for doing this. You are my favorite Giant and I still have my sign that I brought to my first Giants game against the Steelers in '04 which said "Fumbles? What Fumbles? Go Tiki!" On to my question. How did/do you handle being compared to Ronde?

tikibarber63 karma

Thanks! I actually love the comparison because it accentuates our differences as well as our similarities...in some of those I get bragging rights (and many he does). We are as different as we are similar.

takingadeuce37 karma

Just to start off you were one of my favorite players as a kid. What inspired you to try and make a comeback? How shocked were you by your comeback not being so successful?

tikibarber57 karma

Not shocked, because I hadn't played in 4 years. Mike Tomlin actually sparked me, because covering the Super Bowl he suggested it. Unfortunately, that year the lockout happened and I never really got a jump. But it sparked my professional career. Later that summer I co-founded Thuzio with Mark Gerson, which identified the exact issue I was having as an ex-player and a year later, I was back on radio. It all worked out fine.

turdferguson111326 karma

You recently attempted a comeback, why do you feel teams didn't express interest and do you regret trying?

tikibarber18 karma

Answered this on here already.

isk112725 karma

Do you regret Retirement?

tikibarber61 karma

No, football was taking a toll on my body, and at the point I was moving on with other career aspirations.

benchif423 karma

I heard you on Howard Stern.. glad you're not depressed anymore! GL in your business venture.

tikibarber37 karma


karateexplosion22 karma

Hi, Tiki! This may be a bit too personal, but I went to the same college where your father is on faculty. I didn't know him well, just delivered packages to his office a few times. Do you two have much of a relationship anymore? Thanks.

tikibarber71 karma

I don't remember seeing my father until I was in 7th grade, and while we connected a handful of time while I was playing professionally, we never established a real relationship and we don't currently have one.

Make_it_Snow21 karma

How exactly is Thuzio any different from an escort service?

"... have Tiki Barber join you for dinner next Thursday night..." "... your possibilities ARE endless..."


tikibarber66 karma

Athlete/Talent appearances have been around forever, Thuzio brings transparency and legitimizes it. How about a lawyer's $500/hr lunch meeting fees? It's a way for fans, businesses, charities to access talent without having to know someone directly and haggle pricing.

wrenchninja19 karma

What were your pre-game rituals? Like, did you have a special meal or anything?

tikibarber40 karma

pre game nap in the equipment room.

eye8urkids16 karma

Favorite play of yours of all time?

tikibarber41 karma

Oct 30, 2005 vs. Redskins, six days after Wellington Mara passed away, my 206th yard of that day was on a draw play that resulted in a TD. I gave that ball to Wellington's grandson and took myself out of the game in the 3rd quarter. I had done all that I could to honor the legacy of a great Giant and a great man in our sport.

arobben16 karma

Who's been the most-requested person from thuzio so far?

tikibarber42 karma

Currently, myself because of the low test price points, as I was the beta.

Master_Baker14 karma

How is Thuzio doing? Can you please tell us more about it?

tikibarber22 karma

It's doing great. We launched in August, and now have nearly 400 athletes in 3 major markets. Our traffic has been increasing every month and a steady flow of transactions.


How do you feel now about dumping your eight month pregnant wife of 11 years, then subsequently missing out on the birth of your twin daughters?

tikibarber69 karma

Relationships and marriage is very complicated. The only thing that is important now is that my family and I are in a good place, despite what the media exposes.

magicman92914 karma

Do you have any regrets about retiring at what some people would consider, such a young age?

tikibarber38 karma

None. I'm healthy and sane.

rlogazino12 karma

Hey Tiki, big Giants fan and you were my favorite offensive player with Strahan being my favorite defensive one. Still wish I could wear your jersey but it doesn't fit anymore. Plus you were a very reliable fantasy pick. Who was your favorite player to play with and against? Why did you choose #21? What happened between you and Fox News, because my dad used to record you when you came on, and I was hoping you would stay with them after retirement?

tikibarber23 karma

My brother was my favorite player to play with and against - we played in three pro bowls together. I was given #21 but I think it suited me pretty well. Fox gave me a great opportunity in 2004 to host a show and not have to cover sports which broadened my interest in the world. When I retired though, I felt the bigger opportunity was at NBC because it was the Today Show. But I miss Fox, those guys were always great to me.

iWinAtMarioKart12 karma

Right before the start of the 2007 season, you questioned Eli's leadership abilities. That year he won the superbowl. What do you think of his leadership ability now that he has won TWO superbowls?

Second question. Why are you having two hour lunches for people for 500$? I mean..you can't be that broke...

tikibarber96 karma

Answered the first question above. With the second one, I'm testing out pricing and date points for a business I created. At that price point, we are booking about 20 bookings a month. And don't forget, I have a nationally syndicated radio show now. It's not about being broke, it's about being an entrepreneur.

Mike_F11 karma

Hi Tiki, hope you are well and enjoying retirement. One question I had was the importance of pass blocking for a RB in the Giants offense. A lot of fans are pushing for David Wilson to be named the #1 for the foreseeable future, while others say it will not happen until our coaches feel comfortable with him protecting Eli. As someone who has been there, Can you give a little insight into how important a trait that really is for a RB to achieve success under our current coaches?

tikibarber22 karma

that is very important to be able pass protect, and usually why young rbs don't get as much playing time.

CessSessions10 karma

In your honest opinion, how fixed is the NFL? I love the sport I'm just curious. and also, I have a Shockey autographed football, how worthless is it?

tikibarber17 karma

It's not fixed at all. It's ultimate reality TV, though it may seem as a fan of XYZ team it may seem as it is. I love Jeremy Shockey. He was always a good friend to me.

kloiberin_time7 karma

Tiki, TBD is the only thing I can stand on cbs sports radio. I have a half hour drive every morning to get to work and you guys are great. Thanks!

tikibarber11 karma

Thank you. Hopefully our affiliated stations grow, because we talk sports, but really just fun.

cotillion9896 karma

One of my best friends from UVA (go wahoos!) said he went to your high school in Roanoke and that despite you and your brother playing awesome the team still sucked.

My question is, how was that possible?

tikibarber17 karma

With two future NFL Pro Bowlers, my best high school record was 6-5. Possible because my O-Linemen were my size.

The_Limerick_Guy5 karma


I promise to click on every advertisement in your website if you respond to this.

That is all

tikibarber13 karma


cpresc125 karma

Tiki, do you regret the way you left the Giants, as the all time leading rusher but in a manner that hurt the relationship you had with many team members and fans, not to mention before an eventual Super Bowl victory?

tikibarber6 karma

see below...I've answered this question.

cinnamonbagel_ps34 karma

Hey tiki if you're reading this I just wanted to tell you that it was awesome watching you play a few years ago. Me and my dad watched you every Sunday. You had awesome balance and speed and it was awesome to only need one back. My favorite game of yours was in your last season I think against the KC chiefs where you ran for nearly 200 yards. Anyway I just wanted to ask if you maybe had any regrets about anything in your career or maybe personal life...maybe you wish you hadn't said this or maybe you wish you had done this differently on the field or anything really. Ps thanks for the memories they were great! You're my favorite running back by the way and I still have your jersey

tikibarber7 karma

First, thanks for the kind words. I never think about things I regret, because I can't control them. I just try to live life to the fullest and do the best that I can given the circumstances. And just like when I was playing, smile in the face of adversity.

hordanjollo3 karma

How much offensive trash talk is there on the football field?

tikibarber6 karma

Interestingly, not as much as you'd think, because we are too busy trying to figure out how to get into the right play. Trash talk generally only happens between 2-3 people after a given play.