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Hello Mr Goodell. I have but one simple question. Why is it you decided to penalize the Redskins and Cowboys for an uncapped season when they did nothing to break any rules. Everything was hearsay, yet you still decided to take the cap space. What went through your mind during this entire thing? What proof were you provided with, and why only the Cowboys and Redskins when MANY other teams did the EXACT same thing by re-hashing contracts during that season. Why the Cowboys and Redskins. Essentially, where is my cap space back?

--Edit-- Let me re-phrase so that maybe you can answer it. How do you FEEL about the cap space being taken from the Redskins and Cowboys?

--Signed, a Redskins Fan.

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Carson - Are you excited to play for the Cardinals this year?

How do you feel about having one of the most electrifying wide receivers in the game to throw to?

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What made you decide this was something you wanted to do? Just sitting around doodling one day, and thought "Hey. I should get paid to do this"?

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Right before the start of the 2007 season, you questioned Eli's leadership abilities. That year he won the superbowl. What do you think of his leadership ability now that he has won TWO superbowls?

Second question. Why are you having two hour lunches for people for 500$? I mean..you can't be that broke...