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I really respected that you retired before you sustained any kind of long term injury. What has been the best part about retiring when you did?

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That's worth so much more to me than a super bowl. I know many people say things like "I'd give TWENTY years off my life for a super bowl!", but that's twenty years spent with friends, loved ones, adventures, and excitement. Good call TB.

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My wife gets annoyed at me because when she fast-forwards through commercials I make her stop so I can watch yours. Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with a terrible wife?

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My wife and I started watching Castle last year when reruns were playing on TNT before basketball games started. We quickly fell in love with the show. Thank you very much for producing it. How much of the "big picture" plot was planned in season 1? So far it has felt like it has developed very organically, but was it planned that way from the start?

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I really liked Magicka. I bought it twice, once for me and once for my fiancee. She never played it.