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Have you ever thought of teaming up with a 1 handed dwarf and using superscience to battle The Guild of Calamitous Intent?

On a serious note, are you offended by the fact that most fiction, whether it be film, television or literature tends to stereotype those with albinism into villainous roles?

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Have you thought about getting into another line of work because of this? Also, how did you end up doing it in the first place and what keeps you there?

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Here in Kansas City Andre Rison was notorious for renting from Rent-A-Center and then never making a payment. A friend of mine's dad was a process server and served him papers after the items were repossessed. Have you ever repoed from someone famous? Along the same lines how many of your repos are from people who obviously can afford the items they just try and game the system for a few weeks for a party or whatever?

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I just want to say, this is one of the most entertaining AMAs I have read in a while. I love your wit.

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Legally blind doesn't mean that he cannot see at all, although that could be the case and it would still suck even if he is not totally blind. Honestly I am replying in the hopes that OP can see, just not well enough to drive. Don't want the guy to be totally blind.