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EA Sports did a decent job capturing your likeness, see Manningface .

Are you disappointed that they have yet to include your sandwich eating TD celebration dance?

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GSP always looks huge in pictures. Having been around GSP in real life, is he truly that huge or is it merely the angle in which the pictures are taken?


With all the success you both are having, how do you stay so humble and modest?


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I don't care what the publisher of your first book says, "Who Moved My Nose" was the better book title.

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Guys, can we please minimize the work ethic talk and focus on the important aspects of the show (gay stuff and dick jokes)? We understand that work ethic is important, but at this point I think we're good on that front.

Thanks for all the hours of free entertainment and I hope 2016 is even better for you both.

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What was the most difficult aspect of transitioning from coaching to broadcasting?