I have an identical twin brother, we were born mirror twins. That means we are essentially exact opposites, he was born left-handed, deaf in his left ear, and parting his hair to the left, I was born right-handed, deaf in my right ear, and parting my hair to the right. I get asked questions about it all the time, so I figured I may as well do this!

EDIT: Here's a photo, I'm on the far left, my brother's on the far right. We're 16, so I was a little hesitant to post a picture, but whatever. http://imgur.com/asRKlun

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Took me a second..

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lol....is he the bottom and you're the top?

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DUDE! that "...maybe..." sounds like one of you is gay and the other is straight because that would be AMAZING!!

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I dunno, sometimes we have doubts about my brother.

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That is so interesting! At first, I thought the mirror twin thing was fake/not that significant....but this leads to so many more questions about preferences for things...

1.) Vanilla or Chocolate. 2.) Night Owl or Early Bird 3.) Xbox 360 or PS3 4.) Ass or boobs

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  1. We both love chocolate.
  2. I'm an early bird, he's a night owl.
  3. He prefers Xbox, I'm a PS3 guy.
  4. He's a boob man, I prefer both.

Most people say we have entirely different personalities, he's more reserved, I'm louder and more outgoing, and we dress completely different.

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He's a boob man? I thought he was maybe gay. I thought he'd definitely be the ass...or he likes fat guys with boobs.

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I doubt he's gay, but you never know!

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Haha, you're right!

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How'd you get out of the mirror?! I only ask because my mirror twin has been looking at me shiftily lately and I think he means to kill me... How can I keep him trapped?

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I don't know what to tell you. You might be doomed.

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Which one of you is evil?

The_Uninformant34 karma

My brother is definitely the evil one, no question about it.

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Do you guys ever do opposite things on purpose because you know you're mirror twins? Like you're living up to your identity.

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I think he does. Like, any music or movie I like, he automatically hates.

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That's so cool how real this is on a psychological level. How would you ever know what you do or do not REALLY like? I think you both should go to a hypnotherapist and do another AMA.

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Wow, I never really thought of it like that, like our interests were based on the opposite of the others. That's crazy! Geez, come to think of it, that could actually be happening.

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It's definitely happening on some level. Some twins have a complex where they do everything together because their identity is being a twin. Yours is kind of the opposite....It's kind of like when siamese twins who get separated are actually sadder after the separation. Loss of identity. We need a Redditor psychiatrist/psychologist to start weighing in.

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Yeah, I often feel lost when me and my bro aren't together. We're the closest two people can get, even though we're exact opposites!

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Have you read "The Crooked Letter" by Sean Willams? It features a pair of mirror twins as the protagonist/s

Also, there is a medical condition where your internal organs are mirrored. Have you been checked for it?

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I'll check the book out!

I never even knew that was possible, lol! Never been checked for it.

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If you are skinny, you should be able to feel your heartbeat through your ribs. Normally it's on the left. If you can't find it would probably take an ultrasound or MRI to show up. As far as I know it has no effect on your life, unless you need surgery for something. Then the surgeon gets a surprise.

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We're both pretty skinny, and I can feel my heartbeat on my left. Time to ask him!

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Now you have to report back... please?

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He said he feels the heartbeat on the left as well.. Oh well.

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What happened to your sister's arm?

The_Uninformant33 karma

A mattress fell on her. Pretty stupid way to break an arm, I know.

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You can't just say that and not give the full story.

The_Uninformant4 karma

Well, we were moving houses, so this mattress was leaning up against the wall, she tried to move it, broken arm.

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Is parting of the hair really genetically determined?! I thought that it was entirely up to you.

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I'm pretty sure it's natural, because it is really hard for me to get it to part the other way.

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dude, im a mirror twin too!

My sister is right-handed, im left-handed. Shes in school for arts, Im in school for science. Our teeth grew in on opposite sides, she has more freckles on the right side of her face, i have more on my left, her right eye is weaker and my left eye is weaker, stuff like that.

Also she's straight and Im FtM transgender, so the exact opposite thing is pretty drastic in our case. lol

Here's our highschool yearbook "Twin Picture"Imgur [we had a whole spread dedicated to the different set of twins in our graduating class. there was like 7]

and here's one right before prom at our house before we went to someone else's for group pics. Imgur

The_Uninformant7 karma

Wow, that's awesome! Our yearbook did something like that too, a page dedicated to the twins of the school!

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Isn't it a little awkward to know, like...exactly what the others package looks like?

The_Uninformant77 karma

Well, no, because I know, I just know, that mine is way bigger.

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"Alternate universe" twins is a better term.

The_Uninformant10 karma

We'll start referring to ourselves as that, now.

front_toward_enemy13 karma

One of you grow a goatee.

The_Uninformant5 karma

We're working on it!

NocturnusGonzodus6 karma

One of you has to do the goatee, the other has to go with the mutton chops.

The_Uninformant9 karma

I'll go with the goatee.

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When you tell people that you're twins, do also tell people that you're opposite twins. Or just say twins.

The_Uninformant34 karma

We usually just say we're twins, but if people comment on how our hair is opposite directions, we explain to them the rest!

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So if he posts an AMA tomorrow, are all of his answers going to be the opposite of your answers?

If I ask him this same question, will the answer to his question be different than the answer to this question?

The_Uninformant2 karma

Hmm.. I'll just say yes.

londonbroiler11 karma

That means you probably missed out on a lot of classic twin pranks like switching classes or girlfriends...

The_Uninformant22 karma

Actually, although it took me a while to get it to look right, I would sometimes get my hair to part the other way! But damn it is hard!

londonbroiler13 karma

I like that you tried. I've known some twins that don't embrace their uniqueness and never do anything "fun" like that.

The_Uninformant12 karma

Thanks! Wow, they're wasting a great opportunity!

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Do you have any powers? Can you sense when your twin is hurt? If so and he hurts say his right hand does it hurt in your left?

The_Uninformant21 karma

I am able to tell what emotion my brother is actually feeling, although i have to be able to see or hear him, though I imagine any two people who are close can do this. But twin telepathy would be the sweetest thing ever!

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Has anyone told you that you and your family have awesome chins?

The_Uninformant10 karma

That's the nicest thing I've ever been told.

ForRealsies7 karma

Nice, I'm a mirror twin too. I'm the lefty and he's the righty. When we got braces our dentist said our xray was like mirror image too. The only way people could tell us apart was the birthmark on the back of my neck.

The_Uninformant2 karma

That's crazy! Do you still look alike?

ForRealsies15 karma

Yeah but it's getting more distinct as we get older. That and haircuts + weight changes. Here

The_Uninformant3 karma

Wow, you look insanely similar!

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What's the stupidest question you've been asked about being a twin?

The_Uninformant29 karma

"Do you, like, have the same birthday?"

coaxfun10 karma

I actually know twins that don't...

The_Uninformant11 karma

Born at around midnight?

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Now that's just awesome.

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I'm a twin myself, but fraternal. We are still completely opposite. Anything I like, he hates :P No matter what, there's nothing like being a twin :D

The_Uninformant2 karma

Nice! Are you both guys?

jumpingnoodlepoodle4 karma

Nope! I'm a girl, he's a guy….he's very tall, blonde hair, green eyes. I'm very short, brown hair, brown eyes. Physically the opposite…and we like the complete opposite of things :P Buttt, he's still my brother and no one will 'get me' more than he does!

The_Uninformant2 karma

Wow, that's great! Do you get in as many fights with him as I do with mine?

dundunsdbc6 karma

Which one of you is the Hero? and which is the Villain?

The_Uninformant5 karma

My bro is the obvious villain.

liekafox6 karma

Do you guys have the same friends?

The_Uninformant20 karma

For the most part, although some of my friends my brother absolutely cannot stand! And vice versa.

ImNotTicklish5 karma

We want to see a picture!

The_Uninformant13 karma

I'll try to find one. We're 16, so we're a little young, which is why I was hesitant to post a picture, but here it is: http://imgur.com/asRKlun I'm on the far left, he's on the far right.

EDIT: Found one.

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My aunts are mirror twins! They are both fucking annoying in their own ways though! One twin is super extreme catholic (was born Jewish) with 5 kids. The other is super liberal lonely NYC psychologist with no kids! I remember my aunt showing me a portrait she drew that was 1/2 her and 1/2 her sister to show how they were mirror twins....they look pretty much identical soooo I didn't see both of them in the portrait!

Do you and your brother have opposite personalities!?

The_Uninformant3 karma

Very, very different personalities. He's really shy and reserved, I'm more loud and outgoing.

twinspired25 karma

Do you enjoy being a twin? Is it annoying to constantly be asked if you're twins and stared at? As an identical twin myself, I can tell you that that NEVER stops happening!

The_Uninformant11 karma

We do get stared at a lot, but it doesn't really bother me. The funniest thing is when little kids see us, they say stuff such as "Mommy, there's two of them!" Always funny!

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You're welcome.

The_Uninformant6 karma

I watch that show all the time, and my mom always says that! Spencer Reed is my favorite character!

Badika8814 karma

wait, if you likes him, he hates you?

The_Uninformant7 karma

We hate each other.


What happened to your sisters arm? Did you beat the person responsible?

The_Uninformant10 karma

Yes, I was sure that the mattress that fell on her would never again see the light of day!

Stangmeister3 karma

So does one "hang" to the left, the other to the right?

The_Uninformant8 karma

I don't really want to find out.

Stripyhat3 karma

Do you try to stand on his right side so you can hear each other better? On a related note, do you stand on his left when you don't want to talk to each other?

The_Uninformant2 karma

I do stand on his right, it makes hearing much better. I try to stay to the right of everybody, so if someone's on MY right, it can be pretty awkward if they try to talk to me, since I have difficulty hearing them.

dzamie3 karma

Have you two ever had a form of twin-speak?

The_Uninformant5 karma

Something like that! We have so many inside jokes that we could hold a conversation that no-one else could understand.

Sithoiuz3 karma

Which ones the evil twin?

The_Uninformant16 karma

You are.


Love the old photobomber guy.

The_Uninformant2 karma

Haha I just noticed that!

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The_Uninformant13 karma

Well, I'm straight, but we don't know about my brother.

DR_NOCK3RS3 karma

I'm a mirror twin too.. Didn't know I could get 277 karma for that.. :/

The_Uninformant9 karma

Don't worry, there's no karma for self-posts!

audentis3 karma

Not to be a dick, but your proof is insufficient. It's a picture of mirror twins, yes, but there's no way for us to know that you are either of them.
Like this, I could post a picture of a dinosaur and say "AMA I'm a literate dinosaur."

Could you provide a picture of your face while holding a paper with something like "Hi Reddit" and the date within view?

The_Uninformant13 karma

Sure, 1 sec.

EDIT: This way way harder than I though it would be! That's me on the left.


ThatsMrAsshole2You3 karma

My little brothers are identical twins, not mirror image, although one of them has a set of mirror image twins. The mirror image twins are so mirror imaged that one is straight and one is gay....

Do you have siblings? How did they handle all of the attention you would receive? I can remember being a little guy and people would be all over my brothers commenting on how they look so much alike, they are so cute, blah blah blah...I would be like, Uh, hey, I'm here too!

The_Uninformant2 karma

I have a 13 year old sister, and she looks so much like us, most people think we're triplets!

baconresearch3 karma

Are the asymmetries of your bodies also mirror? I have heard that mirror twin can have opposite alignment of organs (one twins heart is on the right, one is on the left, same for liver etc..)

The_Uninformant2 karma

Sadly, we're both normal in that aspect : /

ssjbardock1232 karma

Your little sister is plotting something evil...

The_Uninformant3 karma

She always is!

rafquie2 karma

Do your fingerprints look similar (or different)?

The_Uninformant3 karma

Very similar.

Zavijah2 karma

It's all fine with the information you've given.. But you missed out on the most important part. Who is the evil one?

The_Uninformant8 karma

Look at the picture. See the girl at the bottom? She's the evil one.

kobayashi___maru0 karma

I can't tell if it's just the picture, but it looks you have lighter hair and he has darker hair. Is this part of the mirror-ism or...?

The_Uninformant1 karma

I think it's just because of the lighting; we have very similar colored hair.

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Did you think that was funny or something? Because it wasn't.

The_Uninformant1 karma

What did they say?

Roderick111-23 karma

How many times have you guys fucked each other?

How many times have you switched and fucked each other's girlfriends?

The_Uninformant1 karma

0 and 0.