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I just want to say that I love how much you're replying. You're really good at AMAs. You should pick up a bunch of other interesting careers and do one for each.

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Not related to priests at all: Do people actually consider Game of Thrones hot? Most of the sex, at least as far as I've watched (yeah, like two episodes,) is either rape or incest.

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Ms. Pizzey, thank you for everything you do. I haven't been personally affected by domestic violence, but I know people who have, and I am immensely grateful for all your work.

However, I disagree with your blanket disapproval of feminism. I can understand that you object to your book Prone to Violence being taken out of circulation by specific groups and, more broadly, to the general views of radical feminism. You've made the distinction several times in this AMA, but I still think you're putting the border between mainstream and radical feminism too far to the radical side.

I'm a feminist. I believe that women are, for legal and most social purposes, equal to men, and should be treated as such. That means I object to genital mutilation, to forcing women to wear burkas, to huge gender imbalances in female education, to sex slavery and trafficking (of which most, but not all, victims are women.) Closer to home (California,) I take issue to lower pay; objectification; male majority in classes such as computer science and engineering; male majority in government. And I understand that the best way to deal with this often isn't protesting and pushing for legislation. For example, forcing colleges to ensure that at least 40% of their engineering students are women is completely ridiculous. It's better to account for the disparity by encouraging girls at the grassroots level.

These aren't uncommon ideologies. Although most of you might disagree with specifics of what I've said, I think that the general idea is very common. And that's feminism.

I also believe that equality works both ways: men are equal to women. I still consider this part of my feminism. They are two facets of the same ideology. Women are equal to men, so men are equal to women: the commutative property. As a feminist, I object to systematic unfair representation in trials, to ignoring rape and abuse in which men are victims, to bias in trials determining child custody and support.

I'm not misunderstanding feminism. With all due respect, I think you are (not just Ms. Pizzey but the rest of reddit as well.) There are radicalists in every movement, including feminism. However, most feminists aren't advocating for female supremacism, or separation, or censorship of unlike ideas. We advocate for equality. That's the definition.

This was more of a monologue than a question, really; I just want to voice my objection and know your thoughts on the matter.

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I didn't get that far. Like Fr-Josh, I found it way too graphic. I'll stick with the books for now--at least my imagination can skip from PG-13 to R and back whenever it needs a break.

I won't deny that it's great for picturing characters, because I can never imagine faces and the actors from GoT are so beautifully chosen. But the rape, really, is what gets me.

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Once I called 911 and promptly forgot my address. It was a few months after I'd moved into a college dorm and I hadn't had a reason to use the street address, only the building/room number. Since my school (a large state school) has its own police department I assumed they would have their own call center as well, because I don't know how these things work.

Anyway, since you speak for the trees, I would like to apologize for that incredibly frustrating call.