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He's on Reddit the rest of the time

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You're hoopier than I thought.

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I played clarinet for seven years, all throughout middle and high school. At the end of senior year we seniors went to an elementary school to do a "try out the instruments!" day and promote band...and sometimes we tried out each other's instruments. I found that I could make sounds on every woodwind instrument. The only ones that give me trouble are the saxophones (except Soprano sax, since it's way more similar to clarinet) and anything larger than an alto clarinet, since I have abnormally short pinky fingers and the keys get pretty hard to reach.

Basically, clarinetists can play basically any woodwind. Plus, it's generally a "solo" instrument, and while it's never in near as much demand as oboe and bassoon, it's still needed. The clarinet and flute rooms were some of the most competitive for all-state.

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I was in daycare for the first ten years of my life. I still remember some of the amazing ones. Usually I can picture general faces, can't remember names as well. I don't know if Ms.Yolanda is even in my hometown of San Antonio anymore, but she was awesome and I loved her.

Kids will remember you if you're not an asshole or forgettable, like the providers at the Children's World on Dublin in Colorado Springs. I don't remember their names but they were the worst of everyone...and I went to eleven different daycares.

Thanks for doing what you do, though.

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What's your favorite food? Do you have any 'rituals' you go through? Outside of weightlifting and training, what's your favorite thing to do?