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A really vague question here, but can you give us the play by play of that day? What happened? What were your first thoughts after it happened? Did you see the plane hit the building (as you're in newark, if I remember my georgraphy right thats within distance of seeing NYC)?, etc.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

BiZniZzY145 karma

It was a perfect day. No joke, bluest sky you've ever seen on the east coast. No clouds. At all.

This is all paraphrasing, vague, and only partially remembered. I've spent a lot of time repressing this shit. So if it's not totally accurate, I apologize...

It was the morning departure bank, business as usual. I was working ground control, about 20 planes give or take on the frequancy, making their way to the runway. Very routine. The first thing I personally noticed, was white smoke coming from the top of the North tower. It appeared to be steam. I was pretty new at the time, so I didn't say anything. Especially since no one else seemed to mind. It started "steaming" more and more, so finally I coudln't hold back any more, so I asked a long time veteran controller, a good friend of mine, who was working as a coordinator, what the heck was going on with the north tower. He jokingly told me to "shut your mouth and get back to working your planes dirtbag" (typical New Jersey way of responding to your friends...). then said he thought it was just the A/C units firing up on top of the tower. The morning condensation sometime steams off them when they do whatever they do.

Anyways, now everyone noticed that something was up. It was progressively getting worse, and now were starting to see some flames... On a whim, we start wondering if a plane might have hit the tower. Based on nothing, simply speculation. The supervisor, then called the tracon and asked them if they might be missing a plane. They said their was a small plane missing, no big deal. So he said, "I think we found your plane..."

They hung up, and all hell broke lose. I was a little out of the loop, because I was busy working. But suddenly there was a telecon. The supervisor at the time, in what seemed like five minutes, had EVERYONE on a speaker phone. Tracon, Center, Command Center, FBI, CIA, NSA, Port Authority, some other scary people.... Anyways, it was all some real time, serious shit. Anyways, rapidly we realized it was an air carrier, and there were more. We heard the call sign of one of the air craft, and pulled him up on a TSD (displays all the airborn IFR aircraft). I was a little busy at the time, but I remember looking back, and wondering why everyone but me was standing around this thing. So I look back, and see they have an aircraft tagged up. That's when I realize he's really damn close and we should be able to see him out the window. So, I look up, and there he is. I pointed at him, and said "there he is!" so everyone would look up basically, and stop huddling around the phone and TSD.

And, well, the rest is history. He dove down, banked hard, over the Verazano Bridge, made a few adjustments, and plowed into the south tower.

Shortly there after, we went to ATC 0. Whatever that was. They told us to send all the aircraft on final back to the new york tracon, and send everyone on the ground back the ramp. Now, we had nothing to do but watch the towers, and try to help all the helicopters do their thing.

It was a very long day. Anyways, with nothing coming in or out, people started wanting to go going home. So myself and one other person I think, the supervisor, stayed so people could go home and be with their families. The next couple day were a grind. It was just a few of us coming in basically, to work the helicopters in and out.

Anyways. It sucked. It eventually got better. Sorry, I need to take a break for a bit. I'll try and come back and answer some more questions later.

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I don't have a question for you, I just wanted to let you know that I have an extreme respect for you.

I work in primary flight control on a us navy carrier, and I work a lot with the ACs on my ship. You guys are awesome.

BiZniZzY32 karma

Thanks! We're still very short staffed, so consider joining our ranks when your military career ends!

Capta1nMcKurk3 karma

I tried joining your ranks, but the tests to join are tough as nails

BiZniZzY8 karma

It's not for everyone, that's for sure.

koryisma2 karma

What is involved?

BiZniZzY2 karma

You can check the NATCA and FAA webpages for the requirements.

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Did you or someone you know have contact with flight 93 before takeoff?

BiZniZzY79 karma

I read him his departure clearance/routing. I might have taxi'd him for take off too. If not, a good friend did. A very good friend of mine cleared him for take off.

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What, exactly did the military and cops do there? Ask questions, watch radar, and look through logs?

BiZniZzY26 karma

There were no military or police in the tower during the event. Afterwords, they had access to everything, obviously.

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What was your actual tower position? (APP/DPP/TWR/GND/DEL)

It must have been quite strange to have the quitest day in your working life be one of the most traumatic and tumultuous ones. What was the NOTAM that went out?

Considering the heading from airspace at which the planes flew into the towers and their height they would have been in Newarks control at the time (that said by then contact was already established as lost) so what was the controller, who's job it was to raise that aircraft at the time, like?

How did (in your opinion) your colleagues handle the fast grounding of every aircraft in their airspace and did you fear one of the planes you handled may have been the next weapon?

What made you become an ATC and how did you work your way to such a busy airport?

I think that's enough out of me! :D

BiZniZzY32 karma

I was working "Ground Control", or GC. Essentially, ground controls job is to get the planes to the runway, and back.

No idea what the NOTAM said exactly. To summarize, I'm sure it was something like, "Don't fly until we tell you to."

From what I hear, we did a pretty good job getting them down. Especially considering not only had ATC zero never been practiced or trained for, it hadn't even been brought up in casual conversation as a concept.

I started in the Military. Basically, I joined the Marine Corp, my recruiter lied to me and signed me up for some dumb shit, I got to my "school", there was a huge waiting list for said "dumb shit", and they offered me anything they offered. I said let me try that ATC thing... My face when I found out I wasn't gonna get any flashlights or paddles... ಠ_ಠ

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What was the first thing you thought as you noticed something was amiss?

BiZniZzY34 karma

I'm a pilot, or was, at one point. Anyways, first rule of flying, find a safe place to crash. Hijack never crossed my mind, initially. I honestly thought somehow the GPS system got screwed up, or, and I hate saying this, some controller went rogue and did some shit. I truly hate saying that. But one time, a loooong time ago, while jump seating to JFK in a VERY large aircraft.... the pilots blocked all the windows with maps, so the sun wouldn't blind them. Cool, right? Bricks were shat. Anyways, fast forward a bit... So as it's all going wrong, of all the implausible possibilities, the instant it the second plane hit, that seemed the most plausible to me. No way would a pilot, let alone a couple of them, drive their planes into the towers.

I still, to this day, feel horribly guilty about thinking that.

Spangel7 karma

Jump seating?

BiZniZzY17 karma

An extra seat in the cockpit of the aircraft. Usually reserved for aircrew, or other pilots who need a ride somewhere.

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You don't expect the spanish 7500

BiZniZzY8 karma



dddash9 karma

Part of your ID badge...proof of employment...the schooling you'd go through to be an air traffic controller

BiZniZzY16 karma

I can do that... Gimme a minute

beoheed13 karma

You might want to blur out some parts of your IDs

BiZniZzY16 karma

There's nothing really on them that anyone could do anything with. And the FAA knows I was there at the time. So it would take them all of 5 seconds to figure out who was posting on here anyways. I won't say anything that can't be stated publicly, or verified pretty much via google.

struggles_with_gate8 karma

What was the mood like when you saw the second plane hit? Did you have any contact with the hijacked planes?

BiZniZzY16 karma

Basically it was instant PTSD. I remember not being able to speak for about 30 seconds. But I had a lot of aircraft on my frequency, so "the work" kinda sucked me back into reality.

No contact with the aircraft that struck the towers or the Pentagon. The second aircraft that hit the south tower, we knew he was coming though. We were tracking him on a TSD (basically a nation wide display of the all the airborn aircraft). He turned his transponder off as he got close, so I looked out the window, and sure as shit there he was. I actually pointed, and said something like "there he is, or who's that". It's been a while... (Yes, I know... A buddy of mine was an extra in the movie. And in the movie, he "stole my line"! Obviously I gave him shit for it too.)

The one that crashed in Pennsylvania a few of us talked to him at some point. Before anything happened though.

Jackandahalfass3 karma

Did the movie makers consult you at all? Or anyone else "get your story" for any official or historical record?

BiZniZzY6 karma

Not me personally. But they did "hire" two controllers from the tower. Initially just as advisers. But they ended up just being in the movie playing themselves. One of them pretty much "stole" lines... No big deal really, we're friends.

Someone from a University/College did come around and interview all of us. I forget which one though. We also made written statements that I'm sure are on record somewhere

digiSal3 karma

Which movie is this?

SoverignPilot1 karma

Why do you think they waited so long to turn off the transponder? Would you still have been able to track them on the TSD? On 9/12 how did you feel? Was the airport empty the next day or were there relief/ military and law enforcement?

BiZniZzY3 karma

They probably either couldn't find it, or were like "Holy fuck we're actually doing this!", and were mildly distracted to say the least.

Maybe up until a point. I believe the TSD would "predict" the position for a bit, then drop the aircraft from the display.

Heavy. I remember everything just feeling, heavy. I don't know how else to put it really.

It was pretty empty as far as aircraft go. At least by EWR standards. Back then gate space was at a premium. It was pretty common to dump passengers, and pull the plane off the gate so they could unload the next plane. The planes that didn't get out that day obviously were still there. The ramps were all pretty much a ghost town. Hardly any ramp rats or other assorted airport minions. There was a lot of Helicopters coming in and out though. I never went into the terminal, but I imagine it was a ghost town too.

blackwidowbex6 karma

How did you and your colleagues deal with the aftermath of 9/11? Also, did you see a noticeable decline in commercial flights after the no fly limit was lifted?

BiZniZzY16 karma

Honestly, once the initially shock wore off, most of us just put our boots on and went back to work. Newark Tower has a very blue collar mentality. More so then any other ATC facility I've ever been to or visited. Hell, we stayed open continuously during the "events". And I believe we were the only one of the big three to do so. To never close, or evacuate.

Flights were definitely down big time, after things reopened. Who'd wanna get in a plane after that? But they rebounded slowly over the next five or six years. It just took a little time. I believe our numbers returned to normal a little faster then LGA and JFK though. But don't quote me on that. The actual numbers should be publicly available on the FAA or NATCA's website.

zaurefirem4 karma

What do you mean by "blue color mentality?"

BiZniZzY15 karma

We were, or are, very "worker bee" like. Most controllers, and especially the controllers at EWR, really enjoy the 'pushing tin' aspect of the job. So as long as there was work to do, they would do the work, come hell or high water. And just because there was this tragedy, happening in real time... Well, there was still work to do. So we did it. It wasn't fun working airplanes while looking out the window at the two largest buildings in the skyline on fire, no question. But we had a job to do, so we did it.

foooelz11 karma

I believe what you mean is 'blue collar', not judging for the mistake but just letting you know for the future. Thanks for the AMA, I'm in NJ so this is interesting/informative.

BiZniZzY5 karma

Thanks, and corrected!

dregofsociety5 karma

Ever witness a UFO incident that cannot be explained?

BiZniZzY17 karma

I've definitely seen UFO's, but never something that made me unequivocally think someone was fixin to catch an anal probing.

harley6134 karma

What is your personal educated opinion on all the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11?

BiZniZzY15 karma

I'm in a difficult position, because I had access to some information in real time, unfiltered. Information that is in conflict with information that came out later, after all the "facts" came out... I know that in the heat of battle, sometimes things get said that shouldn't be. Assumptions and opinions can get stated as if they are facts. But after the fact, the same information has had time to go through the machine, and get manipulated. So what's really true? I know that doesn't help. And I know what you'd like me to say. Which I suppose I'm indirectly saying by continuing to be vague and elusive.

Swagmomma2 karma

I wish I understood what this meant.

BiZniZzY5 karma

Well, for instance, there were reports of explosions going off rough the entire event. Days later, they said they weren't explosions, but the sound of a human body at terminal velocity hitting the deck.

mikeyb891 karma


BiZniZzY2 karma

Shenanigans. Shenanigans everywhere....

koryisma0 karma

Thanks for this. I was not a conspiracy theorist, but it seems as if-- if I can believe people on Reddit over these last few days who have posted in response to the AMA request-- the truth is hidden. I still don't think it was an inside job. But, man, I wonder if we will ever find out what happened or details that have been hidden in our lifetime.

Thanks for your honesty and your willingness to do such an open AMA on such a hard topic.

BiZniZzY0 karma

No prob. I don't believe it was our idea to do it. But upon learning of the plan, I wouldn't be surprised if some entities didn't take advantage of it.

Katon1234 karma

Hey! Just wondering, were you able to listen in on any of the conversations on board the hijacked planes? What did they say?

BiZniZzY13 karma

Nope. There are cockpit voice recorders in all the planes though. If the black boxes survived, I would imagine some of it's available online, or via the freedom of information act.

SoverignPilot4 karma

Someone in the FDNY said if it wasn't that clear that day more people would be alive. Do you agree? Did you have any contact witht the plane that took off out of Newark and was hijacked? When did things return to "normal" in terms of air traffic patterns. You said you saw the 2nd plane hit. Where were you when the first hit. You don't have to answer this but did you see the towers collapse?

BiZniZzY7 karma

I guess he's implying that the hijackers wouldn't have been able to find the towers if there was some weather. I don't know how familiar the hijackers were with the navigation equipment. If they knew which knobs to twist, they coulda gotten pretty damn close, regardless of the weather.

If you root around a bit, I've already answered your other questions.

Viper-S153 karma

What is your favourite commercial aircraft?

BiZniZzY6 karma

I like the long skinny ones for some reason. These are my two fav's.

Continental 757 300.


And Virgin's A340 600


Viper-S153 karma

Nice choice with the 757, I'm a fan of those too. I love how overpowered they are! :D

Virgin planes look nice. The interiors of A340s that I have seen all look ancient though, not just on Virgin.

Another one, which airline is your favourite? Not necessarily from personal experience of using them. It could be because you like their paint jobs, planes, pilots etc

BiZniZzY4 karma

The nice thing about the 757, and it's drivers, is they can do anything you ask. Go faster? Wilco! Go slower? Rodger! Climb faster!!!! No prob. Short approach? Here we go!

As far as airlines go, I tend like the ones who fly the planes well. Delta, Southwest, Usair... Those guys, you could tell the pilots liked flying.

ActualSpamBot3 karma

Did you see any sort of large or noticeable trend toward mental health difficulties among your fellow ATCs after the event? By that I mean were you guys hit as hard by PTSD and other problems as some first responders or survivors were?

BiZniZzY8 karma

Strangely enough, not really. I think because we all stayed initially, and kinda worked through it, it might have actually helped us. Plus the crew in the tower at the time was all pretty hard core kinda guys. A different era, or generation, so to speak. Some may have had some outside counseling. But everyone still seemed to have their "A" game after business picked back up. EWR... At the time, if you didn't have your shit together, would send you packing pretty fast, if you couldn't hack it.

haveanupvote24243 karma

How did it change you professionally? Did you become more cautious as a controller? Did you view your job any differently? How long did it take you to stop replaying it in your mind over and over while on the job?

BiZniZzY10 karma

The business of ATC, moving traffic, didn't change so much. Obviously we were all a little edgy once things started moving again. But back then, aviation was at it's peak, so there wasn't time to really dwell to much, or be "cautious". EWR was nonstop, so you delay one guy, and you delay them all.

As far as replaying it over and over, once the planes started flying again... Basically, it was walk up into the tower, see the big hole in the skyline, say "fuck that sucks", and then get back to business. We didn't really talk about it. At all. The only time I'd ever even think about it, was when I was by myself and something in the news would pop up, or when someone else would bring it up away from work. I'll admit though, when that American flight crashed departing out of Kennedy... That sucked. Bad.

LeMeJustBeingAwesome3 karma

Has there been a massive increase in security since 9/11 and, if so, has it helped or hindered your work/personal life?

BiZniZzY10 karma

There has been an increase in the level of awareness, procedures, training, as well as better communication. People know what to do now. Versus everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

It hasn't affected the business of ATC. We can still move planes just as fast and efficient as before. General Aviation can get a little beat up. They can't fly as direct as they used to now. Plus they have a little more trouble flying into certain airports. Security protocols and such.

Youson0fab1tch3 karma

What happened to the tapes from that day?

BiZniZzY5 karma

All the audio tapes were transcribed and should be public record. I believe you can find them online. No idea about the radar tapes. The Telecon was unrecorded on our end.

KonDon3 karma

Have you heard Norman Mineta's testimony, and do you think there might be some truth to Cheney issuing a stand down order?

BiZniZzY1 karma

Yes. And it's within reason, considering the chaos.

KonDon1 karma

I don't understand the second part, you think Cheney issued the stand down, because of the chaos of the event??

BiZniZzY1 karma

I don't think anything really. But I'm sure if Cheney was in a position where he had to make a decision, I'm sure he'd have done so is all.

jeb9363 karma

Is 9/11 actually the craziest day you've had on the job or have there been worse?

BiZniZzY12 karma

By far 9/11 was the worst. It was just the mental anguish really. Not knowing what was going on... And then to come into work and see the big hole where the towers used to be... The constant reminder of it all every single day... But as far as difficulty and complexity, not even close. Newark used to pump some serious tin. Every day was an airshow. Now I work traffic into and out of IAD though. A few years ago, there was a little airline called Independance... This place was a mad house when they were flying. Good times.

2d20x1 karma

Was that the airline that took people to Iraq?

BiZniZzY2 karma

Nah. It was a little regional carrier. They went from 0, to 1000, and back to 0 in about a years time. It made life very interesting, to say the least.

mrthemike1 karma

I'm curious in what way a new air carrier that rapidly expands would affect your day to day job. Aren't the protocols the same as with other airlines?

BiZniZzY2 karma

The protocols are the same. A wise man once said, you can't put 10 lbs of potatoes in a five pound bag....

caadbury3 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. My questions are less about 9/11 and more about your career, hope you don't mind.

  • Did you transition from the military straight to EWR, or did you start your civilian career at a minor field?
  • In a previous answer, you said you're in ZDC now. Are you still working ground, or have you moved to a different position? Was the move your decision, or were you reassigned?
  • Is there an "us v. them" mentality between the TRACON guys and the tower crews?

Thanks again!

BiZniZzY4 karma

My career was all over the place. First ATC experience was with the Marine Corp. Then I had to go to a CTI school (Beaver). After that, I went to a non-fed facility, ran by Airborne Express. They ran their own airport in Wilmington Ohio. Then I got picked up by the FAA, with Newark as my first facility. Now I work at the Potomac Tracon (PCT), Shenandoah sector. I work (radar) planes in andout of IAD, HEF, MRB, FDK, and a few other smaller GA airports.

I was facility rated at Newark though, so I worked everything from clearance, to ground, to local (tower). The move to PCT was just to try something different (radar vs tower), and to make some of my hobbies more convenient.

There is definitely a bit of a rivalry between tower and radar. What's important to them, is not always important to us, and vice versa. Not a big deal though. It just makes work more interesting.

kennys_logins3 karma

What are your hobbies?

BiZniZzY4 karma

I've been racing motorcycles for about 11 years. You could call it semi-pro racing. Google WERA and CCS for a better idea.

novaguy282 karma

First ever question for me on Reddit after lurking so long. Great AMA and thank you for sharing. Has the event's of 911 changed your views on humanity at all? Has it made you more skeptical of people you don't know? Thanks again.

BiZniZzY2 karma

No prob, and your welcome.

In the grand scheme of evil deeds man has perpetrated, this is pretty tame. So my opinion of humanity is pretty much the same as it ever was. On average, we mostly look out for our own interests it seems. All though on occasion, we do have our moments.

I wouldn't say I'm any more skeptical either. I've never really been one to hold the opinion of those in power, or those who seek power, in high regard.

felt_like_being_nice2 karma

What are your thoughts surrounding Building 7?

BiZniZzY9 karma

Yeah.... That's some sketchy shit, ain't it? We are obviously a nation of sheep with incredibly short attention spans.

ihave_problems2 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA. My question is your opinion on the various conspiracy theories. Frankly I find them completely political in motive and disrespectful. As someone who was there tht day an fully involved, what do you say?

BiZniZzY0 karma

I think that if you blindly follow what the authorities tell you, you give incentive to people seeking power, who have no business seeking it. It's the duty of every free person to question those who would attempt to control them.

stellwagen2 karma

How close are planes allowed to fly to downtown NY?

Is there any emergency call that can be made to signal miltary/combat planes to take down a hijacked plane?

BiZniZzY9 karma

I work in the DC area now, so I can't say with 100% certainty what all the rules are for the NYC area. But I believe there's an ADIZ around NYC now, which provides for some restrictions. As far as I know, VFR aircraft are still allowed to fly up and down the Hudson River, as long as they're talking to ATC. Beyond that, I'd recommend google, or you can check out the what's available on the FAA's website. It's pretty thorough.

Everything flying over NYC and DC is heavily monitored. And there's a "hotline", being monitored in real time, where ATC can communicate with the appropriate authorities.

DeathB4DNF4 karma

In the DC area, thanks. If I ever run into you, I'll buy you a beer.

BiZniZzY18 karma

Yuengling or Guinness please!

grackychan2 karma

Hi BiZniZzY, do you still work at Newark today? I'm assuming after this time you've stepped into some other facilities like TWR, TRACON or CTR. Which do you like most?

BiZniZzY7 karma

I moved to Potomac Tracon about 7 years ago. But I like the tower the best. Looking out a window beats sitting in a dark room hands down. It feels more real, more hands on, less video game-ish, I suppose. However, at least where I work, there's more opportunities to work busy traffic in radar. So the actual "work" is more fun. But for quality of life reasons, I would prefer to be in a tower.

RodeoRuck1 karma

Would you ever consider an up-down facility? And if so, are they really competitive to get an offer?

BiZniZzY2 karma

I would love an up down facility. Unfortunately the up/downs tend to be a little smaller and slower paced. The busier ones have all either been split, and/or consolidated.

They're not any more competitive or difficult to get into though.

Jvaccaro2 karma

What were your thoughts when you you heard about the first plane hitting the tower?

BiZniZzY3 karma

See above.

pman10432 karma

When a plane deviates off course (be it hijack or malfunction or otherwise), who's job is it to first notice it and try to contact the plane?

BiZniZzY10 karma

Airliners are in constant communication with ATC. And for the most part, are constantly monitored for the duration of the flight. If one goes off course, for all intents and purposes it's noticed immediately by the controller in charge of the piece of airspace the aircraft is flying through. He would then inquire with the aircraft as to the nature of the problem,and take appropriate corrective action.

Not all aircraft are utilizing ATC services, or flying via a constant route.

AndroidApe1 karma

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the first plane wasn't noticed, was it? Why was that?

BiZniZzY6 karma

It wasn't noticed by ATC, that I know of. I can't speak on what exactly was going on from the radar controllers perspective. I'm sure they noticed it turn off course. But they still would have been able to track it, even if it turned off it's transponder. The only reason for losing track of it, would be if they descended below the limits of radar coverage. Or if it flew off the lateral edge of someones radar coverage, and the controller was unable to affect a "non arts", non-tracked "handoff" of just the "blip" to the next controller in a fashion in which he could find the aircraft.

As far as why we at Newark Tower didn't see it, it's flight path was blocked by the world trade center. He approached from the Northeast, from the backside of the WTC, relative to our perspective in the tower.

No irony intended...

AndroidApe1 karma

...None taken

That's a bit weird though, right? I mean, that's a fair list of consequences that have affected that outcome.

BiZniZzY3 karma

Not being there with the controllers in Boston and New York that were working that particular aircraft/airspace when it went rogue, I'd hate to judge what went down, and why it wasn't seen. Hindsight is 20/20 though, so I'm sure some people probably wish they would have done more. But in the end, nothing would have changed. The planes were going to fast, and we didn't have a contingency plan for this sort of thing.

bertie3431 karma

How long have you been working at EWR? Do you still work there? How true is the book Exit 13A?

BiZniZzY0 karma

I worked there for 6 years. From July 99, until December 2006.

I've never read that book, but I'll take a look. I think that guy mighta got fired from the FAA right before I got to Newark. Or maybe he retired.... Anyways, he was still pretty infamous there when I got there. I wish I could remember some of the stories about him... I know at one point he spent a day or so standing in the tower managers yard holding a sign calling him an asshole, or something to the effect. I imagine the book is fairly accurate. Anything you could make up probably wouldn't be as entertaining as the truth.

Applepica1 karma

Hi. Do you think it could be done again? Is current security really enough?

BiZniZzY20 karma

Security is as good as it can be in a free society. I don't believe we'll see air carriers involved in a similar scenario. The pilots and passengers wouldn't let it happen... So I wouldn't worry about that to much. But... Not much is stopping anyone from walking into a little airport and borrowing a smaller plane though. And if it's a fast plane, there's nothing we can do really, accept for be a witness. The DC area is pretty well protected from shenanigans though. We keep a pretty good watch around here, and they have fighters on standby ready to rock.

Cooptroop231 karma

Where were you when the first plane hit? We're you in the Newark tower watching it or did you find out watching the news? Also what did you think when you saw the towers fell?

BiZniZzY3 karma

I was in the tower, working the "ground control" position. So it happened in real time, right in front of us. EWR is, or was, only a few miles from the WTC. Closer then LGA and JFK, if memory serves. So we had a pretty good view.

When the first tower started falling... It was just complete denial. Mouth wide open, this cannot be possible, this is not actually happening sort of stuff. That was quickly replaced by gut wrenching sadness. I assumed the towers were "full". And we knew there were police, fire fighters, port authority, and ems in the tower responding.

spritef1 karma

thanks for doing this ama!

BiZniZzY4 karma

No prob!

lumpking691 karma

How much did you make?

How stressful is the job?

BiZniZzY5 karma

I currently work at a level 11 facility, and make six figures. I'm not gonna give you the exact amount. For that, you'll hafta work on your googlefu. The info is out there.

The stress is different for different people. The better you are, the less stressful it is. When everything is going according to plan, and there's no weather events, I've been more stressed out playing Half Life. But throw some oddball human factors in, add in a thunderstorm, or a pinch of mechanical problems... And blood pressure can elevate pretty quick.

erstwhIsles1 karma

Were there any changes to protocols for ATC's after 9/11?

BiZniZzY3 karma

Not really. Just a heightened state of awareness, some improved security training and procedures, and a few airspace restrictions. But as far as what we did, or do, on a day to day basis, it stayed pretty much the same.

comradeblueballs1 karma

Let it be known that in asking this question I intend no insinuations or implications whatsoever, just trying to spark discussion/get some truth.

Do you think "United 93" (the film) got it right? By "it", I mean the circumstances surrounding the crash.

BiZniZzY3 karma

Well, it followed the governments story pretty accurately.... But I don't believe that's what happened at all.

epicforlife0 karma

Do you like chocolate milk?

BiZniZzY8 karma

Who doesn't? Aside from the fuckin' commies, that is.... Strawberry Quik is the bomb tho, yo.

[deleted]1 karma

Strawberry Quik is the greatest

you are the greatest

BiZniZzY1 karma


Strawberry Quik is pretty good stuff though.

coasterboard0 karma

Can you recite the phonetic alphabet backwards? If so, how fast?

BiZniZzY2 karma

I dunno... CAN YOU?????

AnotherMilitaryAMA-7 karma

  1. Do you think the US military should immediately get out of Afghanistan? Why or why not?

  2. Do you believe the US military is creating more enemies by continuing to occupy Afghanistan?

  3. Why do you think the US military is still in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2013?

  4. Do you believe the official story of 9/11?

BiZniZzY10 karma

1) Finish what you start.

2) That's a funny question... Haters gonna hate. Not much you can do about that.

3) Because 'Murica. (Because we're commited to finishing what we started.)

4) Welp.... I know what I know. What I heard on secure lines. Anyways, I didn't click your link, but obviously we've convientiently forgotten or left out a few tidbits here and there to make people move on quicker.

newtonsapple2 karma

but obviously we've convientiently forgotten or left out a few tidbits here and there to make people move on quicker


BiZniZzY1 karma

It's all pretty much on youtube.

koryisma1 karma

Flight 93?

BiZniZzY1 karma

If go back and watch and listen to some of the live media replays, as things were happening, you'll hear a few things that were never mentioned again in the following days.

That doesn't mean they were true necessarily though. But it's strange that they were never spoken about again.

FordTech1 karma

Murica is a type of sea slug

BiZniZzY2 karma

That's what the Al Quedas want us to think.

BiZniZzY15 karma


gethereddout-5 karma

Yeah, it was. And I'd be curious what OP has to say about David Ray Griffin's thorough analysis of the many inherent contradictions in the official accounts of the plane movements and official responses. To give just one example, in order to accept the current NORAD version, one must also accept that they were lying for five years when claiming the former version. Most folks who have "accepted" the official story don't even really understand the logical contradictions and gross statistical improbabilities they are placing their confidence in.

BiZniZzY2 karma

I haven't read DRG's analysis. Nor any official story put out by the government. But I do believe there was more going on. Some people obviously had an idea that something was going to happen. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if someone had a piece of paper on their desk saying the exact date and time. And I wouldn't be surprised if some people in the towers had a heads up shit was about to go down. Such is the way of the world now a days...

Anyways, I don't want to state why I think the way I think, because in the end, I can't prove anything. I know it's shitty to sit here and say "Look at me! I know something you don't know." Sorry about that. But at one point or another, everything I know, or heard, for the most part, was in the live media broadcasts. Sometimes very briefly.... Why it didn't make it into the media reports the next day is above my pay grade.

BrodyApproves-10 karma

Do you have a daughter named Jane?

BiZniZzY7 karma

No, but I have an uncle named Bob.

(I don't have an uncle named Bob.)