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It's not a joke.

The joke is the population number: 201

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mind sharing your most common fixes?

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2 fast 4 light

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Issues I'm immidiately seeing in the report:

  • No negative control test. (device turned on but aerosol is not loaded with viral particles.)
  • Coronavirus has a 50 nm to 140 nm size, while the MS2 virion is about 27 nm.
  • While MS2 is a nice substitute for noroviruses, does the same also applies to coronavirusses?
  • Minute ventilation during moderate exercise can be between 40 and 60 l/min, while the highest tested flow rate is only 30l/min

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Have your results been peer-reviewed and published, or will they be in the future? If not, what are the reasons for you to not do so?