I am Rich Moore, Director of Wreck-It Ralph. You may know some of my previous work including The Simpsons, Futurama, and The Critic. AMA!

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UPDATE #1 (1:30pm PST): Stepping away for a bit. Will be back at 4:00pm PST to answer more questions. Keep 'em coming!

UPDATE #2 (3:50pm PST): I'm back! Will be able to answer questions til about 6:00pm PST.

I'm gonna reddit!

UPDATE #3 (6:00pm PST): Thank you Redditors! It's been a pleasure talking with you today. THANK YOU for all your kind words, they are appreciated immensely.

And to all my talented friends and colleagues at Dreamworks, I love you guys. I wish you much success with RISE OF THE GUARDIANS and a happy, healthy relationship with 20th Century Fox.

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Dreweyes1720 karma

What do you think of these Wreck-It Ralph t-shirt designs I created? ♥ http://i.imgur.com/Bukkq.jpg

RichMooreWIR1709 karma

I LOVE them! The OUT OF ORDER one is my favorite. Sweet and ironic!

RichMooreWIR2600 karma

Btw-- I'm forwarding your link to our legal department.

Danocracy1074 karma

were there any problems getting the rights to use all those game characters?

RichMooreWIR2222 karma

Not really, but a certain Italian plumber had a problem getting a work visa.

dburgh927 karma

What concerns did you have going into production of the film? Was there anything in particular you were worried about?

RichMooreWIR2595 karma

Dreamworks stealing the idea, slapping it together and getting it out first.

xipetotec1973896 karma

What's YOUR favorite videogame?

RichMooreWIR1483 karma

Old school: tabletop Pac Man

New school:Mario Kart

your_friends_cat779 karma

How many hours were wasted spent playing video games as "research"?

RichMooreWIR1743 karma

Not hours, years. Many many years.

And I consider that all "pre-development work".

Bundabar739 karma

Mr. Moore, thank you for the great movie. My 4 year old son's "Hulk SMASH!" has been replaced with "I'm gonna WRECK IT!"

RichMooreWIR1196 karma

Thank you! My condolences to your household.

oatmealjake663 karma

Did Sarah Silverman request that there be "duty" jokes in the movie? Or did you make that call yourself?

RichMooreWIR940 karma

That was duty collaboration!

Ronaldhennessy649 karma

Any word on the Wreck-It Ralph sequel I hear? P.S. Vanellope rocks!

RichMooreWIR893 karma

I would jump on it in a New York minute-- I LOVE these characters and the people who play them. And yes, Vanellope indeed rocks!

InhaleBot900594 karma

What game are you most excited for in the future? Also, loved the Metal Gear reference!

RichMooreWIR1300 karma

I put off playing Skyrim while making the movie, so I look forward to disappearing into its clutches now that the film's done.


swimman1998502 karma

First off, movie was GREAT (if you haven't seen it, go see it now). What was the biggest challenge behind making the movie?

RichMooreWIR814 karma

Making a film with 3 distinct worlds, well 4 if you count Game Central Station, actually 5 if you count the arcade... the credits were kind of a world too if you think about it... wait, what was the question again?

hawaiianpunch76149 karma

I really loved that aspect and how it all still felt like one cohesive story in the end. Were there other worlds that were in the running for the movie? A RPG type world perhaps?

juliusaurus129 karma

I believe there was going to be a Sims/GTA type of world that never made it into the final version.

RichMooreWIR367 karma

Extreme EZ Livin' 2!

hawaiianpunch76456 karma

Who decided AKB48 would be good to do the Sugar Rush theme song and how did that all come about? Because that was a perfect combination of sugary pop and sugary themed game.

RichMooreWIR425 karma

Our Music Supervisor Tom MacDougall brought AKB48 to my attention and I've been a fan ever since. I'm with you, I think they're the perfect sound for Sugar Rush.

the-real-klockworks408 karma

Which was your favorite department to work with at Disney and why?

RichMooreWIR1060 karma

They're all wonderful to work with, but Forrest in the Security Department has all the best gossip.

jdllama385 karma

Whose call was it to include a kill screen in the logo at the very end?

That, as a classic gamer, was the thing that made me laugh the hardest, because it showed that the people who made this are true nerds, and it's why I tell everyone I can to go see it. Thank you for your incredible work!

EDIT: A request, as well, one that I figure may be ignored but that's fine: A screenshot of that logo, all kill-screened. If not, absolutely no worries at all, but again, that meant so much :)

RichMooreWIR430 karma

I think it was Clay Kaytis' idea. Yes we are nerds. And geeks.

I'll work on that screenshot for you.

bigjimd367 karma

My 6 year old daughter keeps asking me how Turbo got into Candy Rush after getting turned off. I told her He was hiding in Central Station for a few years but i'm hoping you have a better answer, and she will think I am very cool for having asked the director!

RichMooreWIR723 karma

We thought of it this way: He escaped Road Blasters before it was unplugged, lived in the bowels of GCS growing more and more bitter, learned a thing or two about code, saw Sugar Rush plugged in and made his move before anyone played the game. That's our story and we're stickin' to it.

FixItFelixJr365 karma

Was Alan Tudyk directed to do a Mad Hatter/Ed Wynn impersonation, or was it just an amazing, astounding coincidence? Either way, he rocked it.

RichMooreWIR321 karma

Who is this Ed Wynn guy everybody keeps talking about?!

Alan's awesome and great to work with. I'd love him to come back in the future as an entirely new character.

insidethemagic317 karma

Why didn't you use licensed video game characters for more important roles than just cameos? It seems Q*Bert was the only one that had any real importance to the story.

RichMooreWIR765 karma

One word: nepotism. Q*bert's a second cousin on my mom's side.

sir_mo_of_mustaches274 karma

I just want to say that I loved the movie and it brought back so many memories. :3 thank you

RichMooreWIR281 karma

Thank you, the pleasure was all mine.

RichMooreWIR373 karma

You just ruined the movie for us!! But seriously, she learned how to master it when she saved herself from Turbo.

DredPirateStorm69 karma

It took forever for me to figure out how to make spoilers on here too ;)

RichMooreWIR166 karma

Amen to that. Cut me a break, Reddit!

tehaleks59 karma

Would she be able to leave the game afterward though or is she still stuck there because of having the glitch?

RichMooreWIR217 karma

Yep, she can leave. She was the bridesmaid at Felix and Calhoun's wedding

RichMooreWIR279 karma

Hey, I figured out the spoiler function!

InhaleBot900162 karma

Kind of reminded me of the Matrix where Neo could see code after leaving the Matrix?

RichMooreWIR239 karma


onegoodthought221 karma

How annoyed are you with everyone calling this a Pixar movie?

RichMooreWIR638 karma

Hey, it's better than calling it a Dreamworks movie.

blackrangerpower218 karma

What is your favorite episode of "The Simpsons" that you have directed?

RichMooreWIR495 karma

I have 3 favorites in no particular order:

Marge vs. The Monorail Cape Feare Lisa's Substitute

KillahHills10304218 karma

Just want your opinion on the Disney buying Lucas thing. From a director's standpoint and a personal standpoint.

RichMooreWIR662 karma

I think it's AWESOME!

I'm on the set on Star Wars VII right now. It looks amazing!

AmberHeartsDisney213 karma

Where are the hidden mickeys?

bigjerm205 karma

what arcade game have you spent the most money on?

RichMooreWIR515 karma


logically160 karma

What do you think Jay Sherrman would say about, "Wreck-it Ralph"?

RichMooreWIR408 karma

HOTCHIE MOTCHIE! Subway, eat fresh!

tecpaocelotl152 karma

Whose idea was it to make the movie? Great idea. Someone needs to thank that person.

RichMooreWIR383 karma

His name is John Lasseter and his phone # is KLondike5-3226. Ask about the employee discount!

theaficionado149 karma

Futurama and the Simpsons are some of my favorite shows! What was it like working with Matt Groening?

RichMooreWIR209 karma

It was a huge pleasure working with Matt on both shows. He's always been one of my favorite cartoonists.

Hermyoni33132 karma

Which character from Wreck It Ralph can you most identify with?

RichMooreWIR266 karma

Definitely Ralph... and I'm not sure what that says about me exactly.

Koopakiller11102 karma

Ooh, okay, so:

Ever been on any crazy adventures?

What's your favorite color?

Favorite Band/Artist?

If you could have one dumb super power (like the ability to mind meld with llamas) what would it be?

How would you utilize your new ability?

RichMooreWIR529 karma

Yes. I'd tell you about it, but I can't spell Tijuana.



The ability to create a soft baked-style chocolate chip cookie so soft, that it would bring peace to the Middle East.

Tymo5599 karma

Loved the movie Rich! I just thought you should know that for some reason, the 2nd time I saw it, the end scene with Ralph and the Mento's Volcano made me cry EVEN THOUGH I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! Clearly you're some kind of warlock.


My question to you is, was it hard coming up with the layout for the arcade and Game Central Station and making sure everything fit together right, as well as coming up with the differnt styles of each loading dock? It seemed like a lot of work went into that!


RichMooreWIR152 karma

I'm no warlock. I'm an enchanter.

Our design and story department put a lot of thought into GCS and I think the final result is outstanding. I will pass your kind words on to them all.

TMorrii89 karma

My first date is this weekend. Would you recommend taking her to see your movie, Taken 2, or skyfall?

First date with this particular girl, not my first ever:P haha. I'm not that bad;)

RichMooreWIR394 karma

You'd take her her to Taken 2 without seeing Taken first? what kind of date is this?

TheRealEman31 karma

Is there any chance of making actual video games from the fictional ones in the movie? I would love to play Sugar Rush at parties and online!

RichMooreWIR57 karma

I would really like to see Sugar Rush as a genuine, for-real game. I'd never leave my home!