Rich Moore

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animation director and a business partner in Rough Draft Studios, best known for his work on The Simpsons.

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Btw-- I'm forwarding your link to our legal department.

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Dreamworks stealing the idea, slapping it together and getting it out first.

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Not really, but a certain Italian plumber had a problem getting a work visa.

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Not hours, years. Many many years.

And I consider that all "pre-development work".

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I LOVE them! The OUT OF ORDER one is my favorite. Sweet and ironic!

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Old school: tabletop Pac Man

New school:Mario Kart

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I put off playing Skyrim while making the movie, so I look forward to disappearing into its clutches now that the film's done.


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Thank you! My condolences to your household.

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They're all wonderful to work with, but Forrest in the Security Department has all the best gossip.

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That was duty collaboration!