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Loved the movie Rich! I just thought you should know that for some reason, the 2nd time I saw it, the end scene with Ralph and the Mento's Volcano made me cry EVEN THOUGH I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! Clearly you're some kind of warlock.


My question to you is, was it hard coming up with the layout for the arcade and Game Central Station and making sure everything fit together right, as well as coming up with the differnt styles of each loading dock? It seemed like a lot of work went into that!


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While we're at it, Let me throw in Adomian's name in the proverbial ring for the same thing!

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If you could host any show/podcast other than Comedy Bang Bang! which would you choose? (Hypothetically. You could still host Comedy Bang Bang too.)

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Why Tammy?

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OK, so you're a pretty busy guy. How do you find time to juggle both work...and family?