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Why didn't you use licensed video game characters for more important roles than just cameos? It seems Q*Bert was the only one that had any real importance to the story.

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It's a shame Tron: Uprising ended as soon as it did. Were you disappointed? Had you ever been in discussion to continue work on another season? (Thanks again for the autographed soundtrack!)

Looking ahead to Oblivion, will fans of your Tron work hear anything familiar in that score?

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Bonus points for not shutting him down.

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Brilliant. Glad to see you here!

Jason Segel's film was a smash success, but the new one is tracking to not hold up as well with less of a nostalgia factor. So my question is: Are the Muppets better in small doses? Now that "they're back," can the Muppets really hold their own as stars of films with today's audiences? Or are short form YouTube videos a better home for them?

By the way, your performance at the 2011 D23 Expo was incredible. I can die happy having seen that and the live performance of "Rainbow Connection" by Kermit and Rowlf. Pure magic.

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Do you think Muppet*Vision 3D should remain a permanent part of Disney's parks, given it was one of the very last projects your father worked on? If an update to it were ever presented to you, would you consider it or does it need to be preserved?