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Turn those upvotes into downvotes. The reddit way to express discontent (in addition to the comments).

It really was a very crummy PR stunt to do this AMA as solely a promotional stunt.

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Just want your opinion on the Disney buying Lucas thing. From a director's standpoint and a personal standpoint.

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More specifically, Jimmy Buffet (boomer icon), Billy Joel (boomer icon), and the woman the Police wrote a song about in the 80s named Roxanne (an icon of people who eventually became boomers). It's all coming together.

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Thanks for answering the publics questions.

-Do you have more plans for diesels to be used in the US, now that the Titan's Cummins was unveiled?

-How do you ensure your dealership network in the US takes care of its employees? I have a job application for the local Nissan dealership on my desk but I'm unsure what their work environment is like.

  • What is your plan to move Nissan into the future (more diesel and electric vehicles? Turbocharged powerplants?)

  • Any news on the new GT-R?