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Hey Reddit, we are Blue Man Group. Ask us anything…truly anything we have no filter.

Where did the Blue Men come from? How do you even become a Blue Man? Why do you only wear black? What did you have for lunch?

The Blue Men will be answering these questions, but in case their responses prompt more questions we brought along members from our Blue Man New York team to help...

Meet the team!

Dustin Fontaine: Blue Man

Wes Day: Blue Man

Murph Aucamp: Blue Man Band

Chris Schultz: Blue Man Band

Tascha Van Auken: Manager, Casting & Training

Carly Anders: Props & Deck Supervisor

Sarah Lawrence: Wardrobe & Makeup Supervisor

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myops_rock1605 karma

What did you think of the Tobias Fünke Blue Man theme in Arrested Development?

What color was he? Blue!

bluemangroup1983 karma

Tobias is one of our lesser acolytes. What he lacks in skills he makes up for with dedication and loyalty.

The color is International Klein Blue



ForkShirtUp233 karma

I would say you guys have help but Tobias would blue himself, right?

El_Zarco108 karma

Gotta be a better way to say that.

Tato7069344 karma

As an add on to this, do you always blue yourself or do you have someone whose job it is to blue you?

bluemangroup445 karma

We have a team of Wardrobe and Makeup members who help the guys get ready for each show. -Bernadette, Production Stage Manager

Fair-Picture706250 karma


bluemangroup101 karma

Probably with a duel. Dual? Duel. Or a jousting match.



Froggy_Canuck565 karma

Ever get any skin reactions from wearing the blue paint all the time at your shows (even if I assume it's some organic stuff)?

bluemangroup775 karma

Its a pretty mild makeup. I do like to use a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizer.



DriedUpSquid561 karma

Do you live in a blue house with a blue little window?

bluemangroup288 karma

We like a lot of natural sunlight, so our windows are pretty big



eastbayted536 karma

How do you respond to the accusation that The Blue Man Group is a total rip-off of The Smurfs?

DelTrigger497 karma

How long does it take to blue yourself?

bluemangroup915 karma

We give ourselves an hour, but I can lick it and stick it in 16 minutes.



nurfi482 karma

Have you ever been recognized in public after you deblue yourself? What was the reaction if so?

bluemangroup776 karma

Someone asked me once if I was Chris Angel. I said nope. But he came and saw the show (in Vegas) and was delightful. Hope this helps.



TheTrueDeraj422 karma

I was really into BMG's music in college, but the lack of newer albums definitely didn't help me stay on the bandwagon.

So, I have two questions -

One - it's been seven-ish years since the last album. Anything new that we should keep our eyes out for within the next year or so?

Two - One of my favorite things about the band is the experimentation with what can be an instrument. Since the release of THREE, are there any particular sounds that you've discovered in the last seven years that you're very pleased with, that album listeners haven't heard yet?

bluemangroup509 karma

Keep a look out for our latest music video and song developed with a technique called bio sonification. I think its pretty neat. And it may come out the end of this month. We're polishing it up now.



bluemangroup376 karma

1- We're writing new music as we type this! Keep your eyes out for a new music video coming to screens everywhere. I happen to have had the immense pleasure of performing on the track and in the video.

2-Funny you should ask! BIO-SONIFICATION

P.S. - The North American Tour that recently ran all over the US, Canada, and Mexico was chock-full of new music!!

See also: chockfull and chock-full


1 English

1.1 Alternative forms

1.2 Etymology

1.3 Pronunciation

1.4 Adjective

1.4.1 Translations

1.4.2 See also

1.5 References


Alternative forms

chocked full, chock-full, chockfull, choke-full

chuck-full, chuck full (dated)


From Middle English chokkeful (“crammed full”) c. 1400, possibly from choke (“cheek”), equivalent to cheek +‎ full. Or it may be from Old French choquier (“collide, crash, hit”), similar to shock.[1]

The later form chock-a-block full is due to association with chock, used in carpentry and shipbuilding.


IPA(key): /ˌtʃɒk ˈfʊl/


chock full (comparative more chock full, superlative most chock full)

(informal) Containing the maximum amount possible, flush on all sides, jam-packed, crammed.

That article is chock-full of errors


±containing the maximum amount


DrewSmoothington382 karma

Where do your ears go under that makeup? Is there a cap that also comes with the costume?

JeffRyan1381 karma

Do certain facial structures/head shapes "look" better as a Blue Man than others?

bluemangroup496 karma

We have Blue Men with all different shaped heads! Oblong, round, heart, triangle, square, oval, diamond - all are probably represented somewhere in our cast! -Tascha

jdlg1983342 karma

What make-up or blue goo do you use on your heads? It always looked so thick and gloopy like it had the consistency of axle grease

bluemangroup527 karma

Hi! We use a theatrical grease paint that is very thick and almost has the consistency of axle grease!


williamblair327 karma

do you ever refer to yourselves as the "Bald and the Blue-tiful?"

bluemangroup397 karma

I will now



tangojwhiskey301 karma

Why so blue? I mean, why blue and not red or yellow?

bluemangroup517 karma

Yves Klein was a big inspiration for Chris, Matt, and Phil (originators). Look him up! The color we used is based on his shade of cobalt blue.



tdjustin292 karma

How many total people in the world are official Blue Men? How many Blue Men per theatre or traveling production? Do you all know each others parts? (Can you swap out Throwing Marshmallow Blue Man with Catching Marshmallow Blue Man before show time or does it always have to be the same?)

I need some Blue Man Logistics.

bluemangroup551 karma

We have over 70 Blue Men performing around the world right now. Every theater and tour has a different number of performers depending on how many shows, most have a cast of around 6.

When a new Blue Man trains, they train into only one role, but they will cross-train into the other roles after a period of time performing. Most of our Blue Men know all three roles which means - YES, they can catch AND throw marshmallows.


NaturalSprinkles247131 karma

Sort of an administration question here… when you script out which role does what, is it “BLUE MAN 1?” “SCARED BLUE MAN?” How do you reference the different blue men?

bluemangroup172 karma

Left, Center and Right. Each Blue Man role is a little different in expressions and actions. Plus every actor brings something different to their Blue Man style.

BoomanShames252 karma

as someone who has never heard any of you speak, how would you describe what you sound like?

bluemangroup662 karma

hmmm... Like if Frank Sinatra and General Grievous had a cat that loved to drum.



ChristopherJngs210 karma

What are the worst logistical hurdles you have to jump through to get BMG to another theater? I imagine managers get pretty anxious once you start discussing ponchos and medical cameras.

bluemangroup350 karma

Thankfully, many of our shows (except our tours!) have stayed in the same place for a while, and many of our theaters have just as many quirks as the show itself, so we’ve been able to grow in and adapt with them to fit our unusual (and messy) technical needs! It’s not very glamorous, but I think the biggest hurdle all the shows— especially the props departments :) — face is often storage-related: we do a LOT of shows with a lot of consumables (one-and-done use)! You mentioned ponchos, but there’s also bulk orders of Twinkies, freight pallets of Cap’n Crunch, and enough paint to put your local craft store out of business!

  • Carly

bluemangroup194 karma

Our sets are typically quite large. Sometimes getting our band lofts and elevated platforms into historic theatres on tour becomes challenging. That, and keeping those historic theatres paint free...we tend to get blue everywhere haha


TehErk209 karma

How in the world do you get your blue makeup so close to your eyes without ever getting it in them??

bluemangroup292 karma

I wear contact lenses and they help keep paint off of my eyes.

-Wes Day

ForkShirtUp188 karma

What would you do if you were green?

explorerD187 karma

Is it hard to make no facial expressions for such a long period of time?

bluemangroup408 karma

The guys definitely have trouble keeping a straight face at times. With all the audience participation things are always unpredictable. If you see a Blue Man looking down or upstage it maybe to hid a smirk.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

IamChicharon174 karma

How does the theater determine who gets picked to participate in the show? Is it completely random? I had the awesome pleasure to join you guys on stage many years ago, and it was a total blast!

bluemangroup251 karma

We have certain positions that we ask them before the show but our “Feast Guest” is always picked by the Blue Men in the moment. -Bernadette, Production Stage Manager

graveRobbins173 karma

Do you have blue balls?

sneakers91153 karma

How does one become a blue man? Do you show up for interviews blue? What kinds of things do they ask you perform/do?

bluemangroup334 karma

We do not require people to show up to auditions painted blue, though that would be interesting! Our initial audition is an acting audition where we work with people for about 30 minutes per group. We walk performers through a couple different non-verbal exercises to see how comfortable they are with non-verbal storytelling, taking notes and having fun. It's an unusual audition process but one that really helps us get a sense of who each person is and what they might bring to the role that is unique. The initial acting auditions is followed by two-day callbacks and quick drumming assessment.

We cast a pretty wide net and see hundreds of people every year for the initial audition.


sneakers9193 karma

So interesting, thank you for your response!

Just one followup: how many blue men are there?

bluemangroup154 karma

We have over 70 right now.

4a4a126 karma

When I saw Blue Man Group a few years ago it seemed like there were several times during the performance when things were about to go wrong, but then miraculously didn't. What's the most memorable mistake or accident you've experienced during a live performance, and how did you deal with it?

bluemangroup261 karma

I performed in a blue man show in Brazil where the power went out 3 times! After the 3rd time, the venue had to close because of safety concerns. Days later we found out that a large rat chewed through power cables and shut down the entire city grid for 24 hours!


ChuckEye116 karma

Has there been a Chapman Stick player in the band since the beginning, and is that a regular component in all iterations of the show?

bluemangroup141 karma

The original Chapman Stick player and composer, Larry, still plays in the show today! He also came up with a unique way of manipulating the instrument to achieve what has become a signature sound of BMG. He's awesome!


bluemangroup121 karma

Yep, since day one! I believe every version of the show has had some stick...


J50GT113 karma

I saw a blue man talk once, is he fired now?

Ritehandwingman113 karma

How hard is it to get the paint off?

bluemangroup271 karma

Paint Off??


bluemangroup165 karma


It's not that difficult. It takes about 20 to put it all on and about 10 minutes to take it off.

-Wes Day

Thecouchiestpotato101 karma

If someone starts singing, "I'm blue daba bee.." do you feel contractually obligated to complete the song?

bluemangroup278 karma

I don't think its that hard to stay focudabadeeee dabadieee dammit.



its8up89 karma

How much supervising does your Makeup Supervisor really have to do? Like, is there much more to it besides getting the blue a bit under the shirt and keeping it out of the eyes?

bluemangroup166 karma

I should also say - supervising the guys is like herding cats. It takes a talented person to keep them on track and still keep the vibe in the dressing room good.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

bluemangroup142 karma

Our W&M Supervisor does so much. From managing a department to handling one of the largest budgets. They also run the show and train everyone. Project Managing and collaboration with all the other production heads they are an essential member, getting the Blue Men ready maybe the easiest part of their job.

Darkrhoad86 karma

What would you say is the best audience interactions you've ever had? Has anyone tried licking the paint off before?

Is it true that you're just aliens from neptune learning how to use music and comedy to enslave the human race?

AffectionateMooseDay81 karma

Why no blue women?

bluemangroup188 karma

We do audition women! Because there is a height requirement for the role (5'10" - 6'2") it does limit the number of women we see. But if you know any who fit the requirements, we'd love to see them! -Tascha

PATRIOT528076 karma

I've seen Blue Man Group 5 times but my favorite was in NYC back in 2007. My dad and I got there early and I was picked to be a part of the show (head in the jello guy!) - it was one of my favorite memories of my college years.

My question: What is your favorite song/skit to perform in the show?

seejaywhy74 karma

Are you the same guys that had residency at the Luxor Las Vegas 20ish years ago?

bluemangroup111 karma

Yes! We are back at The Luxor again! -Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

rdp318671 karma

Hey all! Blue Man Group has been a huge influence and inspiration to me as a theatrical and concert lighting designer ever since I first saw the show in NYC back in 2001. I've even had the pleasure of working backstage on your touring show 3 times! The mantra of "follow your bliss" along with the symbol of the complex album will be a tattoo I get very soon.

My question is regarding the change from the original ending finale (the KLF paper one) to the current one. That original finale is still to this day one of the most mind blowing and incredible live experiences I've ever been a part of. Why was the overall ending sequence changed? Was it a music rights issue with the KLF? (which I'm curious what their thoughts are on BMG using their music) was it a waste thing either the amount of paper used nightly, or was it just time to do something new? The visual of tubes going all over the place, paper waterfalls over your head in blacklists and Strobes with acid house playing loudly is very unique.

Thank you all for everything! Taking my fiancee to see you guys in Vegas this November for her first BMG experience!

bluemangroup71 karma

We're constantly trying out things to enhance the experience for first timers and offer something new for return guests. Experimentation is in our DNA! We're glad you loved KLF and we'll hope you'll like what we come up with next.

Paper is back! We still use recycled paper for our finale that we in turn recycle. We love the experience and agree its something we're not quite ready to let go of.

No thank YOU! Lets see that tat when you get it done!



RambleMan61 karma

I saw BMG in NYC in 2007 and bought the splatter art created in the show. It's still on my wall alongside a photo of me, one of the blue men and the art to give the art context.

Question: Do you think I have enough DNA from the spit of the blue men who created it to clone them?

bluemangroup82 karma

If you're creating something like Jurassic Park, except filled with Blue Men, then yes...


deewong0159 karma

Are there a lot of differences between the permanent shows vs. the tour version of the show? (Would love to see more Asia cities/dates!)

bluemangroup85 karma

Yes! Every show is unique. Some are completely redesigned from the ground-up. But also, all the permanent shows change regularly. We're updating things constantly.


bluemangroup44 karma

There is a show coming to Asia soon! I think each type of venue lends itself to different creative content.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

Ronburgundy209957 karma

How far down does the blue paint go?

Paul-Wall45652 karma

Hey blue man group. You guys noticed me at your Chicago show New Year’s Day of this year. You guys brought me up on stage to do games and put a wig and cape on me 😂 no phones we’re aloud during the show but I was wondering by the off chance you guys have the videos I would love to have them because it’s such a good memory I’ll never forget! Another question why the color blue?

bluemangroup228 karma

The video of the show exists as a memory in your mind and heart. We will continue to cherish the moment with you. The fleeting nature of live performance and ephemerality of experience is what makes the show so special to us. Life is impermanent. Let the sweetness of that moment inform your next.



maldubious47 karma

Blue Man Group was my family's first concert together in Atlantic City, maybe 25 years ago. Until I went to school in NY, I did not know there were multiple iterations. Did the OG NYC Group do a lot of the touring or did other groups develop early on? Thanks for being fun to watch!

bluemangroup46 karma

We pull talent from all our shows and also from outside.

-Bernadette, Production Stage Manager

ArtifexCrastinus46 karma

What rock and roll concert move is your favorite and what's a new one you have been working on?

When/if Wintergatan finishes their touring-capable marble machine, would you be interested in doing a collaboration? I feel like your weird instruments would go great together.

GenghisKhan9021045 karma

So curious about you guys's backgrounds! Like, are skills in comedy and percussion a prerequisite?

bluemangroup83 karma

Neither of those is a prerequisite, though we definitely have performers with backgrounds in comedy and percussion. Many of our Blue Men learn to drum in a program we have called "drum school" prior to training and do not come to us with percussion skills. Our Blue Men *are pretty damn good at making people laugh, so I suppose you could say they are comedic professionals of course! -Tascha

theotherguy33342 karma

What are the biggest downsides of the job?

bluemangroup109 karma

Blue paint stains on everything I own

  • Carly

bluemangroup67 karma

Working on a Sunday during the summer when everyone is out having Brunch aka working when most folks are off.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

deewong0141 karma

What’s your favorite way to eat a banana? smoothie? in bread? by itself? or do you hate or purposely avoid the fruit knowing you have to eat it several times a week

Itsame_diana40 karma

which of the blue men would win a staring contest?

deewong0138 karma

What has been the most memorable audience interaction?

Ps. Love the show! Went in not knowing what to expect & ended up on stage with you guys in Boston! Probably the most thrilling & embarrassing moment of my life, I’ll never forget it 😂

bluemangroup65 karma

I love calling the show because the audience interaction varies so much! Some of my favorites have been someone who screamed all throughout feast, to others who try to leave but are tethered to the spot with the chest plate the Blue Men have them wear. We have had a father join a feast guest onstage monitoring the situation the whole time.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

Krillinish36 karma

Any plans to do the orchestra show again that you did at the Hollywood Bowl?

bluemangroup62 karma

Blue Man + Orchestra is definitely being talked about! Not specifically at the Hollywood Bowl, but stay tuned... -Murph

Donjuanme35 karma

How does one discover they can fit so many marshmallows into their gullet? Was this a hazing that became part of the show?

1337GamingLive30 karma

Whats the laundry like for you guys? 💙

bluemangroup63 karma

Have you ever watched the movie “300”?

  • Sarah L - Wardrobe & Makeup Supervisor

bluemangroup54 karma

A sisyphean task not for the faint of heart. Our wardrobe techs are heroes.



Iwouldntpayforit25 karma

What kind of career/artist field backgrounds do Blue Men usually come from?

bluemangroup61 karma

We’ve actors and musicians who usually audition. One of our veteran Blue Men went to school for Human Biology, with a major in Genetics! 🧬 -Bernadette, Production Stage Manager

bluemangroup46 karma

Most of our Blue Men have some kind of background in acting - whether it's training at a school or a few years of performing. The character requires performers to access a level of internal vulnerability, and externally we need them to be strong physical performers who can use their bodies to tell a clear story. This can be hard stuff to jump into without any training - though we do have a few Blue Men who have done that! -Tascha

IamAPengling22 karma

Are you the same BMG from the Intel Pentium ads?

bluemangroup29 karma




socool11121 karma

Pretty sure I missed the AMA.

But I was wondering if you had plans to bring back the Rock Tour?

Rock concert movement #697 - holding a reunion tour more than a decade after the last performance to milk the fans despite the band being too old to play like they used to

(Not that there would be an issue with being too old, I just like writing random rock concert movements)

bluemangroup23 karma

The Blue Men are working on a lot of new music for YouTube. Since this question has come up so much, looks like they need a new rock music video...

noelzj20 karma

holy crap. 7 hours later and you guys are still asking questions?! that's true dedication

do you guys sleep?

cormac59620 karma

What/where was your favorite show you've done?

bluemangroup57 karma

I love doing outside gigs with the Blue Men. We recently did one at the United Nations which I was really proud to work on. It was a challenge working on creative that didn’t allow us to use instruments or make a mess.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

Ja66aDaHutt20 karma

How much do you take home each year for this? What about per show?

DashSatan20 karma

What does the audition process consist of? Is there a lot of physicality and chemistry work among the group?

Also, I just wanted to say, Dustin, we went to college together. And I remember your performance in one of the shows at the black box where you played an author or playwright. That performance always stuck with me. Thought you were amazing.

bluemangroup31 karma

The audition process consists of some physical and acting exercises specific to the character and show, but really we want to see your authentic self and genuine experience. Later we go through some character-based directions that add what I would describe as a "filter" on top of your personality.

The Agee/Evans workshop! I loved the entire experience of that show and glad you enjoyed the product. Everyone in that show helped to create an atmosphere of comradery and collaboration that is pretty similar to what we experience here at BMG, too. Thanks for the kind words!



themeatbridge19 karma

Do you have any pet peeves that audience members do that annoy you?

bluemangroup72 karma

When they're on their phones during the show! STOP IT!!!


No_Acadia324817 karma

Have you considered bringing Mandelgroove back into a show? That piece was stunning

bluemangroup18 karma

I'm onboard with this.


jipsauce16 karma

Have you seen the Jeff GoldBluMan group? If so, what are your thoughts?

bluemangroup26 karma

His is a rare talent. We could do without the whistling.



jh937hfiu3hrhv916 karma

Do you listen to the blues?

What do you do when you are feeling blue?

bluemangroup35 karma

I love a nice slow blues shuffle after a long day.


meatwad7589216 karma

If you weren't part of Blue Man Group, what would be your career of choice?

bluemangroup44 karma

I would like to work towards the survival and re-introduction of beaver to our waterways and world. Did you know that beaver are a keystone species?? Which means that when they are introduced and thrive in a landscape they engineer their surroundings so that hundreds of other species are able to live and thrive. The beaver became extinct in many places because of the beaver trade, but there are many people committed to reintroducing them to many parts of the world - and I think I'd like to be one of those people! Seriously, do some reading about them - they are incredible!


8siddhi811 karma

favorite instrument? how long does it take to setup a show?

bluemangroup36 karma

PVC’s of course.

If you mean the shows we have already running, our show call is 3 hours before the show for Wardrobe&Make Up and Stage Management, with all other departments trickling in after that.

If you mean launching a new production, I would say that varies widely.

-Bernadette, Production Stage Manager

qerious8 karma

Do you think you might be interested in making a Blue Man Group blue chapstick for the schwag table any time soon?

bluemangroup8 karma

I know our Press and Marketing team does have a lip balm as part of their schwag

Marquetan6 karma

I’m a drummer, how can I be a blue man?

bluemangroup12 karma

Nice! We have upcoming auditions in NYC, Los Angeles and Berlin. Anyone who is interested in auditioning can submit their information via our website for upcoming auditions. Alternatively you can email a recent photo/headshot and resume, + height and weight to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) -Tascha

Martijnbmt3 karma

What is your favourite colour?

bluemangroup17 karma

Today I'm feeling orange. Its nice and bright out. But usually grass green. Tree leaf green.



bluemangroup10 karma



Digital_Steven2 karma

I had surgery today. Can you wish me a fast recovery?

bluemangroup3 karma

I hope you have a fast recovery!


bluemangroup3 karma

Get well soon! ❤️‍🩹

-Bernadette, Production Stage Manager

CarlThe94Pathfinder2 karma

Why Blue and not Magenta?

bluemangroup16 karma

We chose to paint the character blue because it matches the title.


TrollerForTooLong2 karma

Where do the ideas come from and how do you decide what's going to get used and what's going to get shelved?

bluemangroup3 karma

The ideas come from all over the company. We have a program now that anyone in the company can submit an idea. We have scheduled out time for the performers to workshop the bits. If it’s good it may make it into a show. In the past we would also have new creative in our tours which eventually would make it back into the sit down shows. We are constantly tweaking the creative content of our shows.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

Italian_Sausage2 karma

What is your favorite drum rudiment?

What is your preferred warm up prior to a show?

bluemangroup6 karma

bluemangroup3 karma


I usually just do some practice pad work, then jump around the theater to warm up my feet.


CrocodileWoman1 karma

  • What is the auditioning process for joining the Blue Man Group?

  • do you have any crazy or heartwarming fan stories?

bluemangroup2 karma

re: the audition process, it starts with an initial acting audition. We see people in groups of about 10 and spend 30 minutes with each group, walking through a few non-verbal exercises.

From there we invite people to callbacks where we spend approximately 2 days with a group of 9-18 people. More non-verbal exercises and we work on physicality and ultimately teach a couple pieces from the show as a way to assess if someone is a character fit.

After that, performers who need to learn how to drum will spend anywhere from 1 month to a year with one of our drum trainers, learning how to drum for the show.

Last phase is training, which is an 8-week process where we train performers into the entire NYC show. It is like an intensive acting workshop in a way, very challenging but also a supportive and fun environment where performers work with many of our directors, Blue Men, band and crew members.

Overall, it's a very unique process ,and for me, one of my favorite parts of the job!


TubGirlBossBabe1 karma

Are there times when you have accidentally broken character during a live performance?

bluemangroup1 karma

I have never.


esjay861 karma

How many of you come have a drum corps background?

bluemangroup1 karma

A small number of Blue Men, but a good number of band members have college/corps marching experience! I believe the new drummers going on the World Tour are DCI alumni!!!


hatingfrancis1 karma

What's the secret ingredient for the digested twinkie?

bluemangroup3 karma

I could get in a lot of trouble for telling you this but… it’s love.

(And whatever’s about to go bad in the fridge.)

  • Carly

likethecolour1 karma

Do you have a favourite number or trick in the show?

Follow up: what's the most annoying/difficult number to do?

bluemangroup1 karma

Favorite piece: There's a point in the show where the Blue Men pick guests to come up onto the stage and the music is heavily improvised. In some iterations of the show, we collect audio samples from the audience and incorporate them into the piece.

Most difficult piece for me might be "House." Its really fun to play but there are a lot of tricky bits.


hbomberman1 karma

Hi! I saw your show a few years back and have known a few folks who worked at Blue Man NYC as crew (Sarah H, Keith, Eric...). How has the show changed over the years? Any old elements you miss? Or any newer touches you love?

bluemangroup2 karma

We are always working on the content of our shows. We recently took our huge automation pieces (Gipads). I appreciate having our show becoming more analog again. IMHO the Blue Men interacting and connecting is the best part of the show, not being tied to a track per-say strengthens that connection.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

DaBi5cu1t1 karma

What is the paint you use?

bluemangroup1 karma

We use a lot of different paints - theatrical grease paint, tempera paint, UV paint.

-Bernadette- Production Stage Manager

Kahzgul1 karma

What's the best pizza in NYC?

bluemangroup2 karma



ITinMN1 karma

What do you think of Eiffel 65?

bluemangroup3 karma

Quintessential 90's Euro-pop