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As a fellow Charter-Spectrum user, I have suspected this for some time. My internet will be very slow, I'll go to speedtest.net, and magically my internet speeds improve for a few hours.

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Just for the record, using a credit card to open a door is ridiculously easy. I used to think all those scenes in movies were fake, but no, actually they take longer than they should because they want to add the tension of "maybe it won't work."

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I once worked on an Aliens game that was essentially a sprite-based FPS on the original gameboy. Konami wanted it to be published with their name on top, since they developed it. Fox said "up yours, we're the publisher, so our name goes on top." Konami never released the final version for publishing, so the game never came out. Sucks, because that game was fun as hell and kind of a technological marvel.

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It's been noted that when democrats are in power, zombie movies and TV shows do well, and when republicans are in power, vampires and the monsters du jour.

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You're right, but the people overwhelmingly think funding the wall is a bad idea, yet Mitch McConnell refuses to allow a vote on the senate floor. It's really Mitch and Trump vs. the rest of us right now, and if mitch would allow the votes we'd be able to override any presidential veto.