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My wife had pre-eclampsia before our daughter was born and had to be admitted to the L&D critical care ward at 36 weeks plus a couple of days. We were told upfront that if her blood pressure was consistently high while she was there that they'd just induce labor and get it all over with. But we then told them that she was already scheduled to be induced at the end of the week (the 37 week, early term mark) and they promptly pushed her to the side and did nothing but monitor her blood pressure. Her BP was in the "critical" range just once during her stay. If it was above a certain pressure they'd recheck after 20 minutes and if it was still high she would have been taken into a deliver room and start labor. Every subsequent time it was checked out was one or two mmHg below the limit and that went on for almost 4 days. There's apparently also a standing policy there that if her BP stayed just under the cutoff for more than a specific amount of time (24 hours maybe?) they'd still induce labor to avoid any problems that come with an elevated blood pressure. However, they knew that she was already scheduled to deliver and refused to take any of the necessary steps themselves, claiming that it would be better to wait until the end of the week despite that being against policy, and advised us against leaving because "we'd just have to come back anyway!" . We ended up leaving AMA because seriously, fuck them if all they're going to do is charge us $2k a day for a bed and a few blood pressure checks.

The whole bill was screwed up since the beginning. That started in the middle of December 2018 and we didn't get billed until last May (5+ months). The pregnancy was through IVF which is almost universally not covered by insurance, and the admission was coded as part of the IVF process. It doesn't matter how you got pregnant, labor and delivery only cares about that part of the ordeal. We were billed something around $4,000 for the stay. That got cleared up after calling our insurance provider and the hospital billing department. 3 months later we get another bill, this time double what they originally charged us simply for leaving against medical advice! The whole thing is borderline malpractice and we've been fighting it for 10 months. I'm not totally sure what the current status is but ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR INSURANCE AND A PATIENT ADVOCATE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING AMA!

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I'm a stay at home dad and parenting and babies are a brand new thing to me. I also have depression and was just diagnosed as being somewhere along the autism spectrum. Every day feels worse than the one before it and I struggle to see a life of my own once my kids is old enough to start school. How do I survive?

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Have any of your discoveries/revelations helped change business practices? I know you haven't been at it for long and the bureaucratic machine is a slow one.