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Bring proof of your swimming training/certification/etc. Judy loves paperwork/proof. Proof of the water outflow stuff, photos of the location, proof that the lifeguard wasn't at their stand, photo of any sign saying that there is a lifeguard, documents documents documents!

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My understanding, and OP or others with better knowledge can correct me - is that the JWs truly believe that they're SAVING you by converting you. You will die/not be part of whatever comes next unless you're a JW. They're trying to save you, literally, and spiritually. Also, my understanding is that there is some kind of a points system in that the number of people they save/convert/brainwash, gets them an upgraded seat on the plane to foreverworld or whatever.

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I'm late to the AMA, but my question is actually for Shaun. Reading these words knowing Shaun is typing them I wonder how much of your mother's story you knew before this AMA. My dad suffered from a variety of things in his life (nothing like polio) and I was alive for all of it, but it was just part of life, not something I ever sat down and interviewed him about, what it was really like to experience the pain and struggles that he did. You're a good son, Shaun, for being there and supporting your mom with this educational AMA.

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I'm in Canada. I'll put an envelope in the mail for $1 going to the same community and it will take four days to get there. Using a specific example, I'll drop an envelope at the post office where the addressee is a P.O. box in that building and it still takes 4 days for them to get it.

I am quite convinced that Canada Post is a storage company and they only ever deliver mail because they've run out of storage space.

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No question, just want to express to you and your co-workers appreciation from someone who lives in a remote community for the work you do to fulfill our orders. I've got limited choice locally and not only does Amazon bring a lot of products together to one website, but the shipping costs are also reasonable.

You have no idea the impact you have in your role for people like me.