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myops_rock5156 karma

Their mother took them because she was a religious extremist. Now she’s dead and they’re disfigured.

myops_rock42 karma

Their mother took them to Syria. She married a religious extremist and had another child. Then she was killed and the children disfigured. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

myops_rock15 karma

For real. Their mother put them in the line of fire. Religion is a powerful drug...

myops_rock10 karma

I read opeds. I haven’t found any calling for regime change in Saudi at a major outlet. They don’t publish that sort of thing about Saudi.

I’m far less interested in what the Assad government does than what my government does. Just look at the carnage we’ve left behind in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. Assad is a sideshow and we’re center stage. I’d rather know than be ignorant. You?