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How does your gender give you unique scientific perspective and how do they differ from men?

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Very sexist of you.

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It's not a conversation point at all.  It's a ridiculous assertion that whichever gender studies science has anything to do with outcomes.  I am glad women get opportunities and inspire other women but science doesn't care.

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Why is it not well known that the point of most apps, social media and search engines is to sell out the user? If it is free you are the product.

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They are 100% negotiable and so is MSRP. Ask me how I know. Glad they finally got a base salary. That probably improves the customer experience. When I sold it was commision only and never knowing if I was going to make enough to cover my bills was one of the shittiest periods of my life. Buying from a car dealer is the worst buying experience ever. As an ex car salesman I can't stand the thought of ever buying from a dealer again.