EDIT: Still answering! Thank you a lot for positive comments and questions and heads up! I will still be answering as long as the thread is not archived. You can also reach me on my website. Link in in the profile. You are really the best community in the world 🥰

Hello everyone!

My name is Yulia and I am nudist. As a software engineer / photographer, I turned my naked hobby into a profession in the adult industry of home video and photography.

I record and photograph naked couples, swingers, groups and singles (male, female and diverse) including real sex scenes for their own private home videos and albums.

Mainly I photograph amateur people who want to try something "new" in their sex life, just want nice pics/videos for themselves or material for kinky dating sites. I do photograph many OF girls and boys, couples too, though we usually trade for content so it is not a job per se.

Since I was 18, I've been on both sides of the camera with my husband in the art erotica "industry". I've also been photographed by some famous artists and have worked with some well-known adult models.

I have many stories and insider view to share and I'm happy to answer any of your questions on any of the above :-). I'll be here all day answering every single question you have. You can also ask some questions for my husband, he will pop up from time to time too.

It has become a tradition that once a year I start AMA which been a lot of success and also gave me many new customers, visiting me from all around the world. Two years ago we moved to Spain which made it probably even easier to visit me and make a photoshoot as it is a popular holiday destination even from US / Asia and Australia.

Ask us anything!

A few proofs

https://yulieart.com is my main website, in the About section, https://yulieart.com/About is my reddit username. My Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/yulieart/ though not using it much.

Here are some of my latest selfies and behind-the-scenes snaps (very nsfw):






BDSM examples with my clients


And on a more personal level, here I am with the legendary Katya Clover


Back then as a wedding photographer


And as an 18-year-old model at a wedding show


Two articles about my job and me in popular British magazines which were direct result of last AMA and landed me many visitors from the globe.



Have a nice day!

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Eric19691353 karma

Does it get problematic that you’re better looking than your models?

AboutAsItGets1237 karma

oh you are way too kind.

i would not be brave to say it, but i think since most my customers are well over 40, they just accept that we are not a competition to each other. Each age has its own. And well, men, they get even better with age so...

Eric1969471 karma

Being an older man, you just made my day.

AboutAsItGets391 karma

heh. It is true though. My husband is also a lot older than i am so i also live by it.

OkTimeToCum118 karma

Men get better with age

That's what I keep telling myself

AboutAsItGets65 karma

well it is true in my experience.

BrucePee38 karma

men, they get even better with age so...

How so?

AboutAsItGets129 karma

i see them more manly the older they are. Is purely personal opinion.

themagicflutist32 karma

I’m married to an older man: can confirm!

AboutAsItGets47 karma

high five!

Xu_Lin1018 karma

Has anyone asked you to join them? :D

AboutAsItGets1273 karma

many times! Also many times asked before even i am booked 🤣

faur217491 karma

And have you ever joined?

AboutAsItGets1433 karma

i would lie if i said no 😋

23Tawaif355 karma

What makes you join as opposed to saying no?

AboutAsItGets1353 karma

if you expect me to answer "budget" then you would be wrong. Pure good, old school lust.😋

23Tawaif150 karma

I think I was going for a more shallow answer like looks or length, but lust works even better. Keep doing you, you! (:

AboutAsItGets110 karma

thank you!!

arc88696 karma

Do you ever get burnout from seeing nude, sexual people constantly? How does this work affect your personal sex life?

AboutAsItGets805 karma

I (sadly) do not have enough work to get burnout. But tbh i always was excessively interested in sex so my burnout levels might be higher than of other people.

I would say no affect on personal sex life, i am with my husband for a long time so we kind of got used to have it part of our (sexual) lives.

Pixipupp127 karma

I wonder if you use FetLife meetups and offer to be a photographer/video lady may get some work? Good luck!!:)

AboutAsItGets73 karma

thank you for advice :-)

allcommiesarebitches60 karma

I'm not OP, but I did a similar thing a while ago; I dealt with the customer service side of an amateur pornography "business" (it was really just me and someone I knew, made decent money for just messaging people on my phone).

Basically, when people buy that kind of stuff, they want personal contact. I'd play the role of the woman in the photos because she hated dealing with these dudes. I'd say 98% (literally, about 4 people out of 200 actually bought stuff on average) were just messaging to try and manipulate me into giving freebies. "Oh I'm dying in the hospital" "Oh I'll pay you after it's sent, not even half up front!" that kinda shit. Some of the ones who will buy want an hour+ of texting.

I burned out in a few months, due to the constant bullshit. Finding a legit customer was essentially looking for a needle in a hay stack. Maybe OP has better strategies than I do, but that was the hardest part for me. Filming the material was easy, took just a few minutes, either her solo or us having sex. The fetish stuff was a little harder, but still the videos were rarely more than a few minutes. The customers took hours to deal with and drained my soul.

Sometimes people would mail fetish stuff to her PO box which was always interesting. Lingerie, dildos, you name it. Can't complain about free stuff.

AboutAsItGets19 karma

I do not really seem to attract bad or even many time-wasting people. Probably because i am not posing as a single woman looking for a boyfriend.

But it comes with drawbacks. I rarely get tips or freebies and my fans/followers/likes are 1000:1 to girls actually doing it.

TheFlyingDrildo534 karma

How did you come to be a nudist? What caused you to discover this part of yourself?

Also a classic question - what was the strangest thing (by your own interpretation) that you've ever been asked to photograph or videotape?

AboutAsItGets724 karma

I always was a nudist since my teenager times. Family visits in saunas, bathing with folks etc.

Strangest, though not bad really, is for me many of role playing kinks. This is very intense for those into it, but sometimes very strange if you are not. Perfect examples are diaper lovers, etc.

n0ahhhhh204 karma

I just gotta know... Do the diapers get.. used?

AboutAsItGets350 karma

well some of them, yes, they change their partners 😍

never had it on shoots though (as it breaks my rules)

severe_neuropathy147 karma

Are your clients respectful of your rules? Do you ever find them pushing boundaries or flouting them entirely?

AboutAsItGets182 karma

thats the human nature 😍

severe_neuropathy71 karma

Haha I suppose it is. Is it a frequent problem? Have you had to cancel shoots because of it?

AboutAsItGets120 karma

no... really most of my clients are pure gold

severe_neuropathy33 karma

That's good to hear. I'm sure your work makes people very happy, I'm glad you enjoy it.

AboutAsItGets21 karma

thank you!

bondjimbond75 karma

What are your rules?

AboutAsItGets422 karma

no pain, skin damage, disgrace, toilet stuff

DicksOnDicksOnDickz43 karma

What are the best cities to visit saunas?

AboutAsItGets67 karma

I loved Sinsheim in Germany a lot

DicksOnDicksOnDickz23 karma

Anywhere else in Germany? Or elsewhere in the world that's pro-nudist, and for both genders?

AboutAsItGets65 karma

i do not actively seek nudist resorts, but whole canary islands are very nudist friendly. for both sexes

lasagnwich21 karma

Are these purely nudist saunas or is there a sexual element to these saunas

AboutAsItGets40 karma

one does not talk about it, but there is, yes

aniseew528 karma

What kind of steps do you take for your safety? Is there anyzhing you have to prepare? Is there any need for security measures or is it considerably safe to be in this profession?

AboutAsItGets629 karma

I had very few bad experiences so far and they always were result of ignoring red flags. I do it for a long time already so can pre-screen danger quite good.

aniseew213 karma

Thank you for the reply. So basically it comes down to experience-based gut feeling?

AboutAsItGets749 karma

yes. And required deposit which filters out 99% of weirdos.

allcommiesarebitches9 karma

What is your ratio for people who hit you up, to people who actually pony up for deposits? I was involved with selling amateur pornography as a side thing for a few months, and for me it was like 100:1. Is it better with your own website?

It's like people see that shit and think they can get freebies by simply claiming they'll pay you eventually. Is that an issue for you?

AboutAsItGets19 karma

yes my website filters a lot. also that i do not promote my self as a virtual girl friend, rather a pervy content creator i do not have really many fans or simps, mostly just people enjoying my work. so i already have that 1 from 100 interested in my stuff as opposed to some normal OF girl, that is why i convert usually higher

Diarrhea_Eruptions46 karma

What were the red flags?

AboutAsItGets197 karma

avoiding paying deposit, being disrespectful etc.

hshinde13 karma

What are the “red flags”?

AboutAsItGets42 karma

mainly being disrespectful, not wanting to pay a deposit, etc

ServerNotFound514 karma

Did you used to post on r/gonewild years ago? I think I remember you and I remember thinking your pictures looked way too professional for that community. I’m glad to see you’ve kept at it and made some really beautiful photography over the years.

AboutAsItGets645 karma

Thank you for nice words. I was in GW yes, but they banned professionals there some years ago.

But i was in the business way before that.

marvin_paranoid79152 karma

Thats amusing seeing as most GWers do OF, shame that theres a double standard

AboutAsItGets200 karma

rather result of over-moderation and excessive power play on reddit

92894952620273749383120 karma

The mods have a thing for potato Cameras

🥔 📸

AboutAsItGets62 karma

yea lol

ozzaa177 karma

since you are a software engineer, i assume that you create the web site. if so, what is the tech stack?

AboutAsItGets324 karma

thank you. Fully self made front and backend ASP + TSQL

Aeceus297 karma

and what a great backend it is

AboutAsItGets99 karma

i believe so

Breadsecutioner16 karma

What do you think of Microsoft's decisions in the last few years to stop working on .NET Framework and focus on .NET and ASP.NET Core?

AboutAsItGets44 karma

i think they just do not know what to do with the mobile first world and are too big to let one smart guy make the decision.

gronmin8 karma

It's interesting cause in some sections they seem like they have found one guy who can make most of the decisions. But other times they struggle to find direction. At least they aren't as bad as google or a lot of tech companies when it comes to abandoning stuff

AboutAsItGets6 karma

yes. i mean they make money, i struggle, so who am i to judge 🤣

vinceftw-13 karma

Beautiful, smart and kinky. You're the full package!

AboutAsItGets10 karma

just a normal girl!

prettydash172 karma

May I ask what your family thinks about your profession? Edit: typo

AboutAsItGets426 karma

Depends on what part of family. Some are supportive, some wishing i was not in a family and could use my services, some are very unsupportive.

Though you live for your self. In the end if they are not helping you have a better life, they have little to no say in what you do. I also learned in my life that usually those people who criticize you most are the people who envy you most.

gm33157 karma

Who takes the BTS photos of you taking photos!? As an ametuer photographer I’d love to do that. :)

AboutAsItGets204 karma

sometimes husband when around, but most of the time i have a cameras on tripod if customers are ok with it. For example camera on a tripod taking a video and i focus on photography. I preffer real scenes, sex, not posed shots, so it makes it a bit easier.

almostalmostalmost21 karma

Are they also naked? Do you have any BTBTS photos? Where does it end!?

AboutAsItGets29 karma

i think i had somewhere level 5 done by a truck driver sent to me over facebook. was ... fun

fakeittilyoumakeit3 karma

Husband? And you sometimes join in the fun with him around? I guess some men are into that. He's probably a very secure man.

AboutAsItGets4 karma

he is very secure as i do not cheat

fakeittilyoumakeit4 karma

Oh ok. Sorry, I saw in your other reply that you sometimes join.

Well, lucky him for sure!

AboutAsItGets13 karma

well it is only cheat if done in secret and outside of what is OKed in advance :-)

Dubious_T155 karma

What's the one thing that bothers you the most about the industry?

AboutAsItGets625 karma

probably that sexuality is for us (humans) the most important thing in the world, yet we spend most of our lives lying about it and banning and censoring it.

And the obligatory comparison to violence in media vs sexuality on screen of course...

Dubious_T72 karma

That's a really insightful response. I couldn't agree more to be honest, I think that there is definitely a vilification of open sexuality in the form of things like slut shaming and religious celibacy. What do you think is the best way we can overcome this as a society?

AboutAsItGets170 karma

Well i think we, as a society, making rather steps back, than forward. Not sure there is any saving...

For example it is OK to be openly sexual, as long as you are not a heterosexual woman. It is ok to show rape in TV serie, but not breast in major social media. Boners are completely vilified. Etc.

Best way would be to simply stick censorship to law breaking stuff and keep the society devolve where it wants to be. Restrictions / prohibitions are usually only helping none and cause lot of problems.

Pepperoni_Dogfart-17 karma

sexuality is for us (humans) the most important thing in the world.

Over generalization. It's the most important thing for you and your clients. It's not a big part of my life and it's not a big deal for a lot of people.

AboutAsItGets22 karma

i disagree

Humans are genetically interested in sexuality. Not saying everyone is (especially when publicly ridiculed), just (vast) majority.

birdman122459152 karma

Do you ever get turned on sexually or are you too busy concentrating on the shot? If you were a man would you have a boner?

AboutAsItGets201 karma


and yes 😍

AerosolHubris131 karma

Have you watched Mr Inbetween? A character gets into this as job later in the show, and I wonder how accurate his experience is. It's a black comedy, but his initial awkwardness seems realistic.

AboutAsItGets80 karma

do not watch much TV or movies. But will try to add it to my ToDo list

OkCandy1970131 karma

  1. Would you think a male could have equally success of yours? I used to be photographer but imagine that working with amateurs often comes with a lot of prejudice, especially in the beginning.

  2. Do you sometimes miss Germany? I feel germany is often viewed as being very conservative , but the opposite is actually true.

AboutAsItGets303 karma

  1. Amateur clients i think not. Many my clients have problem with nudity in front of males. And I think most males also harder connect to both sexes as a (bisexual) woman. Professional clients might be easier for men. Women are still often seen as they do it for "hobby" when it is anything creative / unique. My experience at least.

  2. Well the thing with Germany is, that they are very pervy, but too scared to show it publicly and very fake very often. So usually same people you see naked in sauna slightly stroking their partners penis are same who will slut shame you on facebook for showing a butt in bikini. When i lived in Germany i had a feeling that EVERYONE above 45 was a swinger, yet it appears very prude on outside. Especially professional level unrelated to beauty/photography/erotica.

bad_zack_again114 karma

Wondering how did you came to the idea? Is it your job (main income) or do you work somewhere else?

AboutAsItGets170 karma

Thank you

it is my main job now, yes.

There was never really "now i want to do this". It kind of developed from the job of photographying nude art, dessous and lingerie i did even back in Germany, into "can my husband also join" and so on.

Probably more relaxed "holiday" atmosphere and the fact that i could book more people than in Germany (as many holiday here, but would not travel to visit me just for shoot) made it just easier for people.

bad_zack_again40 karma

Thanks for your quick response. Can you please describe your normal working day / week? How many photoshoots do you have? What about the editing/processing time? Do you have any assistance/ coworkers? A photostudio?

AboutAsItGets62 karma

thank you for nice questions so far!

about 2 photoshoots per week only, tourism still not really restarted and people still save money a lot. I spend about a day editing a photo set, and about 3 days on home videos. Usually no assistants if not booked for drama (for example additional actors), but i have a support from my husband a lot.

I photograph mainly outside, but have now also a photostudio though mainly for private content.

-LEMONGRAB-18 karma

If you photo outside, how do you get away from prying eyes? Do you guys go into the woods or something?

AboutAsItGets39 karma

there comes the nudism part :-), if customers are shy, we find a lonely / less exposed spot or a place where nudity is "ok", like a beach.

-handsomedevil106 karma

I hate my job, maybe I'll try this?

AboutAsItGets191 karma

while i loved my "before" job, as it was close to this one already, i can only recommend.

Downsize your life to minimum and live from what you love to do.

awkward_the_fish52 karma

That last line absolutely hit me in the feels. As a college student looking for work, this has me thinking!

AboutAsItGets64 karma

it is your life, and you "need" surprisingly little to survive if your priorities are set to have life by your rules.

-handsomedevil5 karma

Thanks, you Yulia. Maybe we will work together one day. As I hope to achieve such a life as this.

AboutAsItGets12 karma

Definitely. I am very easy to reach thanks to good connections to the canaries where i reside now.

tossthisinthebucket66 karma

Have you ever joined in with your clients? Especially male ones?

AboutAsItGets127 karma

yes, but mostly on professional level (producing own content). With amateurs only for dramatic reasons (behind the scenes shoots etc), no sex & co.

I photograph often while being nude my self so "join" is kind of hard to describe :-).

tossthisinthebucket39 karma

I see. Do you feel - having you be naked makes it easier on the clients? Have you ever been asked to cover up?

AboutAsItGets86 karma

well it removes lot of stress from the clients, especially when we do not have comfort of "hours to getting to know each other" usually needed with amateurs, yes.

I was never asked to cover up directly, rather opposite :-), but we had to few times switch locations as many customers are not fond of public nudity when there are too many observers. Had few jealousy scenes though too so usually taking it easy on couples i think will not be so comfortable.

Jackal_Kid6 karma

Do the observers ever take issue with your shoots in public? Are there laws you have to work around or cultural differences you've noticed? I'm in Canada and while men and women can legally be topless whenever they'd like, a lewd shoot where there are passers-by probably wouldn't go over well even if you were off the path in a public area.

AboutAsItGets15 karma

we do sex scenes in areas where we have reasonable expectations of privacy 🥰 or where sex in public is encouraged (as in publicly known voyeur spots)

SmackEh65 karma

What do people do with their nude photos? Genuinely curious what people do with them...

AboutAsItGets103 karma

many want them just to remember, many as an experience, many for pervy dating sites, many for their partners or lovers...

And of course many also for their career (OnlyFans girls/boys etc)

tony23delta62 karma

How would I go about finding someone like yourself in my local area?

Any tips for finding someone genuine?

Me and my missus love making selfie videos, but we’d love to have someone else film or photograph us doing some bedroom athletics.

AboutAsItGets61 karma

I would start with local nude / art photographer and ask if she/he does couple erotica. Book a couple session in his studio, to see how you feel and grow up from there.

Many our couples back in Germany started that our girl muse dragged her partner to a shoot together.

Guava_58 karma

I love the idea of visiting a photographer and being introduced with ‘if you’d just like to put your clothes over there, next to mine.’

How do you handle timid/reserved clients who aren’t totally on board?

AboutAsItGets77 karma

we usually start with basic portraiture with shy clients.

sometimes they book second, third, fourth shoot and expand their boundaries. It is supposed to be nice, not stress.

edgarcia5943 karma

Was there ever a time where the fetish was too weird or the client's were too raunchy?

AboutAsItGets77 karma

yes, i am not booking when it is connected with toilet things or anything causing big physical pain.

I also didn't booked some of the "public disgrace" shoots.

FajitaJohn42 karma


AboutAsItGets56 karma

should be in English as well, depending on your browser settings.

I am German but now live in Spain so most my shootings are there. I still go "back home" for work and visit family

rorschacher39 karma

What’s your funniest story?

AboutAsItGets121 karma

I have many, but probably when a boyfriend / husband comes to our surprise present photoshoot and think that they are cheating

edgarcia5984 karma

I mean, if I walked in on my SO naked with another woman naked in my house taking photos, I'd get that idea.

AboutAsItGets105 karma

it gets worse when it is "she" who walks in on "him" 😍

riskoooo63 karma

I admire the balls on guys who arrange erotic photoshoots by naked models as a surprise gift.

Not literally, of course - that's your job.

AboutAsItGets37 karma

well i am not naked on photoshoot somewhere inside with a guy alone. but for some women it is enough to come to a set with their husband naked and a woman present, yes

evin068826 karma

How does a man take sexy pictures for a women? It may seem strange, but I struggle finding ways to take sexy photos to send to my gf. She models so she has a huge leg up on me, and her pictures that she sends to me are so sexy. I feel like me pictures are either plain shots of me or dick pics.

AboutAsItGets29 karma

why not to ask her what she likes? I just shoot what i like to see. It is my style. I tend to ask people a bit if they have some special needs / desires, but usually just do what i would enjoy to have/get

evin068814 karma

That almost seems to easy 🤔

AboutAsItGets14 karma

it usually is

macsux38 karma

Have you ever had a chance to photograph first night after a wedding? I asked my best man to do it for our wedding and got some of the best private photos out of it. We're both into swinging so it was easy to ask.

Also have you ever been to Hedonism 2? I would talk to the owner Harry and/or his daughter Julia (great folks btw). I'm sure there is demand at the resort for private shootings as a service.

AboutAsItGets31 karma

Yes i did! And great of you too, you did as well! I agree, it is often intense...

Hedonism 2 is sadly unrealistically far away from me. I am sure if they had needs for such service, they would have many alternatives to flying me from Africa/Europe.

bottom32 karma

How are the smells?

AboutAsItGets62 karma

i work mainly outside, so, fine and fresh 🥰

besides, people are usually very conscious about their image so come very well maintained for the shoots.

LittleMissMedusa32 karma

What kind of content do your clients look for on OF? My partner and I are looking to get started, but not really sure what is popular. Your work is lovely!

AboutAsItGets80 karma

thank you very much!

If you are couple you would have good luck on OF. Most consumers of paid porn look for a personal touch and real sex and various fetishes. Public porn is full of "step brothers" and fake content which many people grow very early sick of and consider paying small price for something taylored for them.

I would however recommend to do what you enjoy to do, not what might be popular. Anything has its clients and the last thing you possibly want is to turn your kinky days into a chore just for money.

NWBoomer25 karma

My wife and I have been swingers for over two decades now and have attended and hosted scores of parties. However, for privacy reasons as we do not want our swinging to be outed to family, employers, etc, no cameras or photos are allowed at our events. Additionally we are ordinary looking people with ordinary bodies, not models. Photos of us ordinary swingers may not be that flattering.

How do the subjects of your photography handle these privacy concerns?

AboutAsItGets28 karma

yes that is most of my clients

and most my clients are not model bodies. it is important just if you enjoy looking at your partner, then you will love the photos from me

well they trust me. there is not much more than that.

Skullwrithe21 karma

Hey there. I’ve loved your work since I saw your last AmA and always look forward to seeing you pop up.

My question is: If you could forget one book/movie/game so you could experience it for the first time all over again, what would you choose?

AboutAsItGets21 karma

Hey and thank you!

That's a tough question. I would say i wished i seen my first porn movie few years later and a different one.

Specific movie or book, i cannot say really. Probably 24h TV serie. This was first and last time i was completely amazed by something on the screen. But than again, i rarely watch anything, so maybe i am missing a lot.

Dazzling_Basket_612720 karma

Have you ever developed feelings for someone in group or swing experiences?

AboutAsItGets26 karma

i have few female lovers

MrDover819 karma

For a couple who have been together for 20 years, and have talked about swinging but don’t know where to start, do you have any recommendations?

AboutAsItGets29 karma

for couples it is easier to find a female friend you both like to start. do not start with a male friend or couple.

MrDover815 karma

A friend would be better than a stranger? For example going to a swinger club?

AboutAsItGets20 karma


LQQKNC19 karma

How do you keep such a lean figure? What’s your diet look like? I’d love to look as cute as you on camera 🥺

AboutAsItGets24 karma

haha, thank you. I dont. I eat a lot and everything. Just being active more than eating.

marianneouioui18 karma

Forgive me, but I don't see how nudism and swinging go together. In my mind they are quite seperate things, and there is nothing sexual about nudism?

AboutAsItGets31 karma

Well nudism is not sexual by it self, though none is denying that ultimate freedom has its close connection to sexuality.

Many people also have connected nudism with swinging as their intimate boundaries lower (how close is having nudist evening / cuddling) to swinging / sex in front of others?

I think the violent "nudism has nothing to do with sexuality" is just promoted by people who are afraid to show their sexuality. I my self get turned on even from movies, i would be only lying saying being nude in front of others is NOTHING sexual at all.

captainadamman17 karma

What’s your favourite pizza?

AboutAsItGets30 karma

bollogna with extra bacon on top and killed with parmesan cheese 🤣

davethinking17 karma

Do you have set costs? Can you give a range of costs? I’m curious :)

AboutAsItGets23 karma

starts at 150€ per session (1-2h)

PAlove21 karma

Wow, that seems low. I would have thought niche photographers like yourself could charge a lot more!

AboutAsItGets31 karma

I would, if i would have more work. I probably would book same amount for much higher price. It is enough for me thanks to being able to show my work online AND living where i live where my living costs are close to zero.

150€ is for me lot of money and i would hate someone would not book me for money reasons alone, especially now.

newaccount4716 karma

Do you work naked? I mean if someone books you as a photographer, do you show up tits blazing?

AboutAsItGets14 karma

fairly often yes

EditorMain373314 karma

May I ask if your husband takes part in these activities with clients and if so are there any rules which you both have agreed on? So you get jealous seeing your husband actively enjoy participating in these activities (if he does)?

AboutAsItGets17 karma

well we are very long together but still not kind of "satisfied" to be searching elsewhere, so all those "activities" are related to just pure fun / exploration.

Rules we have simple, women are fine either way, men only for shoots and limited (for example no penetration).

MrGaffe13 karma

Has there ever been a shoot that you just put down your camera, said nope and left?

AboutAsItGets17 karma

no, but i might be just lucky. Have the feeling it is not "industry norm"

thatsAgood1jay10 karma

What are the top things people can do to be more photogenic/aesthetically pleasing naked? I’m not asking like cosmetically but posture/positioning wise.

Thanks, and i really like your work.

AboutAsItGets10 karma

confidence. enjoying it does a wonder for self-awareness and especially how you later view the photo made of you.

oregonspruce9 karma

You said you "have had very few bad experiences" because you ignored red flags. What red flags did you ignore?

AboutAsItGets21 karma

skipping the deposit payment, condescending or unrespectful tone and such. Is often not so hard lined, had some great customers i red flagged on beginning who had to make extra step to be photographed, but all the time i had bad experience was when i let my guards down.

oregonspruce4 karma

I would imagine most people would be respectful in that situation, especially being that exposed. Have you found in your day to day life that your judgment of character has improved, or has your experiences made you biased?

AboutAsItGets11 karma

most are yes, still abusive people can often hardly control them self, especially talking to opposite sex

not sure. Generally my bad experience ratio is way too low to draw any meaningful statistics...

Which_End_34988 karma

why do you think nudist culture is good and popular in west?

AboutAsItGets12 karma

i do not think it is popular. It is still very low percentage of people actively pursuing it. I think people think it is popular just because it is more than in the US.

Lorix_In_Oz8 karma

As a swinger and unique event organiser myself I’m curious to ask how you got involved in the lifestyle yourself? Did that happen before or after you got into the erotic photography side of things?

Bonus question: Without naming names, have you been approached by celebrity and high profile clients before to photograph them? I can appreciate that those particular instances may involve an NDA or something similar so I totally understand if you cannot comment on that side of things.

AboutAsItGets27 karma

no, i was nudist before. After school i was shooting mainly weddings, and boudoir photography.

I have yes a few, though many more i denied when they demanded a free photoshoot just because they were high profile celebrity.

No NDA needed as here in Europe we have privacy rights so strong that we need explicit agreement to publish stuff. With most i have just my simple contract.

ShineAqua8 karma

What’s the most bizarre and utterly fucked up request for a shoot you actually approved? And one so completely alien you had to reject it?

AboutAsItGets11 karma

most weird? Hard to say. Maybe anything related to excessive age play / furries.

alien just those against my rules. Even when i do not share the kink i kind of find it amusing or funny, or just interesting enough to be booked.

Throwaway_975348 karma

What's your opinion (and your opinion of other people's opinions) about erections in nudist culture?

As a guy who pops random no-reason boners a dozen times a day, I think most guy's fear of nudist culture comes from the threat of the random boner. Not so much a personal issue with having one (I couldn't personally care less), but my issue is worry about the reaction of others, with them taking offense or assuming it's sexual when it's not.

And being nervous causes more boners, so it's a never ending boner cycle.

What would the average nudist think about it, and what would you tell someone with this fear?

AboutAsItGets13 karma

i honestly never understood the fear of showing boner.

and i know it is real as many guys even ask me in advance "what if i get a boner during the (erotic) shoot!?" ridiculous right?

and as for nudist, well i know many judge, that is sad truth. I do not really care either way. During the photoshoots i preffer a boner showing

bccreate7 karma

how did you get started in photographing/filming couples and erotica without a portfolio? did you work for free? how did you gain client trust?

AboutAsItGets7 karma

i had a portfolio. i did weddings before and many my brides jumped into my offers or even asked them self

MortLightstone7 karma

I'm both a swinger and a photographer too, though I've never shot anyone nude. I shoot mostly cityscapes and events. How can I get into this kind of work? lol

I am a guy, I'm sure that'll make a difference

AboutAsItGets9 karma

start with your swinger friends :-) easy!

halinova7 karma

Have you ever travelled to another country to photograph a couple? My wife and I would love to hire you :)

AboutAsItGets6 karma

i did, though not too far away. Only France, Switzerland, Spain and Czech Republic

dudeskier7 karma

Do you have any advice for shooting your own erotic pics and videos? My partner and I are thinking of making something for ourselves and would like it to feel a little classier than just a handheld phone video.

AboutAsItGets9 karma

yes get a camera with stop motion feature, set it to take endless photos once per second. :-)

TacoFrizz37 karma

What’s the story with you and Katya? How did you work together?

AboutAsItGets12 karma

We are friends and have common friend photographer (ArtOfDan)

ChaotiCast6 karma

Doing stuff like this has been a dream of mine! I come from a very open and kink friendly household, and fell on love with photography and boudoir because of it, mainly because the idea of capturing people at their most desirable is an amazing feeling, especially when that person shows they don't have the best self esteem.

Problem is though i have zero idea where to start. Plenty of people are willing to help me build a portfolio and I have other non people pictures that I will add to that, but other than those I am dntirely lost on the whole process and where to start. Any tips to someone who wants to do the same?

AboutAsItGets4 karma

first never mix erotic with other photography. Many photographers do that mistake...

second, make an awesome website and start to promote your work. Facebook, as much as i hate it, been a good platform for me. Better than Instagram for example.

Rustyrockets96 karma

How do you deal with this at work? Like do ppl care or they are weird?

AboutAsItGets7 karma

well it is now my work so i do not need to deal with people

pete17295 karma

In the erotic videos you shoot, do you ever find yourself coaching the lovers? Also, a lot of amateur erotic video features people wearing watches, what's up with that?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

i try to not coach them during the act, just before and inbetween scenes change etc

never noticed watches tbh :-). Maybe as a male jewellery?

MilkTeaJunky5 karma

Are you still a software engineer? Or is this your full time job now?

AboutAsItGets4 karma

i am still coding personal stuff yes

Tommy7905 karma

As a nudist & swinger, where is your favourite place to travel? And why?

AboutAsItGets19 karma

i moved to where i loved to travel most, to canaries. reason is clearly, you can be nudist outside all year long and costs are 10th of that of continental Europe

JumboJetz4 karma

What photo would work best on a swingers dating site?

AboutAsItGets9 karma

friendly face profile, kinky gallery with enough details in the gallery. most do it wrong

Mocker-Nicholas3 karma

Do you prefer the rigidity and safety of a type-strict language like C# provides or the freedom and simplicity a loosely typed language like Javascript provides?

AboutAsItGets12 karma

i literally think javascript is a cancer and only survives because people use third party code and not to do much them self. 👼

Mocker-Nicholas3 karma

Thank you for your reply! I see Javascript as freedom but chaos, where as something like C# is bondage but safety. So its always cool to see where engineer's preferences naturally fall! Only anarchists want to live in a world where [] + {} = [object Object] but {} + [] = 0!

AboutAsItGets3 karma

i even like more VB.net actually as they castrated the C# too much and it lost the beauty perfected in good old pure C. I left C when assembler had no sense anymore and i could not hack down faster code than what .net vomited 🤣

InfinityAmmo3 karma

Where do you typically get the most work? Do you ever find yourself in situations where people try to shame you?

Your picture in this post reminds me of a middle eastern setting which seems like a dangerous place to do what you do.

Thanks for your time, I support your way of life!

AboutAsItGets9 karma

thank you for being so considerate!

No it is in Spain, very nudist friendly. But i have many visitors from countries with restrictive regimes trying to escape the daily reality.

Most of my work is still from Facebook and few kinky/swingers/dating sites where i have my professional account. Not a catfish or anything, i am proudly married and spam about it everywhere.

InfinityAmmo3 karma

Ah so cool! I might have even guessed southern California but I had to ask. I'm out of the US if you couldn't tell. People here seem to be coming to their senses more and more every day (so I thought) but it seems we still have a long way to go.

Have you worked with anyone who was escaping their religious oppression? Such as someone who is finally breaking out of their hijab or burqa?

AboutAsItGets11 karma

I think US is way too prude to allow for public nudity shoots.

Yes, many. Males and females.

InfinityAmmo4 karma

Thats great! I love to hear about people getting out of their shells.

And yes this is what I mean but you might be surprised. It depends on where you go here. Some places you would be fine, accepted, and even celebrated but in other places admonished instead. Progress finds a way here but there are hardliners everywhere you go. Ive noticed hardliners traveling abroad as well. It seems like you can't really get away from them.

Maybe it is different in Spain? It sounds much more relaxed but surely there are some who would give a 'stink-eye'?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

It is usually discussed before we even book a shoot. I do not judge. I understand both sides (reason for oppressive regimes, and people trying to avoid it).

I just focus on specific person and my work/art and do not try to mix religion/politics into it. In the very deep, we are all just humans and more or less same. It is our surrounding in child times which usually forces us to be different, often against our own needs.

pcannon983 karma

Have you ever been down to fuck a client?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

that is so broad question that i have to say yes

colorebel2 karma

Being a believer in “leave no trace” on my trail runs, just wondering if someone who might walk or run through an area might notice some unusual outlines, footprints, or other stuff after you’re done filming and left?

AboutAsItGets7 karma

well lot of body prints in sand most of the time 🤣

colorebel5 karma

Thinking about this further body prints in sand could be quite artistic itself. Do you ever photograph those?

AboutAsItGets7 karma

is just usually mess of a sand. but you sure gave me some ideas for next time!

MalbecCahors2 karma

From a post long ago I got the idea that you are a bass player. Is that so? I have lots of good bass player jokes....

AboutAsItGets9 karma

no, sadly not. I just love Davie504.

Hardasteele2 karma


AboutAsItGets2 karma

outside i try to avoid mid-day strong sun, and we have many clouds. I also have a style which reduced shadows a bit (low contrast). inside i try to lit the room with flat light so i do not need to pose.

Gunslinger_112 karma

What gear do you use?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

D800 and mostly 35 1.4 down scaled a lot in recent years since the environmental abuse to electronics here is... terrible

MrPanda6632 karma

Didn’t you do an AMA like years ago?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

i did, yes. Was also success, but comments are blocked there and hard to find for people.

hakc552 karma

What are your rates?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

150€ for 1-2h session start

funky5552 karma

Is this your second AMA? i saw that picture you used as a thumbnail a few years back

AboutAsItGets2 karma

yes! many wrote me i should do again since you cannot ask on the old one anymore

funky5552 karma

Wow that was a fast reply! supposed itd be wasted if i diddnt ask a question. Has anyone close to you (family) ever found out that you are a nudist? Are you worried that if you have future childeren theyll find it?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

the beauty is to not be secretive. everyone knows my job, and that i am nudist. and no, i do not mind if my children find out. They will (with some luck) be as open minded as i am with my husband.

Metalhart002 karma

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

Well since one photoshoot, a pikachu

Metalhart002 karma

Could you share a story or fact that none of us would think to ask for?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

that is lazy question! 🤣

i really have no idea. Many people do not seem to understand that it is possible to break some barriers in viability, as in not doing it under pressure, not having OF to hunt for simps, just purely from fun and loving the nude humans, and deepest showing of love in purest form.

I had options to have another jobs, i made more money than i am doing now (it is not a well paid job), i just genuinely enjoy it and doing it for over 10 years. I had my gallery 8 years before OF even started and i photographed nude even during studying to become mechanical engineer (which i graduated). I had not abusive parents (on contrary) and i am not promiscuous either :-). Even have a kid and planing a second. Just happy doing what i do, genuinely enjoying my photography and sharing with those who share my love of it.

speeder991 karma

How did your profession changed your sex life?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

It didn't 🥰. My actual husband is my partner since i was 18 when i was "allowed" to be openly sexual. So it has been like this since "official" start.

Cthulhu_Dreams_1 karma

What are your plans for when your looks (congrats on the genetic lottery) fail you, and your "work" takes the inevitable downturn?

AboutAsItGets5 karma

i am pretty sure our society will give us more challenges than me aging.

I had a successful wedding business, and doing websites for entertainment industry, and wanting to sell my unique worldwide shipping innovation. All of it was wiped out day to day by Corona. So. Planing 10-20 years ahead? Well i guess i did the best i could. Minimized my life to be able to survive from "nothing".

pm-me-cute-butts071 karma

Has any of your clients ever tried asking you for for sex?

I don't know much about the nudist life so it's my assumption that there are a lot of creeps taking advantage of the lifestyle. Is this true? Or are most people respectful since it gives everyone freedom/a new perspective?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

i would say it is same percentage. i get asked for dating / sex often when alone out.

sure there is lot of creeps, but if they offend you, then you are not a real nudist. it makes zero sense to be nudist and pretend that nobody will think sexually about you when seeing you naked

OofOuch_MyBrain-5 karma


AboutAsItGets3 karma

anything we do is to promote our business or ideas

even posting memes is asking for upvotes / karma.

so not sure what is your question. Yes, as a professional i try to promote my business, as every business on the world does. Judging also from the scores and feedback i do it also in friendly environment so should not offend anyone. Just skip if not interested.

OofOuch_MyBrain-3 karma


AboutAsItGets4 karma

oh boy...

have you nothing better to do?