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TheFlyingDrildo56 karma

Maybe there could be like a sort of specialized, hidden upvote/like system to suggest different types of quality? Like a user can rate a post, but it isn't publically displayed to prevent karma whoring. And the different forms of rating might be like new-perspective, well-researched, breaking-news, etc... as proxies for quality.

Analyzing heterogeneous hidden endorsements could really provide some novel insights into how to target social media to one another for optimal human benefit. I know this is sort of already done publically with reactions, but a reaction doesn't really get at something deep or meaningful.

TheFlyingDrildo15 karma

Do you plan on hiring large machine learning teams to create your targeting algorithms? What sort of monetary investment do you guys have in this project?

Also, I have a follow up question. What are your thoughts on an internal social-credit system? People who have (internal) reputations of judging things fairly or making quality posts end up having a disproportionate influence on the underlying algorithms decision to show the content you're endorsing to other people (obviously with the disproportionality bounded).