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I know of a cult on the coast of Oregon. I did some construction for them. It was the creepiest thing I've ever seen, the leader called himself Amadon, he was in trouble for grooming a young woman from south Africa and getting her to the US and married her in a state where it's legal for the bride to be 14 if I remember right. The parents couldn't do much because she didn't want to leave. He called all the young women monkeys and all the older ones dogs, would whistle for the and they would come running. Long story short, I started asking questions with the locals and was told by all of them to STFU about it and leave it alone, on top of that one of the local cops followed us around town and harassed us. Well one night I was walking back to my hotel from the bar, I turned a corner and there was that cop. That was the last thing I remember, I woke up on the side walk jaw broken in two spots and my bottom teeth was kicked through my lip. Story gets crazier from there but I want to get to my question. What if anything can I do to stop this?? He had a building like a hotel on the property that easily had 50 to 75 rooms.

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These are the people I'm talking about, but the property I worked on was his"retreat house" out side of Coquille. I t had a hidden "prayer room" upstairs that you could access by a hidden hydraulic stair was that when it was shut you would never know it's there. While working, I was doing the drywall, I noticed that every room had audio and video cables going to them. And they all were traced back to the master bedroom. So when I came to, I had to pound on some doors at 3 am to get someone to call me an ambulance. My phone and wallet were missing. To make things worse I was wearing a white hoodie so you can imagine how I looked going door to door for help. Someone called for me and let me sit on the porch to wait for the ambulance. So I get to the hospital and they stich me up and send me one my way. Walking with no phone or wallet, but I knew my girlfriends number and was able to call her to pick me up. About three hours away. So I finally make it home, this was around thanks giving, mind you the hospital never told me my jaw was broken, so as days go by I feel worse. The worst pain in my life. So I go to my local hospital and when the doctor looked at my facial wound he was shocked and asked who did the stitches because they sewed my beard hair into the wound. I told him and he contacted the hospital. They had no record of me ever being there. I never even got a bill for the ambulance. That's when I found out about the broken jaw, and I tooth I thought was broken was actually pushed into my face almost piercing my nasal cavity. Friend were trying to get me to sue the hospital but honestly I was afraid to. I know this sounds like bullshit but I promise this is exactly how it went. I will never go to Coquille again, even though it's some of the best elk hunting around I'll never go near that place. But fuck those people

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That's exactly them. How did you know about them?

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Probably the craziest thing I've ever seen watching these women following him around like puppies. The only men I seen there were large work horse type men that you could tell by looking at them that you don't even want to speak to them. Just had an evil vibe at that place all around. Be careful of small towns out in these woods, and try to mind your own business while in them. Like most things in my life I learned it the hard way

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Thank you. I'm serious thinking of contacting the FBI. I still live in Oregon, in a small town, so it makes me nervous to get involved.