Just got a call this morning, and was let go. Apparently me saying something before Googles I/O was not a good idea. Yesterday they old me to delete the posting and I did, as well as my account (filthy33). I just wanted to say thanks everyone for the support the other day. Sorry I was not able to answer a lot of your questions. So I guess I am now unemployed.... again

EDIT: About the NDA, I thought it applied to what we were doing during training. Which makes sense, because they gave it to us before we were trained. AFTER training, they told us, go and tell people about the exciting product you represent. Even tho I didnt really talk much about the product, I did mention where we will be selling them, apparently the NDA about not talking or posting anything was still in effect.

Yes, it is my falt, I was very excited about working and wanted to show off my uniform for such a cool brand. That is all.

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djetaine1886 karma

Pretty sure this is why they fired you:

Work in major electronic retailers, mostly Best Buy, promoting and selling the new Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook.

Yeah, first time Google is putting sales reps inside of stores in the States. It has been going on for some while in the UK

Not directly to the chromebook itself, but because of I/O tomorrow, they did want us to start Wednesday (which would be a weird starting date if it wasn't related)

NDA. Live and learn

_oogle1003 karma

lol, it's funny to compare that to what he wrote:

All I did was post a picture of my shirt saying I was excited to start working, and a few thank you's to people who congratulated me and that was all.

EDIT: hijacking my own comment to give a shoutout to my creepy reddit stalker. NEVER STOP.

brsp25647 karma

Yea.. He fucked up.

gospelwut171 karma

Done fucked up?

BisforBM166 karma


[deleted]64 karma

I know know that you got banned from a game called Tribes. Banned from a game called Tribes. Banned from a game called Tribes...

[deleted]60 karma

anybody have a picture of the uniform? i wanna see why op was so stoked on the outfit.

[deleted]890 karma

Now we have the answer to why the Op was unemployed for 2.5 years. He can't read fucking instructions. How dense do you have to be to keep your trap shut? I mean he posted a photo of himself online for crap sake! It's people like this that can't understand why nobody wants to hire them.

Feel sorry for the Op, but his judgement SUCKS.

[deleted]358 karma

Thats the exact reason I declined the fb group my co workers started. It's in direct violation of our NDA, identifying ourselves as empoyees. They all think my reasoning is dumb, but jobs are hard to come by and that's a stupid reason to get fired. Not worth it.

badsectoracula183 karma

Wait, you aren't allowed to tell people who you work for?

ForumWarrior498 karma

It's not uncommon. Just like I'm not supposed to tell people I work for Lockheed Martin. That could get me fired. If I worked for Lockheed Martin, that is.

Coincidentally, If I ever DO get a job with them, I'll probably have to remember to delete this post some years from now.

Stochast1c457 karma

But if you deleted the post wouldn't that mean you got the job, thus violating your NDA.

ForumWarrior781 karma

I've made a huge mistake.

nismomonkey26 karma

I do work for Lockheed Martin, no NDA here. Just fix things they already make so I guess it's not a big deal!

Spk4420199 karma

I have a cousin that works there.

s0n-989 karma

you dont anymore

[deleted]728 karma

sry bout your cousin bro

writesomethingwitty76 karma

Honest question: wasn't that in the public job description? What did they put there if not the job its self? "Now hiring people, we'll tell you what it's about when you get here".

Quazifuji129 karma

I don't know of it was the case Herr, but Google does have a reputation for hiring people first and then figuring out what to do with them later.

EDIT: Apparently a combination of a typo and my phone's autocorrect has resulted in silly things. Oh well.

fjellfras251 karma

I agree, Herr Quazifuji, Zat vas a wery hasty zecision by ze google.

rybocop70 karma

Thanks for making me audibly chuckle whilst on the public poo pot.

[deleted]156 karma

So he loosened up your vowels?

wee0x1b1637 karma

I worked at Google, and saw a couple people fired for talking about private shit. They really, really don't like that. They really don't like it. For a company that is all about spreading information they take a hard line on inside information getting out.

I can guarantee you that they were concerned that you'd carry your indiscretion forward throughout your employment. If you can't honor an NDA within the first couple hours of signing it, how do they know you won't blog or post about anything and everything?

rabberdasher687 karma

Most companies don't appreciate the release of ANY proprietary information, and for good reason. You can easily lose a competitive edge and what makes the product unique and special to competitors.

rcklmbr486 karma

It can also affect stock prices and the like. This may have been forgiven at a private company, but no way in a public one.

[deleted]192 karma

I... I had never considered this aspect of the issue. My mind has been blown.

HDTV_FTW170 karma

You think that's bad, try violating an NDA at Apple. You and your whole extended family just disappear, never to be heard from again.

Do it at Xerox PARC though and they'll have you back multiple times and cook you dinner.

[deleted]45 karma

I could imagine if this was true, some people would be like "Well, your family deserves it for raising you to violate Apple's NDA."

dereksmalls1105 karma

Are you saying they don't like it?

wee0x1b78 karma

They especially not fond of it, yes.

[deleted]35 karma

And they don't like it, either.

Vromrig1508 karma

I can't imagine why it would be a bad idea to post a mildly passive aggressive, lamentation post about losing your new job on the same site that cost your job for posting about your job.

howdareyou1099 karma

Seriously, Google made the right call. OP needs to just shut his fucking mouth, nobody owes you anything. Another AMA about this guy's life? Reddit, who the fuck cares?

Vromrig287 karma

I want more AMAs from fast food employees who think that they've been in the Bush, personally.

Affl1ct1on381 karma

I've been a McDonalds/Jack/Wendy's/etc employee for OVER 5 years, and ive seen EVERYTHING! AMA

Redditor: So whats the most ridiculous thing you've seen? OP: Well, one time, my manager totally told these people to leave.

cyclopath1380 karma

Just got fired for posting an AMA.

Better post another AMA.

Dominater223 karma

IamA guy who got fired for posting an AMA and sued for posting a follow up AMA. AMA

[deleted]58 karma

I bet they'll enter the entire contents of the AMA into evidence for the law suit. On the off chance some judge is reading this post one day, I'd just like to enter the following into the record:

Titty Sprinkles

That is all

Shady_Love1114 karma

Work in major electronic retailers, mostly Best Buy, promoting and selling the new Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook.

Pretty sure that's why you were fired.

Serei917 karma

I mean, wow. Imagine you were planning a surprise party, and your friend told the recipient ahead of time.

Now imagine you're actually a huge corporation, and your marketing department spent millions of dollars on the surprise party, and the surprise is that you're selling your new product in retail stores with sales specialists specifically for your product, and the friend is actually an employee who signed an NDA explicitly to prevent this thing from happening.

...I really can't blame Google for firing him. :/

Dynamaxion220 karma

And "being really excited" might be a viable excuse for telling your friends and family, but going and telling thousands of people on the internet is another story

CDRnotDVD144 karma

Hundreds of thousands.

[deleted]89 karma

But, my lord, there is no such army!

[deleted]600 karma


mstwizted105 karma

This, this, this. If you want to do an AMA, talk to your HR and make sure of what you are permitted to say and what you are not. And if you work for a decent-sized corporation, just don't do it, honestly. Not worth the risk.

[deleted]184 karma

Better yet, don't ask HR shit and don't post anything personal online. The less HR knows about you outside of work the better.

[deleted]13 karma

But then how will random people on the internet know about me?

TheBrainofBrian55 karma

Ah nuts....I read/commented on the AMA. Sorry to hear that you got shit canned. On the plus side, in 3 months they'll have forgotten who you are so you can reapply with a new gimmick name.

[deleted]17 karma


[deleted]17 karma


EmploymentDude455 karma

HR Employment guy here -- what was teh reason for releasing you? Was there some sort of NDA that you signed saying that you wouldn't tell anyone where you got a job or something? I'm sincerely curious what the justification is in releasing someone in this manner.

Cdr_Obvious45 karma

Even if there wasn't an NDA, they could fire him for this.

You can fire someone for just about anything. Or for nothing.

[deleted]24 karma

Correct. Most companies, at some point during the hiring process, will make you sign something that says that you can leave at any time you want, and the company can fire you at any time they want, for no reason at all.

d23nt_ban_me_again393 karma

Your first post was silly. You got a job, that's great. Go celebrate with your fucking family and friends. Not a bunch of strangers on reddit. And DO NOT break a contract that you signed. People and companies take contracts seriously.

Also, why would you post a follow up after you got fired? Do you think this will help your situation? No company with an HR department is going to hire you now, you dumb jackass!

dark79220 karma

Agreed. Creating a new thread about the aftermath only validates Google's suspicion that this guy can't keep his mouth shut. I expect the OP's next thread will be about his pending lawsuit from Google.

RamblingStoner161 karma

I can see it now in a month:

Hey Reddit, I'm the guy who lost his job with Google because I violated the NDA and now they're suing me! AMAA!

And a few days later:

Hey Reddit, I'm the guy who got sued by Google for violating the NDA and I lost my case because I couldn't stop posting shit online for them to use against me in court! AMAA!

[deleted]76 karma

I'm getting jail time for discussing details of the case online. AMA!

helicalhell65 karma

I'm in jail now and I see the point of keeping my mouth shut. No really! AMA!

[deleted]115 karma

I'm a prison snitch in the Los Zetas Cartel. AMA!

aminaked55 karma

Yeah, he'll be deleting this account in a few hours. I wonder if he'll make a third one.

[deleted]160 karma

You probably had to sign some shit before they hired you. Did you read it?

Manilow100 karma

Just FYI this was not a 'good job'. You were going to be a Best Buy salesman who isn't even a Best Buy employee, which on its own would have been bad enough.

You lost a job that had about as much future as a drink server at the Orange Julius. Don't be too torn up over it.

semioriginality23 karma

better than being unemployed...

shibblywibbly79 karma

Well you can probably put Google - 2012 on your resume. Their HR will probably just confirm employment.

eenieooniewanna65 karma

I hate to tell you, but when I saw you post that first link I thought you were gonna get fired for it.

TheCrudMan53 karma

Heres my question for your AMA, how did they find out it was you?

forzion_no_mouse30 karma

Unless he was stupid enough to post his name or id, there really no way to catch him. Unless he was the only person hired.

flashcats119 karma


Oh, don't worry, he did more than post his name and ID. He included a full length picture of himself with the shirt on, name tag and an iPhone!

JeremyJustin37 karma

I don't think there was even a way to be more incriminating.

semioriginality15 karma

Hey, He could have been smoking pot with a new chromebook. And a specs list.

[deleted]23 karma


AndyChrist17 karma

Nobody will ever see this cuz I'm late to the post.

  1. OP - I'm sorry, truly. I know your intent was 'pure'

  2. I knew you'd get fired. I did a facepalm when I read your post details the other day.

  3. So much for "don't be evil" eh?