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No question, just wanted to give you props. I wore the wrong size bra for 7 years after my son was born. The stupids girls at Victorias Secret and Gap Body all swore I was either a 38 or 40 C. Finally got fitted by this awesome old lady at Macy's... Turns out I am a 36DD. It was fucking MAGIC when I put that bra on.

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Hah. That's called "being 19". It sadly rarely lasts.

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And would you really wanna have Mexican food for breakfast?

This is sarcasm, yes? I'm from Texas. We have Mexican for breakfast all the time. Barbacoa tacos with onions, cilantro & lime juice is my jam.

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Luc, my husband and I are both MASSIVE fans, of your writing and directing. We discovered The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec this last year, which I adored.

My question: Do you always write first in French? Or, if you know the movie will be in English, do you write it in English? How do you decide if the movie will be French/English?