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The idea came to me during the lockdown period of the Covid outbreak. Like everyone, I was feeling the doom and gloom in the air and was feeling conflicted by those emotions. I had been gifted a copy of the international bestseller The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy and I absolutely loved it.

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DJMikeSteeze220 karma

“Not Another Teen Movie” is without a doubt one of my favorite comedies of all time, so first off, thank you for that.

What was the process like for you and the other writers trying to distill and send up the cliches of the genre, while still having the movie feel like a loving tribute all the same? It’s a tricky balance, but you pulled it off!

awkwardmike113 karma

thank you so much the first step to any parody is to truly understand the genre and do a ton of research then you have to really respect the material that you're parodying and then you can start to write the jokes I think it was the same process for this book and it had to start with respecting the original material.

Squirll2 karma

Do you have a favorite joke from NATM?

awkwardmike9 karma

Yes it's when Priscilla played by Jamie Presley pours the water on Janey and someone offscreen yells that's gonna stain. It was an offscreen line but my favorite stand out joke of the movie.

Voodoo1285166 karma

When Chris Evans was cast in No Another Teen Movie, did you know he was gonna be America’s Ass?

awkwardmike411 karma

yes that's why we stuck a banana in it

angry_cabbie122 karma

I don't know if you'll remember this, but around a year ago you did another AMA and I told you how rewatching it was the first time I laughed after my wife's recent passing. I then asked you to buy me and my crew members lunch.

You pulled through, and I've been thankful as fuck for the last year.

Would you be interested in knowing I'm doing much better this year? Still alive, finding ways to move on, even found myself a potential Chapter Two.

Gotta throw questions in to make this a viable post, and all.

Would you believe I almost got myself in trouble by quoting one of my favorite scenes from the movie? I ended up getting ahead of it, so no problems. But the two guys calling Mitch whacked for pretending to be Asian... Always makes me laugh, and thank you for that.

awkwardmike118 karma

Yes!!! I totally do and it brings me so much joy to hear from you again and to know that you are well and thriving.

Yes, I can believe it these days, but you just have to explain the joke was meant to be ironic. And then if that doesn't work, run.

FSB_Phantom85 karma

Did you expect that this would be the first movie my father took my sister and I to when he got out of prison after 10 years? We were 13 years old at the time and it is still one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

How do you think someone removed from society for 10 years responsed to seeing a snot filled make out scene between two women while trying to re bond with his estranged children went? Because, I was there and still don't know. It's a favorite memory of mine though. So thank you.

awkwardmike57 karma

I definitely did not expect that. But I'm honored to know that after being behind bars, that is how he chose to assimilate back into society. I can only imagine that after seeing the movie he wanted thought to himself, what the hell has happened out here? I think that is a hilarious memory though and will go down as one of my favorite NATM stories. Thank you for sharing.

TintoBooks74 karma

Do you have a favorite Teen movie? Mine is probably still 16 Candles even though a good many of the jokes have not all aged well.

awkwardmike92 karma

for sure. long duck is not okay anymore.

my favorite has always been fast times.

Burglekuttlaw67 karma

What’s your favorite part of NOTM?

Mines when Jaime Presley was being a real bitch and pouring water all over the girl with glasses and a pony tail after she jumped in the pool.

awkwardmike166 karma

yes I especially love the part where someone yells off screen that's gonna stain.

crotchcritters38 karma

I love all of the off screen comments in NATM. There’s so many and you don’t catch them unless you watch it a shit load of times

awkwardmike40 karma

yeah we had so much fun coming up with those and many were on the spot as we were listening to the scenes. but that's what it makes it fun, it adds another layer, so that if you watch it a bunch of times, you find something random and wonderful.

Vidjagames17 karma

Literally my favorite joke in anything, ever. It still brings a huge smile to my face, no matter what I'm doing.

That joke has gotten me through so much tough stuff, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

awkwardmike15 karma

thank you so much! it is the joke i'm most proud of.

awkwardmike27 karma

yes I especially love the part where someone yells off screen "that's gonna stain"

Guybrush_Fandango51 karma

Thank you for making what was probably the last, true great spoof movie.

Do you think there is a place nowadays for them to make a revival?

I honestly believe a love for the subject matter is what elevated NATM, Top Secret, Airplane etc.

And now I have 'Prom tonight' stuck in my head again!

awkwardmike30 karma

thank you so much. It's always so much fun to come on to read it and hear from people love the movie. I don't know if there will ever be a revival but I sort of think it's better to leave a good thing alone. And now I to have prom tonight stuck in my head.

BigUptokes44 karma

Speaking of things that were popular twenty years ago: How do you feel about the current lack of a Celebrity Deathmatch redux?

awkwardmike66 karma

im generally conflicted about a redux for anything classic and even the spelling of the word redux.

Skyhooks40 karma

I'm late to this AMA but I always wanted to know, did you choose the name Janey then put in the Janie's got a gun joke, or was she named that so you could have that joke? It's one of my favourite comedy movie moments.

awkwardmike60 karma

I believe we came up with the name Janey first and then it was just too perfect not to use Janie's Got A Gun.

najing_ftw38 karma

What are some of your favorite parodies, and why is it Blazing Saddles?

awkwardmike56 karma

I have a bunch but I'd have to say top-secret and airplane with the two movies I couldn't get enough of as a kid. Blazing saddles I didn't get to see until I was older but it is pure genius and one of the greats.

JCue17 karma

Do you know a little german?

awkwardmike33 karma

yes he's sitting over there

dutchmen656 karma

It’s like some kind of bad movie…

awkwardmike19 karma

You mean like Ishtar?

TintoBooks35 karma

How many rewrites did you go through for NATM? How many rewrites are standard for something like that?

awkwardmike55 karma

for the studio probably five or six but for me personally, hundreds. It's a constant process of adding and refining the jokes.

Lonelan31 karma

Did you know Jake was going to grow up to be Cpt. America?

awkwardmike40 karma

I knew that he was going to be a Captain of something, but I didn't know it would America.

krombopulousnathan24 karma

Captain Trinidad and Tabago just didn’t seem like a good fit

awkwardmike34 karma

From what I know, Capt T&T also has a great ass.

TintoBooks31 karma

Eddie, are you married, single, divorced, and what is the hardest part of any relationship?

awkwardmike68 karma

i have a date on thursday at the pub so we'll see. the hardest part is the relationship itself.

silverback_7920 karma

That's what I'm here for, pumpkin tits.

awkwardmike13 karma

Mike: Love it, wrote that whole scene on set. Thank you for reminding me.

fivethousandhamsters10 karma

Good luck!

awkwardmike23 karma

eddie: piss off.

johnnyappletreed5 karma

the question is, are you into anal?

awkwardmike16 karma

Eddie: not in the pub

KushKong42027 karma

Was that a real dildo? The action on it seemed…. Aggressive.

awkwardmike39 karma

Definitely not made for pleasure, but a genius creation from prop master, JP.

flooknation22 karma

I watched Not Another Teen Movie on repeat for years. Thank you for the chuckles!

Were there any scenes that had a million takes because the cast couldn’t stop laughing?

awkwardmike39 karma

Great question! The scene with the original breakfast club principal (Paul Gleason) was amazing to watch because Paul came in character and it was like we were still in the movie. So much fun to watch and so funny.

allADD3 karma

He was a famous clown?

awkwardmike3 karma

Bobo. So stupid but I'm very proud of that one.

WerewolfCircus20 karma

Thank you for making Not Another Teen Movie.

What do you think helped you make a great product and what is the hardest part of straddling that line of being a well received spoof movie vs something like "Meet The Spartans"?

awkwardmike26 karma

all of the great parodies still manage to have an engaging story line and respect for the movies they are parodying. i learned so much from watching movies like airplane which if you go back and re watch, you'll see there's so much more story in there than you think a spoof should have. but just because it's a spoof, you still want to care for the characters. i never saw meet the spartans, but it sounds terrible.

awkwardmike19 karma

Hello, Reddit!!! Please feel free to ask questions of either Mike Bender or Eddie Ornery.

JasonVanJason19 karma

For your next work, can you do a parody of You'd Be Surprised or The Gringo Papi by Brendan Schaub?

awkwardmike15 karma

I have to do a little research on that but why the hell not

Humble_Lion_Big_OSS11 karma

Okay, but how many chiggs ya fugg, B?

awkwardmike8 karma

i fugg like 3?

Humble_Lion_Big_OSS8 karma

Damn Bapa, you must have a piece on ya.

awkwardmike5 karma

oh bapa, you can't even imagine where this piece has been

Humble_Lion_Big_OSS5 karma

Neggflix, B!

awkwardmike4 karma

B! I love to Neggflix&Eat Shrimp!

Humble_Lion_Big_OSS5 karma

Let's play video games and fugg each other at night then.

awkwardmike4 karma

Let's just play video games

TintoBooks15 karma

Mike, how did you get a studio to back Not Another Teen Movie and what's your fascination with long titles?

awkwardmike22 karma

I wasn't a part of getting the studio involved since I was just a young writer at the time and I think it's fun to make people say a lot of words.

Extension_Ok14 karma

Is there a topic you would not joke about?

awkwardmike37 karma

Yes, I stay away from jokes about race these days. I think a lot of mistakes have been made in the past, especially looking back at John Hughes movies.

ReallyGoodPizza12 karma

Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

awkwardmike28 karma

Confusing question is to me sure not.

TintoBooks12 karma

Awkward Family Photos—did you see foresee the success of it? What's your advice for starting a successful internet business that's not porn?

awkwardmike35 karma

There are no successful internet businesses other than porn that I am aware of.

DestinTheLion11 karma

How do you feel about wet hot american summer, another lovely parody movie?

awkwardmike17 karma

Love it and I had the honor of working with David Wain on the MTV Movie Awards. Definitely a fan of the movie.

chaos880311 karma

I love NATM. What joke(s) were you surprised you were able to get away with? Are there any bits you were distraught about having to cut?

If you could take a shit on or off of a famous landmark, what would you pick?

awkwardmike18 karma

I was surprised that we were able to get away with Mia Kirshner saying, take a dump on my chest. That certainly should've been flagged by someone. We actually had the studio's support to go as far as we wanted. I can't recall a cut that I would want back in the film.

Great question and I've been hoping to answer this for quite some time. I think it would be a real thrill to take a shit in the Trevi Fountain. How about you?

chaos880311 karma

Thanks for the answers. I think dropping a log from atop the Arc de Triomphe would be pretty awesome.

awkwardmike10 karma

that would be amazing especially if you could do it so it doesn't roll off

chaos88035 karma

I would kind of want it to fall and splat on the ground.

awkwardmike10 karma

there really is no downside

silverback_7911 karma

Hi Mike! Did you ever get to meet Paul Gleason? I loved the treatment you did for him, really let him take the piss out of his old Breakfast Club character.

"I own you for the rest of your natural lives, you're mine!"

awkwardmike11 karma

I was lucky enough to meet Paul and he was as awesome as you would think.

StuffHobbes11 karma

Thank you for Not Another Teen Movie, my wife and I JUST watched it the other night! 20 years later and we were still laughing (especially all the joke-comments added from off-screen).

Question: If you had an unlimited budget, what would be the passion project you'd wish to create?

awkwardmike45 karma

Thank you for watching the movie again and in many ways we had to write an entirely new script just for all of the off screen comments which added so much wonderful randomness at the very end of the process.

Believe it or not, if I had unlimited budget, I would make a movie that I wrote for Sony more than 20 years ago about a group of Trick or Treaters who get their candy stolen every year and decide that this year they're taking back Halloween. It's written like a Western and was a passion project. I tried to get the book rights back from Sony to make a graphic novel but those bastards wouldn't do it. Random I know.

StuffHobbes4 karma

That actully sounds awesome!
I love combining opposing genras, especially where you take something childish (like having taking back the stolen candy) and cross it with the seriousness and tone (like a western). I remember seeing Rian Johnson's film, Brick, and although it had a more serious tone, the moments when the mom interrupts the serious interrigation was hysterical.
Have you seen The Kid Detective(2020)?
One of the reason's I loved Teen Movie was it's ability to do smart "dumb" humor. Like the early Simpsons, or 30 Rock. Plus it also helps that I graduated Highschool right around the time the movie came out. Chris Evans was the perfect casting. Not to mention Chyler Leigh (Janie) had such great timing. I was expecting to see her alot more in films. That scene where she's crying, had my friends and I in TEARS.

Do you think we'll ever get to see the Halloween film? Would you ever consider making it independently? (I've done storyboards for animation and short horror films, and if you need an extra set of hands, I'm in!)

awkwardmike3 karma

Haven't seen The Kid Detective but will definitely check it out. Thank you for the kind words about NATM, that was our keep it as smart/dumb as possible. Chyler is amazing and has found a lot of success in the TV world. I really hope the Halloween film makes it to the screen someday and if it does, look for a message in your inbox. :)

awkwardmike20 karma

Also, Id love to parody the Hallmark and Netflix Christmas movies.

Hayduke_in_AK6 karma

Please find a way to make these happen.

awkwardmike13 karma

If it's the last thing I do...he says, holding Moses staff in the air.

Hayduke_in_AK6 karma

Here is your kernel for Xmas flick. A shlubby American is tracked down by the Irish government as the last heir to a storied whiskey distillery. "Christmas in Cork"

awkwardmike6 karma

Love it. You just got a co-producer credit.

Knuckles31610 karma

Why was your parody movie so much better than a lot of the other ones? And do you have plans to eventually do another - maybe like a Not Another Superhero Movie? Hell, you could even have it star Chris Evans again!

awkwardmike15 karma

I can't say why it was better but I am and always have been a student of really good parody. I think the story has to work and the jokes have to work even if you haven't seen the original movies. I would love to write another but the film industry has changed quite a bit and that's why I have moved online and to book projects like this. I have more freedom to do what I want.

TintoBooks8 karma

Was there a person you modeled Eddie After?

awkwardmike11 karma

I thought a lot about Bizarro Superman and how I wanted to create the same for Charlie Mackesy, the author of the original book mine is parodying

searchforac8 karma

What is the book about?

awkwardmike12 karma

I wrote it because I felt like people that are cynical bastards have been inundated with way too much positivity these days :)

TheRealJasonium5 karma

Finally a book for me!

awkwardmike5 karma

Cynical bastards need content too!

throwaway1717171738 karma

If you could chose one type of duck to have as a pet what type would you chose? I would personally choose a harlequin duck. I feel they are the most mesmerizing species.

awkwardmike9 karma

if you can mix it with a poodle then I'm in

darkchocolatewalnut7 karma

I believe Not Another Teen Movie was partially filmed at Monrovia High School, my high school. I just wanted to know if you had any part in choosing that location and if so, what made you choose it? Thanks for doing the ama!

awkwardmike6 karma

True. All of the football scenes. Wasn't my choice but a good one!

searchforac6 karma

Eddie, what are you having for lunch??

awkwardmike8 karma


suprisekitten19996 karma

What's your favorite page in the book?

awkwardmike14 karma

the last one because when i got to it, i was done.

suprisekitten19992 karma

So are your through with writing or can we see more of your work in the future?

awkwardmike3 karma

question for mike or eddie?

marceldia5 karma

Game of thrones parody ?

awkwardmike25 karma

I think the show at times is kind of a parody...don't you?

TintoBooks5 karma

Eddie, favorite football team?

awkwardmike11 karma

Stoke City

ReallyGoodPizza5 karma

I like spongebob?

awkwardmike29 karma

no, trick question you like bob's burgers

TintoBooks4 karma

This question is for Eddie. Sex Pistols or the Clash?

awkwardmike9 karma

Joe Cocker

suprisekitten19994 karma

Mike and Eddie, any advice for dating on apps these days? I'm having terrible luck.

awkwardmike11 karma

eddie: dont do appetizers. they're too fucking expensive.

lolaccounting3 karma

Just wanted to say there are times where I’ll randomly burst out laughing thinking about the detention scene in NATM.

“Your mother was a” “Ho” “He was a famous clown” “Bo-Bo”

Were there other lines that didn’t make the final cut?

awkwardmike2 karma

You know, we were very lucky because so much of what we filmed made it into the final movie. The studio was very supportive. I remember writing a lot of that scene on the spot becausePaul Gleason had some ideas which were actually really funny. But the run you see in the movie is exactly what was written.

darthurface3 karma

How does Eddie (or you) feel about the timeless classic, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?"

awkwardmike9 karma

Eddie, too many pages.

Mike, I actually only got to read this for the first time a year ago and absolutely loved it. I'm catching up on all the cult classics as an adult

danosmanca3 karma

Do you like pickles?

awkwardmike3 karma


danosmanca3 karma

Dealer's choice....

awkwardmike3 karma

betwixt something is always nice

awkwardmike1 karma

what about you?

knox9023 karma

Have you tried making pizza bread at home?

It is very easy and delicious. I chose to shop locally when getting a pizza stone. Make sure your yeast is active before using it by putting it into 120°f water and looking for a reaction after about 5 minutes. You will want you get your oven up to 550°f or as hot as it will go for 45 minutes to an hour with your seasoned pizza stone. Never put a cold stone into a hot oven. Aging your dough for up to a week can bring out a lot of flavour.

awkwardmike11 karma

Sir, my yeast is always active.

knox9023 karma

That's all I needed to know.

awkwardmike7 karma

thank you for what was clearly the most insightful and delicious comment

LordEdgeward_TheTurd3 karma

Hey Mike, have you ever ordered from Bad Dragon?

awkwardmike10 karma

I've had their spaghetti but I don't like the marinara sauce.

Periachi3 karma

Do you like bread?

awkwardmike3 karma

yes, but only when it's on a muffin.

Drknyss3 karma

I still love the musical number from NATM... Prom Tonight is a jam.. and the unrated cut really takes it home. And who would have thought you would have wrote Chris Evan's greatest role... ;) Thank you for one of my fav movies, because that movie makes me laugh tons.

That said.... With the new thing being multiverses in hollywood (By the way.. did you see fucking Everything Everywhere All At Once? That movie is incredible) would you have any interest in a crazy multiverse parody movie?

awkwardmike2 karma

Thank you!

Wow, that would be amazing to parody the multiverse and so confusing, but Im sort of into it.

iambetterthanyoubruh3 karma

How much money do you make a year? And/Or better yet how much money have you made from writing since 2018?

awkwardmike4 karma

Since 2018 I've made just a little bit more than you could fit in a bread box.

ChimoCharlie2 karma

How often do you go on a bender?

awkwardmike2 karma

Every single day of my life.

BoilThem_MashThem2 karma

Hey there Mike!

First I just wanna say I still love this movie and probably watch it waaaay too much. Whenever I need something funny in the background that I don’t need to focus on, NATM is a go to.

My question is: how much push back, if any, did you get on all the female masturbation scenes/references? I feel like movies and tv aren’t as open about women masturbating and it’s really refreshing how much it’s talked about here.

Thanks for doing this and I can’t wait to read your book!

awkwardmike8 karma

i agree and as I recall there where a lot of legal questions and debate about the shape of the was always funny see an email from sony legal with the subject, dildo

BoilThem_MashThem2 karma

I hope you printed the emails out and framed them!

awkwardmike3 karma

i keep them in a very special lock box!

thebigbrowncloud19722 karma

Can we still have great parodies like NATM and those along the lines of Zucker Abrahams and Zucker? What is your comedy writing team name?

awkwardmike5 karma

I think we can if the fans demanded and currently it is Bender ornery.

JoeyNonsense2 karma

I watched this movie a few months back (Still hilarious) and i always find it fun to watch older movies because you forget what actors/actresses had roles in the movie.

I personally forgot Josh Radnor was in the movie!

Other then Chris Evan's stand out success with Capt America, who has surprised you or did you expect to make it "big"?

P.S. Unnecessary slow claps always trigger this movie for me =)

awkwardmike2 karma

Thank you for bringing up the slow clap, it's one of my favorite jokes in the movie. I think it's been fun to watch Lacey Chabert's career, she's now one of Hallmark's Christmas movie's biggest stars. Everyone in the movie was so talented, that I'm not surprised to see so much success. We actually did a TV pilot for Not Another High School TV show and Jennifer Lawrence was an extra!

TintoBooks2 karma

Eddie, who is "the Kid"? Is the kid a boy? Is that you as a child?

awkwardmike4 karma

The kid is a kid. I don't know what the hell he or she or they is and I don't care

suprisekitten19992 karma

Eddie, a lot of successful people have great morning routines. How do you like to start your day to get the most out of it?

awkwardmike5 karma


suprisekitten19992 karma

full stream or roll it out slow?

awkwardmike6 karma

comes out in chunks these days.

suprisekitten19995 karma

I think you have your next book: chunky piss

awkwardmike5 karma

could have been a good joe cocker tune. rip.

CGreezy2 karma

I may be too late on this one, but my wife was an extra in Not Another Teen Movie! She’s in the painting class scene as a background extra! She’s also in one of the hallway shots real quick! I guess since I have to ask a question, can I be a background extra sometime just so I can share in her glory?

awkwardmike2 karma

Amazing! Please tell your wife I said hello and thank you. I'm sure we passed each other at the craft services table. And yes, if I ever get to do it again, you will be my first call!

eoin1442 karma

What's it like having the surname 'Bender'?

awkwardmike14 karma

thankfully, Futurama and breakfast club have made it cooler than it probably was originally.

awkwardmike6 karma

thanks to the breakfast club and Futurama it has been not too bad.

manualreboot2 karma

What’s your favorite sandwich condiment?

awkwardmike3 karma

doll hair

manualreboot2 karma


awkwardmike3 karma

especially w mustard

TheRedmanCometh2 karma

What do you think your favorite scene from Not Another Teen Movie is? The "Jeani's got a gun" scene personally comes to mind randomly and cracks me up all this time later.

awkwardmike15 karma

definitely one of my faves but I am most proud of the slow clapper.

tuffhawk132 karma

What are your thoughts on the 2011 crime drama film Rampart?

awkwardmike2 karma

I've totally heard of the movie but haven't seen it. Going to have to go back and watch it. Will report back!

isobane2 karma

Hey Mike, first, I LOVE Not Another Teen Movie. There isn't another genre parody around that comes close. Period.

Are there any gags/jokes/scenes that were cut by the censors that really hurt to cut out? Any scenes that you'd go back and cut?

And remember, you mess with the bull, you get the horns!

awkwardmike2 karma

Ha! Paul Gleason would be proud. you know, several people have asked the same question and I'm trying to think of a scene that was Cut that I would've wanted back in the movie. The studio was very willing to let us push the boundaries so I feel like the scenes that meant the most to me stayed in the movie. thank you again for the kind words. It's so cool to see that this movie is still loved.

Canadian_Neckbeard2 karma


awkwardmike4 karma

I've done it, yes of course, but not for any scientific purpose.

pluribusduim2 karma

What were your nicknames when you were a teenager?

awkwardmike10 karma

no butt Bender, Bend her over and bendy

KushKong4201 karma

All I can think about during the Americas Ass bit in Endgame is Captain America walking away with a banana sticking out of his ass. How do you feel about this fact?

awkwardmike3 karma

Well I suppose somewhere in the multiverse, we just knew it sooner than they did.

duckinfum1 karma

Mike, great job directing Bill Burr's special Paper Tiger. What was that like, and would you consider directing more comedy discussions in future?

awkwardmike1 karma

Not me. Perhaps it was my nemesis, Mike Binder?

BodySurfDan-3 karma

Are you familiar with the true story of Gamestop and its fight against the wall street mafia? If not, take a listen to The gamestop saga soundtrack and get brought up to speed!

awkwardmike3 karma

Eddie: I love speed