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So since you use barrels, does that mean you have an abundance of bungholes?

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One ragret?

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I saw your're a supporter of euthanasia, what about so called "slow codes" when it comes to resuscitation of someone who would have no quality of life after being revived? Would you classify the lack of effort put forth to reviving someone who would spend the rest of their life in a coma on a ventilator in the same boat as euthanasia? Or would that be more of a criminal thing?

My grandmother recently passed and, though they COULD have revived her and brought her back, the effort would have only lead to her suffering so I am grateful that they did not.

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So I went to one of these places a few months ago and I'll admit, it was fun, but it left me wondering. Places like this, as in entertainment venues, should have a bit of replayability. It seems like once you do the two puzzles there are (or were at the business I went to) then you're out of options and there's no reason to go back.

Where is the breakeven point between having a room and having its novelty wear off? Like, how often do escape rooms get changed over thematically?