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Hello everyone. I'm here.

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When Alanis scratches her nails down someone else's back, can you feel it? Well, can you feel it?

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I do, and it's scary. It's like being the recipient of a voodoo doll.

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It's Royal Rumble, who wins and how does it end?

(A) You, equipped with Mr. Woodchuck.
(B) The Olsen twins, tied together with a Chinese finger trap.
(C) Gibbler.
(D) Saget and an 8-ball.

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I'd have to go with "Saget and an 8-ball."

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Sorry that I suck at this. I'm swimming as fast as I can.

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I have to sign off now. I want to thank you all for your questions, comments and thoughts -- and apologize for not being very good at this whole IAMA thing. It's really kind of confusing when you're new here. I wish you all the best, and maybe someday do this again. It's been very enlightening. If you'd like to see what I'm up to you can follow me on twitter @davecoulier. Facebook at: or my website:

Again. Thank you all.


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What year did you cut off your mullet? Serious question. Starting an office pool now.

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I cut my hair at the taping of our last Full House episode.

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Do people ever mistake you for Jeff Daniels?

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Yep. Alot.

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What does John Stamos smell like?

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Yogurt and feta cheese.

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Who was the comic genius of "Cut, it, out"? Was it you or one of the writers?

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I stole it from my friend, Mark Cendrowski. We've known each other since we were 8 years old. He and I did lots of comedy sketches and were even a comedy duo for a short time. I told him that I was going to steal "cut it out." He's now the director of the TV series, "The Big Bang Theory."

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Did you or any other cast members of FH keep any mementos from the show? I hate to think of Mr.Woodchuck laying in a dump somewhere (or that sweet ride from the opening for that matter...)

Also wanted to say you were by far the best part of Full House, and thanks for making myself and so many others laugh as a kid

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Yes. I kept Mr. Woodchuck. I just did a sketch with "Funny Or Die" with one of my Full House costars (can't say which one because it will kill the joke). You'll see Mr. Woodchuck in that sketch. It's for a new series on FOD called "IFL." Which stands for It's F'ng Late.

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Thanks for being here.

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What was the weirdest/most inappropriate thing Bob Saget did on set?

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Bob once wiped his butt with his own 8x10. But not on the set in front of everyone.

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Did you see any early warning signs that Jodie Sweetin was going down the dark path of drugs?

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I had no idea until it hit the tabloids.

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Favorite episode of Full House?

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The episode where I got to play hockey. A lot of my friends got to skate in that show as extras. Really fun day.

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During the Bob Sagat roast, I noticed that you were among the audience; however, not one of the roasters. Was the opportunity presented to you? I would think as a fellow comedian you would of done a great job compared to let's say Cloris Leachman.

Side note, you are the only celebrity in which I have an autograph. It was given to me by my dad countless years ago when he worked at Fretter. I cherish it to this day :D

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I was asked by John (Stamos) and Bob. You have to be really filthy to be a roaster. And that's not my style. I told Bob that I would support him by sitting in the audience.

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Who got laid more Saget, Stamos, or you?

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Favorite guest star on Full House?

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Little Richard.

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On two separate occasions, John Stamos & Bob Saget have both touched my ass in public. I kind of feel like if you did too, we could cure world hunger, or at the very least a rare form of cancer. Whatdya say? Do it for the children, Dave.

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You're very lucky. I don't think they've ever touched mine...on purpose anyway. As a rule, I don't touch asses unless they're very manicured and clean.

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What got you into doing the whole clean comedy thing? Just wondering since most comedians never even consider intentionally keeping it family friendly.

Also just a side note, as a young Detroit kid I remember that man on the street segment you did back in '97 for the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Finals. Still can quote it too (i.e. "Hows your underwear feeling right now?"). That was a really cool segment, especially since the excitement was so palpable (it being our first stanley cup since god knows when), I wish you had done it every Stanley Cup since.

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I never really thought about it much. It's just my style, like Jim Gaffigan or Brian Regan. Just clean standup. When I was 19, Jay Leno came up to me after my set at The Comedy Store and said, "Hey, Coulier. Just saw y our set. Funny stuff. Just remember...if you work clean, you'll work anywhere." I guess I never forget that. I'm not a prude. I love filthy humor. It makes me laugh. And I'm a fan of a lot of filthy comics -- I love Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Sam Kinison, Chris Rock. Lots of brilliant stuff there. Just not my style as a comic.

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Lots of questions and comments already. I'll try to answer as many as possible.

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Did you have input for the Full House scripts? Those random times where Joey would just break out an impression for no reason...was that your doing? Or was it more so the writers saying, "Ok, Coulier, you do voices, so we're just going to have your character do that all the time even when it's not necessary." ?

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The producers on Full House were really generous with me. Sometimes in the script it would read: "Dave will come up with something funny here." They gave me a lot of freedom. Fans of the show loved when I did voices, so we tried to give them what they wanted.

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What was it like living in a house with Flavor Flavour? Please tell me. I must know. Also, according to wikipedia you were on Muppet Babies, makes me like you that much more.

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Flav was great. We're trying to set up a show called "Dave and Flav" at a couple networks. He makes me laugh and is really cool. I was 5 voices on the Muppet Babies -- Animal, Bunsen Honeydew, Waldorf & Statler (the two old men in the balcony) and Bean Bunny. One of my favorite jobs that I've ever had.

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Dave, you're very cool in my book for answering questions about your relationship with Alanis, a lot of celebrities might be mum about very personal stuff like that. And I'd usually hate to ask personal questions, but the song was so huge that the details behind it are so enthralling. I'd really like to know what movie was playing in the infamous theater. EDIT: My most successful comment of all time, so I had to edit my grammar mistakes ;)

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For the record: the theater thing didn't happen with me. I guess somebody else was very lucky though.

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Hi- You signed my Mr. Bear at your show in Naperville, IL last Sept. Thanks again for doing that - very cool! Stamos was 1st to sign it, but I'm still trying to get Saget to sign. He has a show in Chicago this weekend - think you could put in a good word for me?? I've (embarrassingly) carried the bear w/ me to 2 of his shows before but haven't been able to meet him. Would love to get Jodie & Candace, too, but they don't do comedy tours so it's kinda hard ;-)

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Sure. I'll mention it to him.

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I am a huge Wings fan. I grew up in Detroit and I still play in charity games with the Red Wings Alumni.

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What was the hardest voice role you've take on so far?

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I looped Richard Pryor's voice for the syndicated release of "Critical Condition." That was a challenge. A lot of pressure to nail and try to keep Richard's wit and brilliance intact.

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You've struck me as a "happy-go-lucky" guy. In "The Surreal Life", you seemed so miserable. Is this the real you? Bob Saget rub off on you? Or were you just fed up with the show/publicity from it?

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Surreal Life was a really weird experience -- living with 5 strangers, on camera 24/7 and not knowing what was going to happen from day to day. Definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but that's what I signed up for so no complaints.

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If Bob Saget says so, it must be true!

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Is this your first time on reddit? how did you end up doing this IAmA? (and thanks for doing it btw)

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This is the first time that I've done a IAMA that was promoted by reddit. I really don't know the reddiquette or the protocol. I'm not even sure that you're all able to see my responses. When I signed on at 1PM EST, there were already several hundred questions. So I'm very behind.

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When are you bringing your act to Austin?

dcooler136 karma

I love Austin and have done standup for Bill Engvall's charity event there. All my standup dates are posted at: And you can always follow me on twitter @davecoulier

Aztaroth86 karma

Would you ever be interested in a Full House reunion?

dcooler282 karma

What I would really like to do is either a Full House 'live' show with the cast or a Vegas show with John and Bob.

TheToolMan81 karma

Do you know if Stamos is still developing the Full House movie?

dcooler119 karma

I've heard some rumblings about it. I really have no idea if it's actually happening.

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Who did you like more, Viper or Steve?

dcooler171 karma

Steve! (Scott Weinger) Still friends with Scott. I used to give him crap all the time when he was a struggling writer because he went to Harvard.

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I was under the impression that you are a pilot and a supporter of the general aviation community. Is this the case? As a professional corporate pilot, I enjoy hearing about celebrities who help to protect GA.

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I'm an instrument rated GA pilot. I was just named as co-chairman to the "Hat In The Ring Society" by AOPA, which promotes the positives of aviation.

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Did you get a chance to meet or consult with Rick Moranis before taking on Bob McKenzie?

dcooler117 karma

No. Rick and Dave Thomas are long time friends. Dave vouched for me to do the Bob McKenzie voice and Rick was cool enough to give his approval. Those were some big shoes to fill...especially for a Canadian audience.

pickle_sandwich63 karma

Who was the more annoying co-host, Arleen Sorkin or Tawny Kitaen?

dcooler257 karma

Tawny was better -- she used to show me her boobs. I have to say they were pretty damn nice!

funfungiguy63 karma

If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference.

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Probably a duckasaurus. About the size of a duck.

AnnanWater60 karma

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

dcooler132 karma

Peanut butter and jelly.

galavanter54 karma

How beautiful was Lori Loughlin in person?

dcooler119 karma

She's still just as beautiful as she was during the Full House days. We're actually very good friends still.

abevigoda6946 karma

What became of the lady from 'Out of Control' who would deliver several high-pitched squeals per show?

dcooler72 karma

That's Diz McNally. You can see her at the newsstand on Cahuenga in Hollywood still dressed like she was in 1984. She's really the original Cyndi Lauper

saute46 karma

What's your favorite show on TV today?

dcooler194 karma

I love watching "Game Of Thrones," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Boardwalk Empire," and "Real Time." "House" was one of my favs. Hated to see that go away.

jeremyburkhart40 karma


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My entire family still lives there. I would like to live there some day as well. My dad still lives in the house I was born in.

chrisncsu35 karma

You can change one element of Full House. What would you have changed?

dcooler81 karma

Not a thing. It was a blast! And I met some of my best friends for life.

apayne3533 karma

Where's your favorite place to go in Michigan?

dcooler64 karma

I love being on a boat in Lake St. Clair. I grew up there. There and Joe Louis Arena for a Red Wings game.

emmalayn332 karma

What do you do now besides stand-up? Are you pleased with how your life turned out? Is there anything that you wanted to do but didn't?

dcooler47 karma

I'm getting back in to TV with a couple shows that I've created. Partnering with some great producers. I'm also enjoying doing my standup. I've been really lucky so far. And who knows what's ahead.

discolando25 karma

You, Billy West, Mark Hamill, and Maurice LaMarche are in a free-for-all cage match. Who wins?

dcooler31 karma

Maurice. He's got the size.

ExceptionHandler22 karma

Do you keep in touch with any of the cast members of Out of Control?

dcooler32 karma

I still talk with Marty Schiff (Hern Berford). And Diz still works at the newsstand on Cahuenga. Occasionally I'll drive by and see/talk to her.