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Who got laid more Saget, Stamos, or you?

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The time to completion of a dish and filming the judging has to take a fair amount of time. How to they keep the food warm and edible for the judges to evaluate?

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Creepy pickup artists that seemed to get most of the attention but I felt things learned in in the community seemed to have the greatest impact on the average nice guy who couldn't talk to women. Do you feel there is still a need to teach these basic romantic communication skills?

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I spent years working as a Sous Chef with thoughts of making it a career. I grew tired of the long hours, evenings and weekends. With the rise of celebrity chefs and increased prestige in the job has the average restaurant chef seen an increase in the quality of their life?

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I noticed that 99% of the pickup community was helping socially awkward men learn to communicate with women and project self confidence. The other 1% was men who could get laid but used the tools to get laid a lot. Do you feel it's the 1% that gave the community a bad name or is there a greater flaw you think is missing?