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Hi- You signed my Mr. Bear at your show in Naperville, IL last Sept. Thanks again for doing that - very cool! Stamos was 1st to sign it, but I'm still trying to get Saget to sign. He has a show in Chicago this weekend - think you could put in a good word for me?? I've (embarrassingly) carried the bear w/ me to 2 of his shows before but haven't been able to meet him. Would love to get Jodie & Candace, too, but they don't do comedy tours so it's kinda hard ;-)

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Hi, Lisa! First of all, thank you for Phoebe. Friends has brought me so much joy and kept me laughing when I dealt with cancer as a teenager. My question: You were the only one of the six Friends who had a child during the show's run. Was that difficult? Was it harder for them to relate to you as a mom? ...Thanks!

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Did you and John make a pact to propose to your girlfriends around the same time?

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Do you know why the 30-year "Dad-iversary" episode of Fuller House wasn't part of the first half of S3, to coincide with the actual 30th anniversary of Full House?

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Thanks, you rock! Hope to come to one of your shows again sometime.