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If they were making a Betty White biopic, who do you envision playing the role of Betty White?

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I was a big fan of The Mighty Ducks and enjoyed the series. What caused you to not be involved with the 2nd or 3rd movies? And do you still keep in touch from any of the guys from the original Ducks?

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As a fan of The Outsiders growing up, what made you want to be a part of that film?

How did you end up being on Franklin & Bash? Love your appearances on the show so far.

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Glad she liked your braces...wait a second...

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Growing up near Wilmington, what were your experiences like filming there for Dawson's Creek? Do you ever get a chance to visit?

As someone who has seen Varsity Blues dozens of times and loves to drop random quotes from it, how often do you get bombarded with quotes from your roles? Does it annoy you or do you find it flattering?