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Cue Shitty_Watercolor...

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It's Royal Rumble, who wins and how does it end?

(A) You, equipped with Mr. Woodchuck.
(B) The Olsen twins, tied together with a Chinese finger trap.
(C) Gibbler.
(D) Saget and an 8-ball.

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Sup Rog. Two questions for ya:

  • At what point do the increased regulations for player health and safety begin to threaten the integrity of the game? Namely, your recent discussion of Schiano's proposal to eliminate kickoffs? Players do need to be protected, but injuries are a known risk when they choose a career in the NFL. Are the increased fines, rule changes and proposed changes to game fundamentals just a way of limiting future litigation and financial threats to owners?

  • If plans to expand the NFL beyond the United States continue to gain momentum, what, in your opinion, will be the best way to change scheduling and divisional make-up to accommodate that expansion?

Thanks in advance.

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While both can be magic, I was referring to the one you would most expect Saget to possess.

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Looks like we were way off.